What Can You Send?

I thought I posted this so it may be a repeat.

Many of you have emailed me to ask what you might send and where. Personally I have no needs. However, I am helping Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson. They have mounted a tremendous volunteer machine to receive, sort, catalog, pack, palletize, load and ship things to the coast, sometimes order by order. They get an order, they pack a shipment, they send it by volunteer 18 wheeler or 10 wheeler. Yesterday their organizational structure was so impressive you'd think they had done it for years. Refrigerated vans and dry vans in segregated lines, pallets and forklifts moving, people in orange vests moving like ants in lines, receiving and organizing and stacking neatly. Tremendous project, well run.

Anyway, if any of you DO have an urge to send a box, rather than donate money, you can send it to me for personal transport to this organization. I will list my work address and the current needs as announced by the church, below.

* Underwear. New and packaged only. Everything from little girls and boys to adult men and women, all sizes.

* New bras, all sizes, packaged or ziplocked.

* Boxes of heavy duty garbage/trash bags.

* Packages of assorted batteries.

* Heavy duty work gloves.

* Non-sterile latex gloves, boxed.

* Antibiotic ointment, bandaids, visine, etc.

* Baby lotion, baby oil, vaseline, wipes

* Hand and body lotions

* Ziplock bags

* Shower shoes, flip flops

* Large and XL T-shirts for sleepwear and general use.

* Kleenex, paper towels, sanitary wipes

These are all relatively inexpensive items, just the sorts of things anybody would need when they wake up in the morning or make it through a day. I'm told that children have been seen with their feet duct-taped to avoid blisters, lots of people are bare-footed and sharing showering facilities.

Canned goods, clothes in general seem to be in abundance. They're seeking the above as the types of things people might not ordinarily think about sending.

I am at:

Don D.
Human Resources
147 West Hoy Road
Madison, MS 39110


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