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  • I think the league needs to step in and ban players like this from the game. If I am a team owner and I release the player he will only move to another team and then nothing is settled. NBA seems to be the worst at this. But all sports are guilty of…
  • I believe the term is esthiologist. They do facials, spa treatments, etc. Requires special schooling and passage of state licensure
  • Time worked is time worked. I am not sure I would accept their independent decision to do work at home. If they work at home I think it counts. If you don't wont them to work from home I would state so in policy. Working from home is only permitted …
  • Just think how mad you would be if you didn't do the right thing and ended up paying the ee even more. Doing the right thing isn't always easy but at the end of the day you sleep better.
  • Thanks for the reply.
  • I appreciate your quick responses.
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  • Currently have a 403B in one of our hospitals and are considering changing to a 401K which is what we have in our other 4 companies. I understand that the reporting advantages are disapearing in 08 and audits will be required for 403B in 09. Are the…
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  • Thanks, for the information. We thought it would be easier to pay when deductable was reached instead of a little at a time.
  • Thanks, I'll check them out.
  • We renewed ours last summer. I was able to limit the information required for a quote by listing only the gender, age and income for each employee (Quote included life insurance). After we decided which company to go with they got the rest of the in…
  • You've spent six years observing this ee crotch growing more and more each year. Give me a break.
  • we will manage so this release will be helpful thanks for the responses
  • we raised ours to .55
  • I think I would try a little different approach. Call the company she allegedly worked at and find out if she was ever employed there. If she never worked there I would move on and forget about it. If she did work there I would call her in and ask …
  • At a prior employer this happened to me. ee disclosed during physical. Corporate attorney said if the ee was ok during physical and interview then we would maintain the hire. Guy worked well for over a year. Then fell apart off duty for not being co…
  • Look at the calender and call it what it is. Where does the PC stop?
  • Our authorization to do reference checks is on our application. So I don't check references without the application. Also our application has a spot to check if the applicant doesn't want us to contact their current employer.
  • We keep ours forever. Owner of the company also owns a Mini storage. I have all the space I need or want.
  • I am not sure on this one. What if you do nothing he wrecks and then the ex-spouse says, I told the company about his drug use and they didn't do anything. I think I would be inclined to talk with him about it. Tell him it is an unsubstaniated repor…
  • We are currently putting our management employees through a 12 course (each course is 4 hrs in length) program. The materials are being provided by Vital Learning at [url][/url]
  • We did the same thing the last place I worked. Holidays, PTO, STO were used in 12 hour increments for those staff because that was their normal schedule. However, if they were off for any reason or did not actually work the full 36 hours they didn'…
  • Additional thought. Since the driver was underage any alcohol consumption would be an act in violation of the law. He doesn't have to be intoxicated. In most insurance policies if you are violating the law at the time of the claim they won't pay. Yo…
  • Was he driving? I would think that the Ins Co will want a copy of the accident report. If the investigating officer noted he was drinking there may well be issues. If the accident report fails to note if he was drinking then there may not be any iss…
  • If you buy any chemicals from a source other than a supplier (Wal-Mart for instance) most products have a 1-800 number on the container. You can call that number and they will either fax or e-mail you the MSDS. You also need to remind your buyer tha…
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  • I sent a short memo out with report forms. Essentially telling the ee that I was required to send this information but they were not required to provide it. However, if they did not provide I would take my best guess as to their gender etc and compl…
  • Suppose you opt not to report this person, they leave the hospital and later that night this person kills someone in a botched robbery attempt or steals a car and kills someone in the ensuing police chase. I guess you can always rest easy in the com…
  • I would also consider what type of message are you sending to the rest of the workforce if you bring this guy back. Is this the first time he has thrown down the gauntlet?
  • If you make the changes I would also make it very clear that this is not on a trial period it is a perm. change. She can't decide she isn't happy with the change in 1-2 months and request to go back.
  • SMace and Missk--Thanks for the belly laugh this am. I haven't laughed out loud like that in a while. It actually brought in others from across the hall to see what I was laughing at.