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  • Good point, but what I wonder is where are all the complainers? I have not seen one post from those people supporting this move.
  • Good question, more and more seem to be disappearing.
  • >We pay exempts. Non exempts are given the >choice of using paid time off or taking it >unpaid and not held against them. We do the same. Except we will not close the entire plant for a whole day again, to much trouble.
  • We have a one time $75 fee
  • Wildsporty, are you saying that no matter what the offense is you give them a 2nd chance. Is this just with drugs or all offenses?
  • You stated "in the absence of a written policy for this specific incident" are you referring to drug procession or absence. We have a "zero tolerance" policy for drug use and procession. If the ee is caught off duty they will be discharged IF THE…
  • >Sometimes HR will try to validate their >existence by handling these type of issues. >IMHO that is a bad idea. If you never make the >supervisor handle this stuff they never will. > >It's like handing a crack addict some…
  • lorrie, oh how I agree. I only wish I had supervisors and managers that could handle these problems.
  • you need to discuss this matter with the ee, as mentioned earlier be professional, but direct. Beating around the bush does nothing to help it only delays what you need to do. I have had this situration several times lover the years. Good Luck
  • BAD BAD BAD idea. the fine for a HIPPA violation of this type can be $10,000 per occurance and this is a personal fine. Your CEO would bankrupt himself if he sent them out to enough people. I also wonder what his his reasoning for wanting to do t…
  • It is >disappointing to me that upper management didn't >have enough confidence in me as their HR >director to advise the managers that they value >the input of HR! To me this reinforces my >feelings that upper management do…
  • Gene and James S. if he truely has a drinking problem, and he is as good as stated, why wouldn't you want to help him? Why would you be afraid to have him attend AA? If he is that good, I would think you would be better off trying to save him, ins…
  • I also use Abra, Gene have you had problems with it or are you just thinking there maybe something better/
  • You would send a very good message to the rest of your ee's if you allowed her to take a LOA. It shows that your company cares about people and that they are not just "workers". As others have said, based on your past practices it is legal.
  • More details would help. I would approach her again and if you have not already I would stress that her name would not be brought into any discussions with the perp. If you can obtain any information from her, you might be able to send the investi…
  • Hey Don, I heard this morning that some of these cards are being used in the strip joints around the country. I am glad some one is enjoying our taxes.
  • David you are right we are the "big dog" in Grundy county. but Nissan is only 15 miles away and there are multiple other auto supppliers within a 20 mile radius. Job security is a very good point to pursue in the union avoidance area. I have be…
  • Don, we are not one of the OEM's, but a supplier to them. You both bring up a good point. We are non-union and there seems to be two things that they are afraid of, unions and the IRS. Maybe we have to approach this as union avoidance. As far as …
  • Don,I will let you know what happens. but I am an old Irishman,and pretty hard to change some times.
  • I think I would be more concerned about your drug policy than this DUI. If you give an ee a second chance and they come to work high and some one is seriously injured due to the ee's action, than you put your company at a high risk. You might want…
  • i don't think you should do anything without the whole story, and than I am not sure if you should do anything at that point except maybe informing the ee that her husband keeps calling to check on her. And by the way are we sure it is her husband?
  • Your best bet is to pay them for their notice period. Otherwise you turn the resignation into a termination, you have deprived them of a few weeks of earnings. It is not worth the trouble.
  • I also concur with Don. An ee walks off the job that is "job abandonment". Follow your policies.
  • We track it monthly and ytd. I will email you the excell spead sheet that we use.
  • I have never heard of an exempt ee having PTO's. We only track attendance on exempt ee's to check for abuse. The new fed. regs allow docking for full day absences, but you should check into this further at the federal and state level.
  • I think the key is the past documentation. If you have a strong case and all the t's crossed and i's dotted we would release him. We look at it this way, we would rather fight him from outsied than from inside were he could gather more information…
  • I to have been in HR longer than I like to remember sometimes. But, I agree with ritaanz, just be yourself and honest. Let your personality, education and experience answer the questions. I don't beleive you can prepare for an interview, unless y…
  • We don't have much call for it either, but when we do we also go on a case by case basis. And we get a signed relaease.
  • I concur with Don. I have been in the Mfg. world for over 20 years and the secert is beening on the floor and getting to know the people. They can be your biggest asset. Good luck and keep an open mind when dealing with your associates.
  • I agree with Don, the cost of UI would not be worht the fight, and it may eliminate any further action.