S.A.V.E. Discussions-R.I.P. NO MORE!


I have been a very vocal and outspoken critic of the S.A.V.E. program for reasons that are both fact-based as well as personal. I have done my best to keep the personal feelings out of it but realize things may have gotten carried away recently.

I apologize to the Forum for innundating you with my anti-S.A.V.E. campaigns. Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of another member's incessant rants and dissertations to my work email. So much, in fact, that I have decided to no longer participate in any discussion regarding S.A.V.E. as a means of extricating myself completely. I have much bigger issues on my plate.

For those that use it, great. I am not interested in debating you any further either here or by phone or email. I am glad it is serving its purpose. Moving forward I will have no comment.




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  • Aren't you the same guy who told me you would never again proposition a lanky blonde in a cold bar in a distant city? I have similar feelings regarding the unending rant of S.A.V.E. I will take whatever lead my corporate office gives me.

    I certainly won't acquiesce to the illusions of another Forumite who embelishes and rants endlessly about an unproven pilot project, one who has openly admitted to hiring and currently retaining illegal Mexicans. Embelishing? What comes immediately to mind is the comment that went like this...."In my conversations with President Bush....".

    But, RIP? You must be kidding!!! x:-) It ain't never gonna happen. There's an old lesson about once you let a wild horse out of a barn not surrounded by a fence, he will run and buck and snort, uncoralled, for a hundred miles. I think that applies to hogs as well.

  • It takes on a new dimension. FEMA has given out 10,000 of the 2,000 dollar debit cards. Put a pencil to that! One woman has been arrested for fraud, pretending to be displaced by the hurricane, but a bum in Houston. People lined up and all they had to do was give a name and a SSN. The man on Larry King right now says all they had to do was give the number. He also says the person at the desk was connected to a government computer network to verify the SSN. All came back valid and the cards were handed out. I am wondering if all the taxpayers like me will receive a tube of vaseline in the mail.
  • Hey Don, I heard this morning that some of these cards are being used in the strip joints around the country. I am glad some one is enjoying our taxes.
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