But I am a subscriber

I got this e-mail about changes at the Employer's forum. It stated I was no longer a subscriber. Called up. Put on hold. Kept on hold. Finally, reach someone who without even knowing my name says the e-mail was sent by mistake if I know I am a subscriber. They also apologized. Anyone else have the same problem?


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  • I am not a subscriber. My employer will not pay the $197 just for me to continue to access the Forum. I'm very upset. I have learned so much from everyone here and am really going to miss the interaction!
  • I am a paid up subscriber and I got the same message. When I called they said they sent the message to the wrong group of people.
  • My boss subscribes to the newsletter in our office and is not going to pay for a second subscription. I guess I will lose this valuable resource as well.
  • cthr,

    You can stay on the Forum! Your subscription allows multiple people in your office to use the Forum under different screen names. So you and your boss can both use the Forum. Just reply to the e-mail you received and tell us who your boss is and which newsletter it is.

    James Sokolowski
  • My bad. Sorry about that. The e-mail was meant to go to former subscribers but I accidentally sent it to a few hundred other people. I'll be sending a correct e-mail soon.

    James Sokolowski
  • James - you do realize the perception might be that in reality the change is only so MLS can make more money?
  • Unfortunately, our budget also does not allow for any more newsletter subscriptions, so I'll have to bid farewelll.

    It's a shame b/c I've learned so much from this forum.

    However, there are still a few free HR forums out there, just not as good as this one! =-)

    Good luck to Everyone. It's been nice getting to know you all.
  • jmcaa and hrinmi,

    We'd really hate to lose you. I hope there's some way you'd be able to justify subscribing to one of these publications, but I understand that money is tight all over.

    This is the part of the Forum conversion that I've dreaded. x:-(

    James Sokolowski
  • You're right, Whatever, I'm sure some people think that. We're a for-profit company and money was part of the decision, but maybe not in the way you think.

    We have no idea how many new subscriptions we'll get from current Forum members, but we're not expecting a whole lot. For many Forumites, we can't tell who's a subscriber and who's not, but we suspect that most are subscribers.

    The Forum has grown so much that it takes a lot of manpower to run it. Not just the moderators and technical folks, but customer service reps who handle a lot of questions and problems from individual Forum members. Then there are the big blow-ups -- like a new Forum member who comes out of nowhere to wreak havoc, and the moderators spend many hours dealing with it. If we know that all of this work is for customers, it's a lot easier to justify the expenditures.

    But it's not just money. I think a lot of people will be more comfortable when the Forum isn't open to the public.

    James Sokolowski
  • Sorry, James - MLS may be a for-profit, but the steel fabrication company I work for is a barely break even operation, so money is tight here , so I can't get the subscription . I will really miss all the friends here on the Forum, their wisdom and wit.


  • So sorry to learn such a decision has been made by your "powers that be". This decision will lead some of us to go to greaner pastures where the entrance is not padlocked by dollars signs.

    I'm a former subscriber who has learned a great deal from the forum professionals using this site. In the last two years, I've sent more than a few dollars to M. Lee Smith (my employer's and my own)for a variety of subscriptions, reports, etc. Some of your publications, etc are great, others are, at best, only average. The most valuable thing about your website IS this forum.

    I think you may find you have made the mistake of shooting yourself in the foot.

    To all the HR professionals out there who have posted to this forum.........I have greatly enjoyed your comments, advise, experiences, and candor. I bid you, each and every one, health, happiness, and a great life. I remain greatful to you all.


  • Yep, I got the same message, but James has explained as a mistake. I will be retiring July 23, but am highly recommending that my successor renew the subscription.

    This has been a wonderful resource and I feel like I know a lot of you.
  • I have chosen MLS to be our sole newsletter and forum because I have confidence in the information we receive.

    In HR you get so many different offers. When you find one you can rely on in more than one way (like MLS), stick with it. When you subscribe to more than one newsletter you start getting conflicting information and aren't sure who to trust or rely on.

    I think the annual subscription is worth it no matter how you look at it. And now, as James said, "I think a lot of people will be more comfortable when the Forum isn't open to the public."

  • swbpr and Don: You both make good points. Some people subscribe to multiple newsletters while others don't have the time or money to do that.

    Our best quality control is having knowledgable readers who wouldn't be shy about contacting us about possible mistakes, but that rarely happens.

    And if you want diverse points of view, you can search through the articles in the Subscribers Area of this website. You can read from 51 Employment Law Letters whose content is controlled by 51 groups of attorneys. On issues that aren't black and white, you'll find a lot of different points of view.

    James Sokolowski
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