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  • Paul ma-man! They must have released you early! I thought most of those required 6 months lockup and 30 days community service! Or are you on the computer in the laundry-room?
  • Well, cryin'outloud it's about time you showed up! Between your original picture posting and Don's yesterday you're 50% responsible for this thread!
  • "Ray's basic misunderstanding seems to be that he thinks the way to a woman's heart is by carrying a can of scotchguard. He must have missed the lesson about carrying a can of scotch, instead. Most women swoon over Vienna Sausages and Scotch, both straight."

    Sorry, Don. I'll take better notes next time you give me some tips. At least I got the trench coat part right.
  • You have it all wrong. Most women swoon over Harrison Ford.
  • Where are Ritaanz and Woco Frank anyway? Maybe everyone should just post a pic.

  • I have always had these odd mental associations with people's screen names. Ritaanz I associate with a tamborine, don't know why. And WOCO....I can't help but associate that with LOCO. These things occur naturally ya' know. I just hope Ritaanz does not turn out to look like WOCO in drag.
  • "If I send in a picture that looks like Harrison Ford, how will you know for sure that it is me? Was that really Don on the other thread or his better looking younger brother? "

    Ok, Ray, maybe I won't know for sure it it's you or not, but hey, I'll still enjoy looking either way!! ;;)

    My impressions so far:
    Margaret -Distinguished mature lady in a suit with a short, stylish haircut.
    Parabeagle - From his postings, a thin, tall guy with brown hair and lots of
    laugh lines
    Leslie - This is probably waaay off, but ever since you said you work in a
    casino, I keep seeing you as a younger Wayne Newton kinda guy! ;;)
    April Showers -Said she is younger like me, so I imagine a cutie, spunky girl
    with sparkling eyes
    Ray - Harrison Ford lookalike??!!
    Paul - Younger guy, dark hair and eyes, tan from being in Florida

    And that's about all I can think of for now..I would be willing to post a pic. if someone can tell me how to do it on this forum..

  • "Ray: Hmmm... Intelligent, probably looks like Hawkeye Pierce"

    OK, Beagle where do I send the $5 I owe you?

    Wow, I make a 30 minute drive home, say to the wife, ask the 22 year old kid when he is going to move, pat the dog and growl at the cat and I miss all kinds of stuff.

    Margaret's right, we didn't answer her question.

    Parabeagle: well he already told us and I'm not about to call him a liar.
    Margaret: dark hair pulled back in a pony tail (I cheated)
    Ritaanz: Beagle has it right - Hot Lips Houlihan
    Sonny: nice dark Florida tan and blonde hair
    All the Arizona Chicks: light skinned and carrying a water bottle whereever
    they go - no one stays outside very long in AZ.

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-01-03 AT 06:34PM (CST)[/font][p][font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-01-03 AT 04:57 PM (CST)[/font]

    Trinity -

    OMG, "a younger Wayne Newton kinda guy"!?!?! x:o

    Way off is right! I'm female! One of Ray's AZ chicks, carrying a bottle of water with a pretty decent tan.
  • Leslie, be careful how you say you're one of my AZ chicks... people might get the wrong impression.
  • That's okay least then I won't be mistaken for a guy!
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-02-03 AT 06:34AM (CST)[/font][p]OK, you can be one of my chicks if that will help your identity crisis, especially since you have a decent tan. Does this mean I have to carry you across the street, now?
  • OH MY GOODNESS!! #-o I AM SOOO SORRY LESLIE!! Don't know where I got that impression...
    Well, in that case, you must be a beautiful Las Vegas Showgirl looker with the brains of Einstein.. (have I redeemed myself a little??)

    Please don't hate me!!
  • Hot Lips, if your lurking out there, you'd better come defend yourself! Of course, it's probably too late. I feel a Forum nickname in the making for you.


