George Foreman Grill

Well, I did it. I bought the George Foreman Grill. I never would have suspected that I would be capable of falling love with an appliance, but I have. Do any of you forum cooks have any recipes for the grill?



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  • Glad you like your grill. I bought one and used it only a couple of times because it is a real hassle to clean. I finally decided it was easier to just drag out the ol' frying pan and cook on the stove. One thing I have purchased and absolutely love is my veggie/rice steamer. I use it almost every day and make my whole dinner in it. Hope you continue to love George. Wish I had known--you could have had mine!
  • x:-) I wish I had known too - it would have saved me $59 bucks!

    I used it last night & it was delicious. I made the following - I copied this recipe from a website:

    Polynesian Steak

    2 tablespoons soy sauce
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1 teaspoon honey
    2 (6 ounce) steaks

    Combine first 3 ingredients. Marinate the steak in the mixture for approximately one hour in refrigerator.

    Preheat the grilling machine for 3 to 5 minutes. Place the marinated steak onto the preheated grill. Grill for 3 minutes, open grill, add the rest of the marinade sauce to the top of the steaks. Grill for 1 more minute.

    It was so quick - I loved it. I found clean up really easy, but then that's me I guess. Tonight, I can't wait to make the crunchy chicken recipe I found.

  • A trick to cleaning the GF Grill if you leave it and it cools off - reheat with damp paper towel in it and it will clean right off.

    Grilled chicken breast with French, Catalina or Italian dressing for the grilling sauce is great!

  • I made cheeseburgers last night. To the hamburger I added worchester sauce, green onions, salt & pepper & my, was it dry. Any hints out there on how to keep the meat a little bit juicy?
  • It is easy to overcook in GF Grill and get the food dry. Try adding some breadcrumbs to your mixture, moisten the bread - about 1 slice per lb. and see if that helps.

  • Cool - I'll give it a try - thanks x:-)
  • The Foreman, by design, drains off all the juices and fat. That's the major downside of hamburgers and a porkchop is absolutely dry. The trick is to take the meat out while still juicy, but not raw. Quite a challenge. Another trick I learned it to fold up a paper towel and place it in the plastic grease tray and run a thin layer of water along the towel to make it lay down. Makes cleanup of the dish mush easier. Just slide the paper towel in the garbage and then wipe out the tray or wash it. I always ball up about three paper towels, wet them under the faucet and wipe the grill down, top and bottom just after the meat is removed. Takes away all the drippings and you can run the towels through the crevaces and corners and wipe out all the grease before it gets hard. Am I Betty Crocker or what? Also split a hot dog and fold it out flat on the Foreman and put a fat onion slice on the burger just before taking it out and press the lid down once more for 30 seconds. MWild; are you bringing the Foreman on the cruise? If so, I won't bring mine.
  • I'll definitely bring it & you can share all of your tips - I'll be the Vanna to your Pat. x:-)
  • Just don't be the Mrs. Mendlebright to my Barney and throw me overboard when I light up the grill.
  • I wouldn't throw you over - too many witnesses on the cruise x;-).

    I appreciate your tips - thanks! x:-)
  • Add a little flour to the hamburger.
  • Hi LarryC - how will the flour help the hamburger? It seems like adding it will only contribute to the dryness? x:-)
  • Hi mwild31. I learned this from a guy who owned a restaurant that I used to work at when I was a kid. He was known for his juicy hamburgers and that was his "secret". It helps the hamburger retain its juices rather than render them. I'd say maybe a tsp per lb of hamburger. If you really want to be bold, add a pinch of Beau Monde.
  • Awesome information LarryC - I'll use it this weekend! Thanks!
  • You're welcome, mwild31. Good luck! Also let me recommend a good book called "What Einstein Told His Cook - Kitchen Science Explained" by Robert L. Wolke. It's quite entertaining and informative.
  • Cleaning the George:

    I set mine on the edge of the sink, get a sponge wet with superhot water and wipe off all the goo. The goo and the water run right in to the sink. I clean the lid first, the goo runs down to the bottom surface, then to the sink. I rinse with the sink "squirtie" with the water on low pressure. (Does the "squirtie" have a technical name?)

    At first I was paranoid that I would get the insides of the George wet, but the little channel thingies along the outside of the cooking surface keep the water from going anywhere it doesn't belong, kind of like the rain gutters on your house. ('Cept we don't have those in AZ - not enough precipitation)
  • Thanks for the cleaning tips. I used it a few times but haven't used it in quite a while because of the cleaning frustrations.
  • I bought my brother in law and his wife one for prevent over cooking, they use the grill for the minimum amount of time and then place the meat in a low temp stove to finish...keeps the food moist and still gives the benefits of the grill...marinating always helps too!!
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