I'm baaack!

Fadow Shacks rides again! Thanks for missing me enough to inquire, although it took you 5 weeks to wonder enough to ask. I left June 20th and came back today: spent 6 weeks hiking in Glacier and Yellowstone, (259 miles by foot) saw 11 grizzlies, 7 black bears many elk, bison, deer, and 1 mountain lion; stopped at the Custer Battlefield Memorial, Devil's Tower, Mt Rushmore; took in several rodeos; spent two days baling hay on a friend's ranch in Montana; kayaked 3 roaring rivers; bicycled 180 miles; observed a process of harvesting burned out forests, peeling off the charred outside of the logs to a uniform circumference, coring the interior and pumping in foam insulation, then building absolutely magnificient log homes; was with my BW of almost 42 years 24/7 and actually enjoyed it, in addition to hiking more than 100 of those miles with our 25 year old daughter. In short, I have had a wonderful summer, have missed the give and take of the Forum and all of my friends here but am looking forward to reviewing the last 8 weeks of posts and getting back into the flow of things. BTW, I have a gig next Thursday reprising a bit of my Will Rogers act, so have to limber up the voice and the ropin' hand. Thanks again for at least noticing I was not contributing, if not actually missing me.


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