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  • I've heard the reports on "bagged" salads, in particular spinach. Does this include the "boxed" salads also?
  • I am thankful and blessed. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. I work for a water & wastewater utility and am wondering how in the world do we REALLY prepare for the possibility of such a disaster?
  • I'd love to get your recipes also. My husband has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 and so far is controlling it by diet. My email is [email][/email]. Thanks! Sue
  • You're bringing back memories! I, too, wore pedal pushers, bell bottoms and hot pants! You are correct...back "then" there were no tummies (or bellies!) hanging out!
  • May God bless you also...this was great!
    in Comment by Sue2 January 2009
  • CONGRATULATIONS! My best to all of you!
    in announcement Comment by Sue2 June 2008
  • Ray, Congratulations! Best news I've seen on the forum lately! Grandchildren are such wonderful blessings. I have four also - 3 girls and 1 boy. Enjoy!
    in Woo Hoo Comment by Sue2 March 2007
  • I heard this morning that Foley's friends say he doesn't even drink! Now he's saying that he was molested by a priest/minister when he was young. Looks to me like he's trying to become the "victim".
    in Politics Comment by Sue2 October 2006
  • The lowest I've seen locally is $2.29 but we're in a tourist area (Myrtle Beach).
    in Gas Price Comment by Sue2 September 2006
  • CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND HUBBY! How exciting....I loved being pregnant! All the advice is great. Here's my addition to the list: 1. Pick your battles. If it's won't matter ten years from now don't worry about it. 2. Whatever it is "this to…
  • Does anyone understand "not guilty by reason of insanity"? She may be insane but she is GUILTY!
  • We do not have a cost for this year. 2003 cost was $15pp.
    in Flu Shots Comment by Sue2 October 2005
  • Thank you for the post! We all need to be reminded at times of how short life really is and what in life REALLY matters.
  • This discussion reminds me of a conversation I overheard in the doctor's office a couple of weeks ago. A female stated she worked part time at a local hospital. The male asked if she received medical insurance. Her reply was that she did not from…
  • Don, I'm so glad you and your family are hanging in there. I, too, experienced some of what you're dealing with when Hugo came this way. Let us know how we can help. We'll keep praying for you and the victims of this storm and its aftermath.
    in Katrina Comment by Sue2 August 2005
  • Beautiful! Thanks.
  • James, you are right. The brawl was an ugly ending to Lou's career. Didn't know you were a USC fan....that's my alma mata. Do you think the "chicken curse" will die with Spurrier or are the Gamecocks forever doomed?
  • I loved hop scotch and jumping rope. Anyone else play kick-the-can, walked on "barrels" or had a jumping board? We jumped on kudzu (wonderful trampoline!), made mud pies, played in the woods on a ditch bank and climbed trees.
  • National Guard is correct. Some are making choices as to how THEY want to dress.
  • We just got an e-mail from our son who is serving in the Marines in Iraq. He hates the desert and can't wait to leave it...HOWEVER, he states that he knows we (the U.S.) are doing the right thing over there. He says he is seeing roads paved and wat…
  • Speaking of which....October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ladies, remember your self checks, doctors visits, and mammograms. Men, remind the women in your life to do the same and be aware that although relatively rare, men can also get breast…
  • E Wart, I think you meant 4 MONTHS in Viet Nam, not 4 years! I have a son in Iraq, a husband and brother-in-law who served in Viet Nam. With the choice at hand we're all voting Bush! I've yet to understand why Kerry's campaign has focused so much…
  • Amen, sister!
    in Why Kerry? Comment by Sue2 October 2004
  • Anyone remember the MIA/POW bracelets? I still have mine.
  • Me TOO! Thanks Joannie [email][/email]
  • I feel the same as all of you do...HOWEVER...we have a Division Chief and Administrative Assistant to CEO who are taking courses at a "brick and mortar" school and are questioning whether the online course are "as good" as theirs. This came up at a…
  • Looks like we will be hiring a company to put together a Succession Plan. The White Papers has "Ten Key Steps to Effective Succession Planning".
  • We also cover safety on our JD for the same reason as Whirlwind.
  • We scan our personnel files and shred hard copies. It is great to be able to check a file on the computer vs. digging through a paper file.