Just some thoughts brought on by the news last night.

After work last night I was flipping between MSNBC, FOX and our local NBC affiliate. Looters, refugees, survivors, and destruction. The scenes of people walking out of New Orleans on deserted freeways b/c they were afraid to stay in the city looked apocalyptic...and here in MN nothing but beautiful weather and the state fair. I couldn't help but be struck by the huge contrast, how close to the edge our carefully built civilization is.

A modern 21st century city reduced structurally and socially to a third world country in 24 hours.

And to add to the contrast just within the scenes themselves, the looters out for whatever they can get surrounded by people who are extending their hands and their hearts and perhaps risking their own lives to offer aid to their fellow citizens.

If only we could look at each other and know which type of person the other is w/o having crisis and tragedy as our defining event.

My thoughts are with all who were in the path. May you be surrounded by the love of your family and friends, may you be inspired and comforted by the actions of all the people who have shown the truest and best side of their humanity.


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  • I find myself mesmerized by the news reports. You're right. It's surreal. In my area today we are feeling the after affects of Katrina. The weather reports here are for flash flooding, poentially severe thunder storms, and power outages. It will be nowhere near the destruction that occured in Louisiana and Mississippi.

    I have been praying and will continue to pray for all of those who were in harms way. May you all be blessed.
  • I am glued to the TV, even waking up in the middle of the night. The devastation is stunning. Some of the looters are the typical kind, taking stuff because they can, but for those who are getting food and water for themselves, friends, and family - I cannot criticize. I would do it also. Read Don's post about not having cash to buy the little that is available - those folks don't even have anyone to buy from if they did have cash.

    Blood donors are needed - the hospitals don't have any and the patients are pouring in. Lisa's description paints the stark picture. We will respond and the people in the path will perservere. Between now and then, the trajic stories and photos will touch all of us in this nation.

    Where are our allies? Where are the words of comfort, sympathy and encouragement. Perhaps they have all forgotten the aid we give when disaster strikes their homes.

    I am feeling bitter and helpless. We will pull ourselves up by our bootstraps as always, it will just take time and sacrifice.
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