New Pet Peeve

Having spent the past eight days in airports and business locations in parts of Mississippi, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, I have a new total pet peeve. Guys (and a few women) who walk around with those new-fangled, hands-free telephone head sets screwed into and over their right ears, some with blinking neon lights, talking at the top of their voice, ranting on and on for eternity, never shutting up. There was a time when men in white uniforms would cart these people off. These people really think they are so damned indispensible that their business or social acquaintances or spouse cannot operate or survive for an hour without their instruction and insight. They're running off at the mouth until the stewardess announces 'shut them off' and they're dialing as soon as she announces 'you can now use them'. They're on them for hours walking and sitting in the terminal. Hell, they're on them in the airport lounge and at the urinal.

When I was at the urinal in the Atlanta Nightmare Airport last night, a guy's phone rang. He either had a head set or a free hand (?). I heard him say (at the top of his voice), "We'll right now I'm in the Atlanta terminal...". I could not resist. He was three or four 'units' down from me. I said, "Tell her the truth. Tell her you're taking a whiz at a urinal in Atlanta and you'll call back." I don't usually talk to people in bathrooms. I heard several guys crack up and "the yacker" said, "I don't think I'll share that detail". Hell, why not? He share's the rest of his boring life in detail with anybody within 50 feet of him.


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  • I allways find it unsettling to hear someone suddenly blurt out some words and start talking. I jerk my head around only to realize that someone is talking on a phone with headsets.
  • Whether it's a handsfree headset or simply a cell phone, I hate them all. I admit that I do have a cell phone. I don't know my cell number, I have it ONLY to use in case of an emergency during my commute to and from work or while vacationing so that I can be reached by my employees if there is a work related emergency. Other than that, I do not use it and I rarely turn it on.

    I was once in the rest room at home depot, there was a woman in a stall, sitting there chatting on a cell phone. I cannot for the life of me imagine what was so important. These lunatics truly believe that they are so important. ICK! I will never aspire to be THAT important. I am perfectly happy being an ordinary girl.

  • That's funny. I would like to see a complete psychological profile and analysis of people who would answer the call of a cell phone while answering the call of nature. But, weirder than that is PLACING a cell call while seated in a stall. There's something oddly disgusting about that. What if one were to have a lapse and think he/she had a wad of paper in his/her hand instead of the phone and wiped........well, as I said, this is one for the shrinks.
  • She must have a lawyer! They only way they can get all of those billable hours, they have to bill while on the phone - wherever - and while sleeping too!
  • Anyone who has been on this site long enough knows I hate the celphone (though I do have one). I simply do not understand why people have to be told to turn off their phones in theaters, at funerals, at religious services etc. I recently walked out of a meeting with someone (we were the customer) because they insisted twice that they had to take a very important call (which I chose to interpret was more important than my company). Recently, a fork lift operator was terminated for talking on the celphone while operating the fork lift (he had the wire running under his shirt). He told his supervisor that he thought the policy that the use of celphones during working hours was a fireable offense applied only to handheld cellphones.
  • I think the one that takes the cake is when the cell phone rings during an interview. The candidate holds up her finger to me, signaling me to 'hold on.' She takes the call, excuses herself for a quick minute, then comes back into the interview. "Now where were we?" Uh, 'out the door' I think to myself.

    I think it's 'generational.' Don't know many 'boomers' strapped to an ear bud.
  • But Sam, if you didn't have that cell phone when travelling how many times would you have been thoroughly lost?
  • I will never be thoroughly lost!! I am resourceful.
  • I was in a stall at a restaurant, and the lady in the next stall got a phone call. I must admit during her conversation I flushed my toilet three times (and it was loud) just to annoy her. I also had an applicant receive a phone call during an interview. She answered, said, "I can't talk right now, I'm interviewing for some job." Thank you for your time, good luck in your career search. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • What is this world coming to when can't get off the cell phone long enough to get a job to pay for the damned thing? I hate the rudeness of the use in all public places. Don't even get me started on the obnoxious rings...
  • A few months ago, I ran into a young gentleman on a business trip with one of those ear plugs. He was obviously very impressed to be flying on business, etc. If anyone wanted any of his company's secrets, you would have gotten them. Not only did I hear him, but through his earpiece also.
  • I can't stand those freakin call tones, what ever happened to the simple ring ring. I'd like to market a tone that goes, "answer your freakin phone stupid"
  • Safety, they already have that. My son has his ringer set to his own voice saying "Answer the phone." I guess you could improvise.
  • I live in New York City and it drives me nuts to hear someone talking on their cell phone loud enough for the whole bus to hear. Every single time that I take the bus, there is always someone on the cell phone reporting which avenue or street the bus has stopped. And that they will reach their destination in so many minutes.

