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  • I am making cookies this weekend, too. Tonight I will post one of the recipes I usually use.
  • Thoughts....Capers sound great. Possibly try onions or peppers. I hope you enjoyed it this weekend.
  • Whirlwind2- It should not be ground to a powder, but should be a little smaller than/or about the same size as granulated sugar. So it will be slightly larger than powder. You can grind it to a powder, but I find you can taste the almonds more if…
  • I have a simple cookie recipe that is very good. It makes about 7 dozen cookies. They are called Mandelschnitten (Almond cookies). It's a German name. Preheat oven to 350F. You need: 1lb ground almonds 1 cup sugar 1 cup butt…
  • This is great! Thanks for the info!
  • I find myself mesmerized by the news reports. You're right. It's surreal. In my area today we are feeling the after affects of Katrina. The weather reports here are for flash flooding, poentially severe thunder storms, and power outages. It wil…
    in Surreal Comment by mdm August 2005
  • Being where you are I believe those would be my goals too. It's great to see a response from you. It's hard to watch the news and see the devestation. My HR goals are to continually improve communications between the managers and their staff, e…
    in HR Goals Comment by mdm August 2005
  • The most expensive I saw last night was $3.17. It's still $3.17 this morning. I paid $2.99 last night at a Shell station. Usually they are one of the more expensive brands to buy. Anne-Where is the noname $2.60 place. I might have to check it…
  • On my way home yesterday I noticed the spike. I pass 3 gas stations when I get off the highway. 2 of them were $2.90 up from $2.64. One stayed at $2.57(noname gas station). My husband left to get a haircut last night and said on his way home tha…
  • I paid $2.47 Monday at a Cumberland Farms (Gulf), but the highest I've seen in RI is $2.69 (Shell, Mobil). I am not looking forward to the winter. My house is heated with oil. I heard the prices are going up.
    in GA$ PRICES Comment by mdm August 2005
  • Speaking of Hillary.... Bill was in Portsmouth, RI yesterday giving a speech. At the end of his speech people were asking questions. A young girl, I believe she was about 8, asked him, If his wife became president what would his role be. He laugh…
    in Hillary Comment by mdm August 2005
  • Tuesday at 10:00 on the east coast. FX channel. It's very entertaining.
    in Rescue Me Comment by mdm July 2005
  • These are very interesting. I know a few of them are definitely correct. I think #23, if it's true, is very strange.
  • I'd be dining on the same thing!
  • There are milkmen in Rhode Island. I don't get milk delivered, but I know people who do.
    in A short joke Comment by mdm May 2005
  • This is good. I needed a good laugh today. Thanks!
  • I don't really know what to say, other than you're right. That has to be one of the strangest things I have ever heard.
  • I had read recently that the new Pope would be someone older, as it was thought that 26 years was too long for someone to be Pope. They seem to be looking at possibly less than 10 years now with Pope Benedict XVI.
    in New Pope Comment by mdm April 2005
  • The head of my company (community health care) is very arrogant, controlling and chauvinistic. The Hr Director caught on quickly after a few conversations with him. She made a comment to me about never being able to change him or his views. He te…
    in Bye......... Comment by mdm March 2005
  • I'm Back......I have to say that I didn't think the HR Director would last. I was correct. She started Monday and never came back from lunch yesterday. I thought she would last longer than a day and a half, but she didn't see eye to eye with her …
    in Bye......... Comment by mdm March 2005
  • I don't plan on leaving completely. She knows about the forum and had used it before, but doesn't seem interested in using it now. Thank you all for the the good wishes. HR hasn't been detrimental to my life. It has actually been very beneficia…
    in Bye......... Comment by mdm March 2005
  • I've gotten this before as well as other similar ones. I love them and so does my husband!!!
  • My name is dropping in popularity. In 2003 it was #62. It was #4 in the 70's when I was born. My husband, on the other hand, has the most popular name from the 50's through the 90's. His name in 2003 is #2.
  • I know. It was snowing here late yesterday afternoon and then it turned into rain later in the evening. I love New England's crazy weather. The weather is usually really nice in the fall.
  • I just returned from the Mayan Riviera. It was great. I highly recommend it. Go the all inclusive, adults only route. I go on vacation and don't want to listen to screaming kids or having to share a pool or restaurant with them. It was incredib…
  • This is so true. I have heard a few of these before.
    in As I mature Comment by mdm January 2005
  • Honestly, our employees voted to strike. We have been working on strike plans in order to cover the vacated positions to keep our clinics running. Thankfully I received a call last night that stated the strike had been cancelled. I have also been…
    in Vacation?? Comment by mdm January 2005
  • Definitely my parents and grandfather. My parents only graduated from high school. My dad is a carpenter and my mom worked in a factory. My grandfather was CEO of a corporation and has a college degree in engineering. My mom struggled to get thr…
  • I will be at my neighbor's house with my fiancee. The last couple of years we have done this. Our neighbor's have a catered party complete with bonfire and fireworks. It's always a great time!
  • Larry-How did you know my fiance and I are paying for this ourselves. Not cheap! $$$ HRinNH-Thank you! He is definitely the right one. We knew so quickly just a few months into our relationship, but it has taken us 4 1/2 years to get married. …