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  • >... and tenderly hand us slabs of moist chocolate cake when we are having a rough day. Sees Chocolate would be preferable!
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-30-04 AT 01:43PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I'm what one might consider a casual participant in the Forum compared to many of you who dialogue regularly. However, I frequently follow discussion threads to k…
  • Can he email them to me? I expect they'd pretty much have the same potency either way. Actually, that bottle of Italian wine sounds better; but I'd prefer it wasn't faxed -- hard on the cork!
  • Thanks for your clarification. I see it now correctly shows "OR." As to my "deep curiousity," I believe I'll reserve it for more substantial matters. Your explanation is sufficiently satisfying. Thanks, again.
  • AlumBoy has been disabled. Perhaps the morale is: Be careful waht you test for. So, it appears he may have passed....out!
  • Most likely. But coming from Don's quick and nimble mind, and his artful keyboard, it can be an edifying and delightful experience -- so the risk is minimal.
  • Thanks for the welcome, everyone. So far, I've discovered that this forum is more than just a great resource--it's a great resource with heart!! To propose a quote from the renowned Catbert--(must have been from reflections in a private moment): "…
  • Yippee!!! I'm now engulfed in the very flames I asked about!! Nothing better than first-hand experience to get a point home, huh!
  • Paul? Who's that? I do recall the double-beagle baying at the border. And he's right; the bears do have sharper teeth in Oregon! (p.s. Thanks for the fun. But you're right; they're calling me back in from the exercise yard as I key. Work ever…
  • Thank you! Thank you! One and all!! xclap ...and as for being cut off at the knees; if at some point I unwittingly step too far over the fence and consequently offend the guard dogs in the next yard, I can take it. I truly don't mind such encounte…
  • Ahhhhhhhhh! It feels good to be among friends--no "duh"! And, thanks for the info. See you good HR colleagues later, among the spacious halls and comfortable discussion rooms of our virtual abode. (I trust the rooms are padded)!!
  • My preference is that it remain non-restrictive (#3). Most of us became HR managers (under whatever title) in part based on our capacity for creative thinking and creative expression, accompanied by an inherent sensitivity and commitment toward res…
  • THis is the same potato salad I grew up on as a kid -- the way mother used to make it. Only now, my doctor suggests I substitute olive oil for the mayo. Does anyone know any good variations that use olive oil instead?
  • >LOL... Es tiempo de Margarita...hay Carumba! It is time of Daisy?
  • I seriously doubt if the folks who took the truck reached any such conclusion. People who do that sort of think (e.g., steal trucks of propane for drug purposes) can't THINK that far ahead!
  • >A classic example of using a lot of words to say absolutely nothing. x:-) You're right! She should have put in her resume: "WTLWEAHTATSWIAAG." x;-)
  • >And this brings up the question of 'wide'. Shall we take this one up or have another tread for it? >"Big guy"? I hope Don isn't offended by that. Have we advertantly moved to 'wide?' My guess is most of the forumites active in this disc…
  • I clicked on the link, and was instantly accused of having killed the server. Somehow I don't think that is what the rest of you saw when you clicked on the link. Or does this have something to do with tennis?
  • >The owners of our company bring their dogs to work. They don't come >in the office very much but sit instead in the back of their pickup >trucks. Very strange. I sometimes feel bad for the dogs but they >definitely aren't mistreat…
  • I haven't been to a July 4th company picnic for years. Such is the price one pays when working for the Public sector; your tax dollars at work...elsewhere.
  • Congratulations!!! I see you hit the round 200 mark! So many posts, and so little time.
  • Wow! What an historical litany!! Thanks for sharing, and thereby refocusing my thoughts this July 4th holiday.
  • >I need guidance before I scream! x:'( Go for it, Girl!!! A good scream is a cleansing thing. After that, follow Para's pointers for recovery; (however, I suggest avoiding the temptation to toss the dynamite part).
  • Why not start an new HR tradition (there's an oxymoron)? -- a "Coffee Cup Tree!" (Get it: like a "Bottle Tree")? If you put one up near the door into your office, and hang your cup collection, one to a branch, it might just keep the evil spirits …
  • There's nothing to stop you. See Posting #48:
  • >I'm speechless! Wise decision, my man!!
  • So why weren't you FULLY adorned, Mr. D?