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Congrats to the Attorney General of Mississippi. He announced last night that he will 'put in jail any business who escalates the price of plywood, bottled water, food supplies, motel space, RV hookups or gasoline' as a response to hurricane Ivan. The sign in front of one of our Gulf Casinos, big blinking lights, says, "Closed. All bets are off until Ivan folds". There is humor in every situation.


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  • Your AG is to be congratulated. I've heard too many stories of profiteering from these hurricanes.

    Our hotel near Birmingham is full of evacuees and we specifically told our manager not to sell rooms at a higher price than rack rate, which is what someone walking in off the street under normal circumstances would pay.

    Unfortunately, our hotel is smack in the middle of 'Bama, which is precisely the track that Ivan seems to be taking.
  • Good for the Attorney General, but could you guys quit using ALL the plywood in the world? I want to build a storage shed and the price has already tripled from 'normal'.

    Seriously, good luck with Ivan. How far are you from the coast? My home is open to any Forumite who needs shelter until Ivan passes.
  • Ahhh, good to know I have a friend in Wisconsin. I'm 7 miles north of Jackson, in the middle of the state. Brett Favre's wife and two daughters are in Hattiesburg, just 60 miles off the coast, so they'll get plenty of water and wind. We're about 160 miles from the Gulf and expect to get 55-60 mph winds tonight and some rain but no destruction. I-55 out of New Orleans and the MS Gulf is stacked with traffic and has been for 12 hours, going north. No motel rooms in Jackson or anywhere in central or north Mississippi. All our churches are open as shelters.

    Many farmers, horsekeepers and landowners in the area have opened their land and hearts to anybody who has an animal of any description and anybody with any land is welcoming RVs at no charge, even though there are no hookups. And if we see a woman with her heel caught in a grate, we'll help her too. Memphis is another 200 miles north and is booked solid. Wisconsin may be the closest available rooms.

    Some are bemoaning the fact that the mandatory closing of the casinos will cost the tax system 780,000 per day and some fools are mad 'cause they can't stay there and play the slots through it all.
  • I'm glad farmers are helping out with the animals. I read an article that said Frances left cows belly-deep in water and that just about broke my heart. Its bad enough for people, but atleast we understand what is happening. I always get so sad when animals are hurt or in a situation they can't possibly get themselves out of without the help and love of a human.

  • I dunno Don. .55-60 mph winds could bring down a tree or 2, IMHO. We had gusts to 74, but sustained around 50 and trees were down EVeRYWHERE. Do ya bring in the bottles off the bottle trees for this?
  • 55-60 mph gusts, not sustained, tomorrow early. I expect a back yard full of limbs mid-morning tomorrow. 10 mph winds with bright sunshine right now and fast moving white clouds. No birds in sight. They seem to know. Strange and eerie.
  • The birds always know. When we are expecting a storm, the seagulls go crazy, which reinforces my stance that birds are harbingers of death and destruction. I hate birds.
  • "Memphis is another 200 miles north and is booked solid."

    Don D, I hope everyone is safe thru Ivan, hurricanes are powerful and scary-Been there done that.

    If I may ask though, have you heard anything about GRACELAND? If you have some left over plywood could you send it UPS Next Day for delivery? I am worried about Elvis. (I read the post from Beagle on the "issues" he had with UPS, however, if you tell them it is for Elvis, maybe that will get them moving?) The world is a strange place, unions or no unions.
  • there was a state sponsored gouging hotline here as well. Only heard of one alledged incident. Actually, many of the hotels here LOWERED there prices to try and save the weekend and attract evacuees. I like that casino sign..a number of the employees here appear more concerned about Ivan taking the casinos in Biloxi than they were about Frances taking their roofs offx;-)

    good lucks guys. . will be thinking good thoughts for sure.. do let us know how you make out.
  • Good luck to all who are in the path of this monster.

    We had 40+ tornadoes spawned from Frances and lots of damage in South Carolina, but this is nothing compared to going through a "cane".

    Let us know how everything comes out.

  • Good for him! Our prayers are with you and all the folks in Ivan's path. There are lots of good motels in the North Country. Sorry, after my daughter moved back home I no longer have a spare bedroom.

  • I have a spare room with a double size futon, but I might be a little far away considering lots of planes are grounded. Good Luck and let us know how it goes!
  • While I believe I am far enough away from this weather emergency to feel any effect (weather wise) there is a way that all of us can help out. In my community we have been asked to donate whatever we can, money, supplies, food, to the Red Cross and other disaster agencies and these will make it to some of the needy after this and recent natural disasters in that area of our country. I believe this is one of the things that make us great as a nation, helping others in time of need. If you have the opportunity to help out in this way please do so as it only can make us stronger as a nation.
  • Our hotel lost power at 7:30 am local time down there and the wind had just barely started blowing. So far no damage. We're communicating with our managers via cell phone and just praying they get the shipment of flashlights, batteries, glowsticks and lanterns we sent to them this morning.

  • Knew you weren't look forward to this trip Beags. .bet now you REALLY wish you weren't "here". One of our biggest problems in Frances (workwise and personally) was that cell phones were about worthless, so am glad you at least have that. Ivan is just ugly and I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts.

    Edit: just realized you probably aren't here but still wishing your guests well.
  • There have been quite a few issues of price gouging in FL. Right before Frances hit there were some gentleman (and I use that term very loosely) in the Home Depot parking lot - think in Melbourne - who had gone in, bought their 5 sheet maximum of plywood and were selling it in the parking lot for 5 times what they paid. Cops hauled them away pretty quickly.

    I have to rebuild my barn so I'm hoping that I can get "hurricane tested" plywood cheaply soon. Insurance will only cover the removal of the old one.

    Good luck to all in Ivan's path - now Florida is watching Jeanne.
  • I've noticed that Don hasn't checked in today. Sure hope he's Ok and his bottle tree kept the evil spirits away through this all.
  • Beave, I do believe I saw a post from The Don on another thread today, he must be o.k. :-) He was explaining the ingredients in lip gloss and mascara:DD
  • Oh, trust me... he IS around! I can vouch for that. x;-)
  • Yep Beag, yesterday he harassed me. Today it was your turn.
  • Well, he'll have to go back to harassing you tomorrow, Ray. I'm headed up to our hotel at Mt. Hood and don't expect to come into the office.

    Side note: Our hotel in 'Bama has their electricity back (at least for now).

  • I'm not harassing anybody! I speak the truth and you both know it. What's that saying about the heat in the kitchen?
  • "What's that saying about the heat in the kitchen?"

    uuuuhhhh duuuhhhh:-?

    it makes the kitchen hot?????? Did I get it right? Do I getta "A+"???

  • No, no Scorpio. Here it means "get out, you're not wanted".
  • "No, no Scorpio. Here it means "get out, you're not wanted".

    Really?? well, that is not very nicex:'( My spaceship is waiting...I will check with the "others" on my planet and see what they think of hospitality down here...Stay tuned:-?
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