Am I crazy, or what?

Recently, I noticed a post of mine, which identified the poster (me) as "watrsflo, AZ." That's half right; my forum name is "watrsflo;" however, I had to double check my profile, because the last time I checked I was still in Oregon. Could this be the work of the benevolent aliens discussed in other threads..., or mischief by the powers that be...?


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  • This was discussed several months ago. Sometimes when you post a reply, the program picks up the state of the last poster or the initiator of the thread (I don't remember which one), but when your own post is displayed later, the state is corrected. If you have a deep curiousity about it, do a search and get a better explanation than I can remember.
  • Thanks for your clarification. I see it now correctly shows "OR." As to my "deep curiousity," I believe I'll reserve it for more substantial matters. Your explanation is sufficiently satisfying. Thanks, again.
  • Have Ray A fax some of those chocolate covered pills to you and it'll be OK.
  • Can he email them to me? I expect they'd pretty much have the same potency either way.

    Actually, that bottle of Italian wine sounds better; but I'd prefer it wasn't faxed -- hard on the cork!
  • Hey, those chocolate covered pills put you in an "altered" state.
  • "Am I crazy, or what?" The answer is "or what."

    This is a quirk in our old and eccentric Forum software. (Or is the PC phrase "differently sane"?)

    It only happens on threads that have at least 10 replies, which puts "[View All]" next to their name. If you click on "View All," you'll see the entire thread on one web page, and everyone will be in the right state.

    But if you click on the name of the thread to read the messages one at a time, then everyone will be put in the state of the person above them. While it's confusing and annoying, I think most people either don't notice or get used to it.

    We haven't fixed it because, like most Forum glitches, it would be a major project and probably would have unintended side effects. At some point we'll have to replace the Forum software, but that would be a major disruption for everyone, so we're in no hurry to do that.

    Meanwhile, you can click on "View All" to put everyone in the right state. I do it just because I prefer to see the entire thread at the same time, but long threads can be slow to come up on my screen.

    James Sokolowski
  • Don't fix it! I find this to be one of the Forum's most endearing quirks. I've enjoyed my many brief, virtual relocations to Oregon, Florida, and Mississippi, among others. Given the way my summer's going, it'll be as close as I get to actual travel.
  • It's unanimous, then -- we won't fix it! xclap

    James Sokolowski
  • I've wanted to go to Alaska for a long time. If I could only post right after someone from AK...
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