Which one is true? Part III

Three of these four things really happened, just recently. Are you cynical enough to figure out the made-up story?

(a) Identical male twins were revealed to be the registered owners of a Russian Web site devoted to nude photos of female Siamese twins.
(b) A male nurse who had just pleaded guilty to lewd conduct with a handicapped boy was merely transferred by his employer (a California government agency) away from children, to work in its animal-care facility.
(c) A distributor in Florida sold more than 10,000 units of a plastic toy premium (inside bags of candy) that depicts planes flying into the World Trade Center.
(d) An Oregon couple pleaded guilty to several instances of punishing their two kids' bad behavior by allowing their pit-bull dog to attack them.


#1 thing a consultant shouldn't say: "I could tell you the answer right now, but we're committed to a three month project..." #-o


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