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Tony, you asked for comments about editting JavaHR's thread-so I thought I would start it.
You have the right to edit. However, in this case, I believe you went a overboard (from 49 replies down 8). Not every post that questioned what Java wrote was rude. If questioning what someone posts is rude then the question will never be asked again (i.e. is what I am doing now rude?). Furthermore, I wouldn't want to count the number of threads that have been "hijacked" and were editted to include only those replies that related to the original post.


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  • My take on the editing is Java PAID for his/her subscription to the Forum. Therefore, to keep this customer happy (continue buying and paying)we slap those who have the audacity to question an individual who comes up with a topic as bizzare as masterbation.

    By bizzare, I mean wacky, off the wall. We all know that masterbation is a common, widespread phenomenon. Right??
  • Whatever,
    As you say, we do have the right to edit the threads but absolutely, positively don't enjoy doing it. In this instance, we probably let the bashing go on longer than we should have, thinking that people would eventually accept Java's explanations and/or either get back to the subject or move on. Why did we use an ax instead of a pocketknife to edit the thread? It was simply the constant belittling, the piling on. No one should have to put up with that on a Forum for HR professionals.

    If new arrivals post messages on the Forum, there are ways to get to know them and figure out who they are. If you're still not convinced they are who they say they are, send a "Bad Message Alert" to the Forum monitor. Next time, I'll try to do a little better job of chiming in sooner.

    As for possible frauds on this site, we are as interested as all of you are in ferreting out any such people. The last one I can remember is "Aluminum Boy." I could be wrong, but I don't believe we've had that problem since the site became exclusive for subscribers. In fact, that was one of the strong arguments for blocking off the site. No employees have shown up back here either. And very few, if any, college students needing help with their term papers and theses.

    This is a great community of HR leaders. Most days, it's fun being the Forum monitor and learning from all of you. We want this site to be a place where all of you can enjoy the interaction and the back-and-forth. It's certainly OK to critique and challenge, but please help us to make it a more accepting environment for all of our users.

    Tony Kessler
    (615) 661-0249 ext. 8068
  • Hey folks what happened to the other posts on this thread???
  • Good question, more and more seem to be disappearing.
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