    The Forum Princess

    Margaret Morford
  • Well, if I can be Beag, Beagle, Para, or even Beaglepuss (courtesy of Ritaanz), she can sure as heck be Hot Lips!!!
  • I think that's it - not pictures, but nicknames - at least then we can laugh at the nicknames - it's not nice to laugh at the pictures! x;-)
  • The tan is correct... .Blonde. . never have been tho I like to pretend that the gray streaks are blonde.
  • Sonny, I decided about 5 years ago that I wasn't turning gray afterall - I was really turning blonde. Funny, when I shaved the goatee recently it was almost 100% "blonde".
  • Don D, see what you started, all this over a picture. By the way the picture was exactly as I had envisioned with the exception of the bottle tree! th-up

  • So why weren't you FULLY adorned, Mr. D?
  • I will reply BEFORE reading everyone elses, so my reply is not "tainted" by other opinions;

    Ritaanz: mid 40's, enjoys doing what she does, short reddish brown hair, very self confident (not cocky), draws people in with her smile.

    Parabeagle: I picture a youngish (early 30's?) guy with dark hair, no facial hair, always wears a golf shirt. I have no idea why I picture him this way - possibly because "beagle" makes me think of young energy - like Snoopy?

    Hatchetman: I picture my boss when I read the writings of Hatchetman. Tall, walks with a purpose, cuts through the c#%p x:D

    Woco Frank: I don't believe I've read much of his stuff yet. Guess I'll have to pay more attention.

    What about PORK? I picture a man in his 50's, robust (eats a lot of ribs?) and people are drawn to him when he enters a room, to hear anything he has to say.

    I never gave my impression of Don D (in response to the release of the centerfold pic) Sorry, Don, but I would have pictured a Dale Dauten look-alike. I don't know if he's just local (AZ) or if he's published elsewhere but he's not at all like your picture. Maybe he came to mind because you have the same initials...

  • How about some of our other members?

    Jmpmo (Cookbook wizard)?
    Scott Orr?
    Gillian 1 or 2 (You choose)?
    James Sokolowski?
    Brad Forrister (The M. Lee Smith Clever Guy)?
    Anne Williams (The M. Lee Smith Attorney Gal)?

    Margaret Morford
  • All this yammering about photos, but no one's actually posted one! I'm not shy, so I'll start.

    Here's Margaret:


    If anyone wants to take Margaret up on her idea of taking your picture in an HR Hero T-shirt, e-mail me at [email][/email] and I'll send you a shirt. You'll have to get your picture taken wearing the T-shirt (pants too, for anyone who's unclear about the dress code) and post the photo here on Employers Forum.

    James Sokolowski

  • No, no James. .we don't want the official photo. .we want "hair down" with tiara
  • James, you dog for posting my picture! Now I want everyone to guess at what James looks like.

    I already have a T-shirt, but will try to see about getting a friend to take a non-professional picture. It won't look anything like the professional one, which has been retouched to cover the ravages of 20 plus years in HR.

    Just to prepare Trinity for the shock, I do not have short hair. I have very long hair, which I never wear down in a business situation. I ran into one of the M. Lee Smith people in one of the local malls here and she was stunned to find me in overalls with my hair down. She told me no one at M. Lee Smith would believe I owned a pair of blue jeans, muchless overalls. They were pink -so much more fasionable than the denim ones.

    I actually do have a tiara, which I sleep in when I'm depressed (Just kidding!)

    Margaret Morford
  • How come James posted the Forum Princess' picture, but not his own x:-/
  • >How come James posted the Forum Princess' picture, but not his own

    That's because James & Margaret are actually the same person!

  • Margaret - for you, I'd pictured a First Lady Laura Bush lookalike. I wasn't that far off, except for the hair length!
  • >All this yammering about photos, but no one's actually posted one! I'm
    >not shy, so I'll start.
    >Here's Margaret:
    >If anyone wants to take Margaret up on her idea of taking your picture
    >in an HR Hero T-shirt, e-mail me at [email][/email] and I'll send
    >you a shirt. You'll have to get your picture taken wearing the T-shirt
    >(pants too, for anyone who's unclear about the dress code) and post
    >the photo here on Employers Forum.
    >James Sokolowski
    Well, ain't you cute Margaret!! I sure don't see any of the spacking remarks that you were attributing to your makeup. You go girl!!!!

  • HRQ and Rockie,

    You made my day! Thanks for your kind words. Your timing couldn't be better! I'll turn 48 in about a week so I appreciate what you said!

    Was it Winston Churchill who said, "Growing old is not for the faint of heart?"

    Margaret Morford
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