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  • Same here. They just don't love us anymore!!! x;-)
    in Daily Digests Comment by Beave July 2004
  • I have a feeling, Monday will be quiet on the Forum. I wish all of you that are leaving blessings for continued success.
  • Shadowfax, I've said that more than a few times. The quality of this site WILL be diminished. No one seems to care. I am a current paying customer but trying to justify the increased cost in the future will be difficult given the direction it app…
  • I am a paid up subscriber and I got the same message. When I called they said they sent the message to the wrong group of people.
  • Sounds good. Now I've got to get a date to fix it for me. Thanks for sharing. x:D
  • This recipe sounds very good. I WILL give it a try this weekend. I live in SW Michigan and just picked my first tomato yesterday. I have another one that will be ready tommorrow. I usually plant some more mature plants but ANYTIME I can pick my …
  • Any guy that turkey hunts MUST also squirl hunt - that would be justified you know!!! =P~
  • Chips & peanut butter???? Must be a West Coast thing I guess. This Michigan "Troll" will stick with steaks on the grill!
  • Peanut butter and potato chips? ... together? ... in a sandwich? ... at the same time? ... um, not to be offensive, but, I'd rather eat cardboard and ketchup thank you ... x:P
  • Thanks for the cleaning tips. I used it a few times but haven't used it in quite a while because of the cleaning frustrations.
  • I tried it. Great breakfast vittles. Thanks for the recipe.
  • I think all of America saw that. We also saw him deny that he needed an anger management class. I have to agree, if I had on tape one of my employees acting like that, they'd be out of here so fast ...x:o (Letter o)
  • Living in Michigan my entire life, I know every one of those to be true. I've even seen the camo thing at weddings. Great post.
  • Welcome back fellow Port Yurin-ite (as the locals say). What a WONDERFUL time it sounds like you had. Good for you to make that commitment. So what's the secret for her "putting up" with you for 42 years? What an achievement!
    in I'm baaack! Comment by Beave August 2005
  • Don, if the "boxers" come from Leslie, I have no problem accepting them. On the other hand, if the return label on the package is from Shadowfax, no offence Shadowfax, but I wouldn't let my secretary touch the box to attach a sticker saying "return…
    in calender Comment by Beave June 2005
  • As Don was, I too was very surprised at the verdict on the charge of providing alcohol to minors. I'm with Don, "just do it" in California! x:o (Letter o)
  • Guess he Beat it, Beat it, Beat it ... Only in America could a black male child from indiana turn into to a rich white woman in hollywood. Sorry ... couldn't help myself. It's been one of those days. x}>
  • I swear, the next time that happens to me, I'm going to look the person in the eye and tell them to stop talking to themselfs in public - they have pills for that.
    in New Pet Peeve Comment by Beave June 2005
  • I have heard of people way back when, using the phrase "far out man". This was of course YEARS before MY time. x0:)
  • True and appropriate punishment would be handed down if those parents were sentenced to a trip to a swamp in northern Michigan with a few friends of mine. It really boggles my mind that some parents (unfit to be so) can do the things they do to the…
  • I've noticed that Don hasn't checked in today. Sure hope he's Ok and his bottle tree kept the evil spirits away through this all.
  • Ray, you are an evil, evil man!!!! x}>
  • "I've learned that ex's are like fungus, and keep coming back. " But the REAL question is: WHY DO THEY????
  • ""Stupidity ought to be painful" " It can be very painful - TO WATCH To funny.
  • I'm with you Shaddow. I live here as well & I know some of the "intellegent" decisions our courts make. I certainly hope "b" is the one not true nut my gut tells me some guy is walking the streets out front here with a loaded gun in his hands …
  • Correct!!!!! "He was the first president to die during his term of office, and his administration, which lasted exactly one month, was the shortest in U.S. history."
  • "when you change shirts 4 times on a Saturday" Yea, we have to do that once or twice a summer too ... lol. I'm only about an hour from Ft Wayne. If you get in the area, give me a jingle Don & we'll meet in Kalamazoo for a drink & see if E…
    in New Haven Comment by Beave August 2004
  • Hey Ray. My last name starts with a "C". Guess I now know why I can't get a date living here ... too funny. Thanks for the Friday laughs.
  • We have an edge up on CA for being the "crazy" state - we have the "Michigan Left"
  • Guess I'm showing my age here but is there a band called the Go - Go's & another called the Gogo Dolls?