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I noticed one forumite indicated that it is their ee picnic this weekend and they'll be standing in long lines waiting on rides they don't even like. I'm assuming they go all out and have rides brought in or else they're located next to an amusement park and hold their picnic there. This made me wonder...what are some other things that your company does that are unique for your ee annual picnic's or gatherings? Looking for ideas since it seems the (standard)picnic at the park no longer attracts many employees!


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  • Our company is privately held and we have around 300 employees or so. We have our picnic at our CEO's house every year. We have food catered in, clowns and magicians for the kids and we give away door prizes and novelty items. I love that he does this for us. I think my company is a lot different then most international corporations though. Good luck!!
  • We are a road construction company located in a tourist area in Wisconsin. We have lots of water parks both indoor and outdoor. Below are a few of the things we do:

    Company Picnic is held at a large waterpark. We rent one of the pavillions and have the food catered. Employees with families love this because they can enjoy the H20 rides with their kids.

    Because we are a road construction company we have an annual Truck Driving "Roadeo". It's a friendly competition that challenges our drivers and operators as they drive through an obstacle course. They have an opportunity to win both cash and trophies. It also allows families to see their parent at "work".

    We also have an annual golf outing. Lots of fun! We collect a ton of raffle prizes to give away. Our golfing employees love it!

    We are a seasonal company and our employees work long hours during the summer months so these company events are one way we can say thank you.
  • We have two events-the first is for employees and their families, in the past we have done a local amusement park with a catered lunch. this year we are having it at a facility that has a pool, pony rides, clowns, face painting, games, softball, volleyball, bocci, etc. They also do a catered lunch. Next year we are looking at maybe having at the BIG E, which is a regional fair type event.

    We also have an EE only picnic in our parking lot on the second friday of sept. We have this event catered and we tie into our United Way Campaign kickoff.
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    >What's bocci?

    It's an Italian game similar to bowls.
  • You were right, we are located near an amusement park. The picnic was great. We had about 300 of our 500 ee show up. It was sunny and warm all day. We do all kinds of fun things, we usaully plan something once per month. Last month we ordered about 200 pies from a local bakery and brought them in for the staff to take a break and socialize. Today is our jeans day and in celebration of the fourth we asked ees the wear red, white and blue. So far it has been a success.
  • Due to low turnout, we stopped having off-site picnics. Our facility is located outside of town in a very rural area - and we have a lot of open space. So, we have an annual picnic for all ee's on the company grounds. We have great food provided by a caterer and this year we are getting all kinds of pies and cakes from a local bakery - in fact the owner of the bakery is a former cook for Elvis Presley. Our president seems to have aspirations as a game show host, at least he tries. He goes around and asks questions related to the business and if ee's answer correctly, he gives them anywhere from $5 to $20. He does a standup comedy act giving away all kinds of prizes including mall gift certificates and cash up to $50. It goes over quite well and all ee's are included. We stop work at noon and spend the rest of the day having a good time.
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  • Our company picnics are great & highly attended (approx. 1000 employees & family members). We rent out a location - the city zoo, Bartle Hall, the Truman Presidential Library (we're in KC - close to Independence, MO) and have catered dinners, ice cream & soda stands, beer/wine carts, popcorn, etc - all free of charge. The kids all get a themed toy & have moonwalks & the like in addition to free run of whatever facility. The fireworks show at the end of the evening is spectacular! My husband & I look forward to it every year.
  • We do all kinds of different things - karaoke, golf tournaments, picnics, parties. We haven't tried the water park idea yet.

    Our employees love for us to have them on site. Then as a 7/24 business a lot more can at least drop in for a meal. However, we no longer have an area where we can do that inside, so we've taken them to a western themed entertainment venue also run by the Tribe I work for. There's trail rides, hay rides, a mechanical bull, quick draw, hatchet throwing, dancing and food. Everything is free but the alcohol - and we usually draw the line at beer and wine.
  • I haven't been to a July 4th company picnic for years. Such is the price one pays when working for the Public sector; your tax dollars at work...elsewhere.

  • We have an annual staff picnic for employees and families in the summer. The Special Functions Committee is responsible for the food, date of picnic and location. It's usually a cookout at a public park. Attendees are asked to bring a dish, soda, dessert, etc. for the potluck picnic. It's a good occasion to meet and get to know the families of our coworkers.
  • We are a manufacturing firm with just under 100 employees. We have a annual golf tournament for all the employees, we have a christmas dinner and white elephant gift exchange (for employees and a guest) and at Christmas we usually do some kind of fundraiser for a local charity. We also usually have a picnic with catered food, door prizes donated from vendors, horseshoe tournament, bounce tents, dunk tanks, clowns, etc. Sometimes we throw in a swimming party at some point during the year and once a month we have a birthday cake during the afternoon break to celebrate all the birthdays for that month. Last year we didn't do the picnic because we didn't have enough money. This year we aren't doing the picnic either but we are having a horseshoe tournament and swimming party with lots of food.
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