    One time I was in a deli where a customer was running his mouth so much on his phone, that he didn't realize that he was leaving a trail of his soup as he left the store.

    I've never seen so much insecurity. People walk the streets with these things in their ears and don't pay attention to on coming traffic when crossing.

    Another new pet peeve is sitting next to someone on the bus who has to make several calls, one right after the other, to let people know exactly where they are and talk about nothing. They hang up, then dial another number, then another number and another. It never ends.
  • Gloria -where in NYC. I live in Park Slope.
    In any case, I was once on a bus where a woman (in the obligatory loud voice) started off by saying "I just heard the most interesting news...promise you'll keep it a secret"
  • So Whatever, tell us the secret. We're all dying to hear.
  • I ran into a lady while shopping who was carrying on a rather personal conversation with-what appeared to be herself-... I realized that she had one of those earpiece things, but it must have been too late because my face reacted before I could stop it....and she was really bothered that I looked at her funny for seemingly talking to herself.

    I don't mind cell phones...but they have become the top priority...and it's just sad. The use in public is embarrassing....personal conversations are no longer personal..and I keep that in mind when I'm on the phone with anyone!!!
  • I swear, the next time that happens to me, I'm going to look the person in the eye and tell them to stop talking to themselfs in public - they have pills for that.
  • Hey send me some! I talk on my phone too much but rarely go over my minutes. I receive more calls than I make though...does that count?

    But, I've never, never, never used my cell phone while on the toilet! That's just not right.
  • I work for the Archdiocese of New York on First Avenue between 55th & 56th Streets.

  • Hey if you two meet, don't forget to take photos and post them here!

    Cheryl C.
  • At the risk of offending Gloria, who works for the Archdiocese, I am thinking of marketing some t-shirts for air travelers like me. One will say, "Turn off that cellphone or I start farting! And I don't stop until YOU DO." Another will say, "Do you really think we all want to hear you running your mouth on that cell phone?"

    I know I heard a month ago that they are lifting the restriction on using them in flight. Now we can expect to listen to the yackers during the whole flight.
  • I bought one under duress a year ago. It is the cheapest model (no camera, internet, etc.) with the lowest number of minutes I could find and the only time I used them was during a move when the phone company did not get my land line connected for a week. I keep it with me for emergencies when driving long distances or at night by myself, and when I go to seminars and in every break all the HR folks are on their phones calling their offices! (It is also now almost impossible to find a functioning pay phone to make calls anymore.) I cannot believe the audacity of a good friend and co-worker who will halt her boss when she gets a call from her husband or daughter (multiple times a day, and they live in the same house!). If they put that thing into effect on airplanes I'm lobbying for a "non-cell" section. How easy to be hit by a car or assaulted when you never pay attention to what's around you, but only the *&!!!### phone! I could rant further but.....
  • I have a cell phone only because the company pays for it and I seldom turn it on. Most of my coworkers say they never bother to call me on my cell anymore because I never have it on.

    Re cell phones in flight, relax Livindon! There is good news! Airlines are actually polling people to find out if they would favor using cell phones in flight and the majority of respondents are saying NOOOOOOO!!!!! x:-)

    I remember going home from work on the train a few weeks ago. There was a man sitting behind me talking on his cell phone in a very LOUD voice in Russian. From what I remember of my college Russian, he was not very happy with Americans. The first time he made a disparaging comment about Americans I turned sharply and GLARED at him. He looked very shocked that someone might understand (at least a few words) of what he was saying. He started speaking a lot more quietly, then... x:-) Never underestimate the power of a well-timed glare.

    Not to hijack this thread, but I'm reminded of a sign along I-5 on the way to Seattle:

    "Welcome to America. Now, speak English."
  • What a refreshing post from an avowed Democrat Liberal; but, I do really doubt all these airlines, approaching bankruptcy, will make any decision based on a passenger poll.
  • I'm here at beautiful, sunny Camp Pickett x:D for annual training - you should see all the soldiers here who have their cell phones! Any available outlet (running from the generators) all you see is a row of phone chargers plugged in.

    On a side note, this is when I feel really old. No one brings a good book to AT anymore! They all have portable DVD players, PS2s, portable TVs, etc.

  • Cell phones have turned work into a 24/7 affair and the increased stress that goes with that. I don't participate. This morning on the way in, the phone rang and I couldn't tell if it was on the radio or the cellphone(emergency use only). I called my wife to find out it wasn't her - must have been the radio.
  • Wouldn't it have been easier just to answer the phone?
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