Abolishing 911

I think you should do away with the HR Forms 911 section. Judging from the number of questions that get zero responses, it appears this area is little visited and should be rolled in with the HR and Employment Law section in order to provide responses to those posting on 911. Just a casual observation.


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  • I would add that what I had hoped this area would be was a place where forms and stuff were actually POSTED. Doesn't seem to go that way and instead, if someone in generous enough to offer up a form, an entire thread of 800 responses becomes, "Send me one too if you don't mind".
  • I will also add that every time I see the heading I think immediately of our national tragedy three years ago, as if we don't already have enough reminders. Not only do people typically not read this area or the 911 place, the owners haven't even been here to read this suggestion after several days. Hmmm.
  • That's an interesting idea, eliminating HR Documents 911. There's nothing wrong with having a small section like HR Hero Sandwich that has active discussions. But HR Documents 911 has a lot of people who never get help with their problem - and that's no good. I'd like to see a lot more people join in the debate and figure out what we should do.

    Putting these questions in HR & Employment Law would get more people to look at them, which probably would bring more responses. It also would make HR & Employment Law a little busier and more diverse, but I don't know if that's good or bad.

    Instead of eliminating HR Documents 911, would it be better to redefine it or broaden its scope and rename it? For example, include broader policy discussions? Or should we urge people to post their policies, as Sonny suggested? Or maybe we should just nuke it.

    Let's get opinions from more people - especially those of you who use HR Documents 911. But it'll probably be next year before we get much response.

    James Sokolowski

    P.S. to Don: We weren't ignoring you - last Thursday and Friday were holidays for our company.
  • I agree with Sonny's observation. The avalanche of requests for copies is quite impressive when a forum member volunteers a copy of a form. That puts the volunteer in an unusual position. It is very time consuming to fill all the requests - and some of them continue sporadically for months afterwards.

    The idea of links to sites, such as the DOL poster site or FML forms site, is a good one. Plus this website has quite a few sample policies of which many of the members appear to be unaware.

    Since a number of people use the topic to request help, perhaps linking or redirecting them as mentioned above is something to consider.
  • I would add my support to some type of a forms site. I remember the one (and only) time I ever volunteered anything I was inundated with requests for copies. To honor even half the requests took a number of hours over a couple of days, and finally I just stopped responding to the requests.
  • I accidentally posted my response under the original message, so will post here too. My comment was in line with the other comments re: it would be helpful to actually post the forms on this site. I have used the forms section on this site, which is of much use, but have also searched this section for more unusual forms, such as cell phone camera bans, only to discover that the actual form, while discussed, is not posted to the forum. If there is a way to get forms posted on this portion of the forum, I think it would be fantastic. And then I would vote for: Keep this Forum.
  • [i]"Discuss forms, policies, and other documents, or ask if anyone will share theirs with you."[/i]

    I think that the original intent was that "911" would be an area for forum members to share forms and policies; but when the occassion to "share" arises the shar[u]er[/u] is inundated with requests. I never offer assistance in this area because sharing is overwhelming and an inconvenience.

    I recall that Christy and/or James offered on a few occassions to post the highly requested items in the subscribers area, but many requests for help are from new members who are unfamiliar with HRHero as a whole. If you look back at the postings in "911" you will see many one-time posters who never became active participants.

    If "911" can't be user friendly, then it should be eliminated, because it does not make a good first impression. Moving it to the Employment Law area will only bog-down that area with requests.
  • The section as it currently is has very little value. Most requests for forms or templates for policies are posted on one of the other sections anyway. If there would be some "enhancement" of a section to include some way to attach a form or policy statement I would be all for it. HOWEVER,
    regardless of the decision to keep or eliminate or enhance, please leave the 911 off. As has been previously stated, those numbers carry a very significant meaning and should not be used trivially.
  • Popeye, Don, watrsflo, and others: You're right that "911" doesn't seem appropriate in the title of the Documents section. The section got its name before the terrorist attacks, and I guess no one objected until now.

    So I changed the name from "HR Documents 911" to "HR Documents." If we keep the section, we'll need a catchier name.

    James Sokolowski
  • I think posting policies is a good idea, although posting forms and long policies is quite cumbersome. I think it was suggested above to have James and his team of magicians post the policies/forms - perhaps create a link in a post to a new page? And maybe put the form or policy on in a pdf or something? I'm not sure what that does to the web site space, though; I guess it could get too big and also be cumbersome (but not for us, so we don't mind . . .)
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-30-04 AT 01:43PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I'm what one might consider a casual participant in the Forum compared to many of you who dialogue regularly. However, I frequently follow discussion threads to keep abreast of relevant issues related to my work. And occasionally I have contributed my thoughts, opinions or counsel on important matters (hopefully of value to others).

    All that notwithstanding, I must admit I have never discovered anything of real value in THIS section of the Forum. I agree with the following:
    * Delete this folder, or...
    * at least remove the 911 from the title, and
    * format this section as a bulletin board (or something)for members to post policies, forms, etc., so as to relieve the burden of exponentially expanding requests for personal copies.

  • I agree with everyone that posting a policy on the web is better than someone offering to e-mail it. I would really, really hope that we could find a way to let you post a file by yourself without sitting around waiting for the Forum staff to do it. :oo

    But we still have the problem that many posters ask questions in the Documents section but don't seem to get an answer (although s moll pointed out that some people respond to the poster by e-mail and it never shows up on the Forum). If we abolish the Documents section, they'll post their questions under HR & Employment Law. Would they get more responses there, or just get lost? Would it clutter HR & Employment Law? x:-/

    I'd love to hear from more people who have requested help in the Documents section.

    James Sokolowski
  • What's needed is a way to "attach" a file to the reply and those that want to view the attachment can do so, much like an email.

  • Ah, if only the forum software could do that ...

    ... and reach through the computer screen and slap members' hands when we are typing especially naughty x}> things on the forum ...

    ... and tenderly hand us slabs of moist chocolate cake when we are having a rough day.

  • >... and tenderly hand us slabs of moist chocolate cake when we are having a rough day.

    Sees Chocolate would be preferable!

  • Since I'm the kinder, gentler, noncontroversial version of Parabeagle, I'm guessing I'd get lots of cake, right Christy? x;-)
  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
  • You guys have thoroughly confused me!!! Why ask a question about a forum that gets very little response and then bury it in yet another link? Why do I have to go through two steps to post my onpinion only to think that it was Don's question? It shows up as Don asking whether we should abolish this forum. Is that correct? Why would Don be soliciting answers for M Lee Smith?

    After saying all of that. I think there is very little response for a much simpler reason. It is near the bottom of the listings. It is a well known fact that what ever is at the top of the list is going to get the most hits!!! (HR employment law) People who do want to hear a joke or something light hearted will skip to Har-de-har-har and leave everything else out in between. Another point. I rarely have time to visit all of the sights so I must pick and choose. HR & Employment Law is at the top!!!

    I'd be interested to know if FMLA/ADA/Workers' Comp gets the second most hits, and then Benefits and so on?
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-08-05 AT 06:45PM (CST)[/font][br][br]My vote - do away with the 911 reference. As for including that area under HR Law, sorry, I think that is a bad idea.

    (edit) please disregard this whole post, I came in late and did not see that 911 was taken away. I still do not think it should go in HR Law though.

  • There's an HR Documents folder???!!x:-/
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