Never a dull moment

So this is how my morning went. About a block away from here (as the crow flies) a garbage truck was discovered with mysterious material. For quite a while, the police, firemen, hazmat truck personnel, the bomb squad worked to determine what it was as helicopters flew circles overhead. For a while, they thought it was dirty bomb. Just learned, it is not bomb and furthermore, there will be no evacuation of the area. It was medical waste that had not been properly disposed of. Obviously, everyone was nervous....especially the three people who left because they decided it was A-bomb. Well, I guess I better get to work.


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  • In this kind of case, I go with the old saw, "Better safe than sorry." Now that the Pakistani was arrested for videotaping other small cities in America and with the discovery of the tapes of some Las Vegas Casinos, the rest of us have heightened concerns about the terror threats that have mainly been centered in NY, DC and some of the other ICON type cities.

    Stay vigilant, stay free.
  • Two years ago a customer of ours from NYC was sending back product that had been stored in a warehouse not too far from the Twin Towers. Some of the boxes had a white powder in them. We had a couple of ee's who were positive it was anthrax - they were breaking out in a rash and went to their doctors and told the doctors we had anthrax and were covering it up. We were reported to the department of health - fortunately, the director there is an acquaintance and we had a good laugh over it. It turned out to be concrete dust.
  • I feel for yo, Whatever. During the DNC a truck filled with propane was stolen. :-S Scary to think what could happen with that. They found it abandoned somewhere outside of Boston and said there was no connection to the convention...:-?
  • Was it full when it was stolen and empty when found? It could have been used in a meth lab.
  • Full when stolen, full when found, according to the news. I never thought about the drug angle but that makes sense as to why it was abandoned. They may have realized that cooking up a few batches was not worth the possibility of being accused of plotting a bomb attack.
  • I seriously doubt if the folks who took the truck reached any such conclusion. People who do that sort of think (e.g., steal trucks of propane for drug purposes) can't THINK that far ahead!
  • Imagine you are a thief. You steal a truck full of propane, you listen to a police scanner. Theft is reported, police respond to possible terrorist activity. You say "dude, I forgot the convention is this week, we better ditch this truck, man". And voila, truck is found on the side of the road.

    Likely - no. Possible - sure, why not? Come on, work with me here, I'd rather believe someone stole it for drug cooking than with the intention of slamming into the Fleet Center which is just a few blocks from my apartment! :-S
  • I live and work in the shadows of the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant (I live within 5 and work within 2 miles of it). 2 years ago, the health department distributed Potasium Iodide pills to everyone in a 10 mile radius. It was crazy. This week they started again, no reason given, no explanation. They are strongly urging people to get them, which makes me very uncomfortable.
  • I understand this works a lot better than hiding under a classroom desk and protecting your head with your hands and arms.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-12-04 AT 01:41PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I read in the paper that they would be distributing those pills. It is for those who didn't get them the first time around. It didn't sound like it was in response to a threat but just something they need to do periodically so those who move into the area get them. The article said something about preventing thyroid cancer if there were ever a leak.
  • Hello Fran Fields!!! Where you been girl!!??
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