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  • I have chosen MLS to be our sole newsletter and forum because I have confidence in the information we receive. In HR you get so many different offers. When you find one you can rely on in more than one way (like MLS), stick with it. When you subs…
  • I believe you are referring to the Daily Forum Digest view and then accessing the individual forums from there and then having to scroll?
  • I am from Texas but live in Louisiana!!!! I call it Boo-Dan but cajun's call it boo-da (silent N). And it is spelled "boudin". Heat to an internal temperature above 148°. Bake, steam, microwave, smoke, or sauté. Do not put it in water..........!!…
    in Boudain Comment by swbpr August 2006
  • I've never made chili from scratch before. I always stick with 2-Alarm Chili. It comes with all the seasoning ingredients in individual packets and you can make it as spicy as you like. Just brown the hamburger add tomato sauce and sesasonings an…
  • I guess you could pickup a ZATARAIN's Gumbo mix from your local super market (if they carry it in NH) and leave out the meat. That would save alot of time and money since there's not much without the meat anyway! I prefer deboned chicken & sau…
    in Gumbo Comment by swbpr September 2004
  • >I plan to celebrate with anyone who can develop a left handed can opener. They make a left handed can opener & MANY other unique items......check it out at: [url]http://www.anythingleft-handed.co.uk/acatalog/[/url]
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-02-05 AT 08:33AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Oh, yea sure - - Boast about it!! It's all fun and games until Hurricane Rita hits and knocks your electricity out for 3 weeks. And CABLE was the least of repair…
  • As I mentioned this morning, we are currently housing 2000+ evacuees at our civic center and there are more people staying at churches, hotels, camp grounds and of course the animal shelters are full as well. Our local tv station [url]www.kplctv.co…
    in Katrina Comment by swbpr September 2005
  • I live in Lake Charles, LA which is on I-10, about 30 miles East of the Texas Border and 30 Miles North of the Gulf. (150 miles west of N.O.) We have had the most calm and sunny weather all weekend and through today....Fortunately, we were complete…
    in Katrina Comment by swbpr September 2005
  • I went to the website that Gene recommended and I know that Ashton Kutcher and Toby Keith have already acquired one of those HUGE trucks....Learned it on ET, my favorite show!!
    in Farding Women Comment by swbpr July 2005
  • Bob Dylan? I did a web search and he was first on the list!!
    in Rock Trivia? Comment by swbpr July 2004
  • I feel your pain. My boyfriend has had a mockingbird outside his bedroom window, at night, singing away for the past FEW WEEKS...I think he may have finally found a mate or a new yard. Haven't heard him lately, but I also stopped staying over sinc…
  • It's still early on the west coast....Guess we'll have to wait a couple of hours to hear about it. x:-(
  • I heard on the TV Guide channel that Amazing Race starts in July. Can't wait to watch that one....I love it!!
  • Loopy Liver-Breath!! x:9
  • I work for a Malt Beverage Distributor and I'm posting this one in the break room!! Happy New Year.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-03-03 AT 08:30AM (CST)[/font][br][br][font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-03-03 AT 08:27 AM (CST)[/font] Oh, and that's interesting. I'm from FLORIDA today!!!! I see, your name shows wi…
  • Yep, she is still on my screen in Louisiana!!! HELP - - WHY DO WE HAVE TO SUFFER??? x:'(
  • Please forward to [email]human.resources@southwestbeverage.com[/email] - - I probably qualify for the longest e-mail address!
  • diddo???
  • The host of American Idol is RYAN. The club must have been loud and you misunderstood his name!!! Sounds like alotta fun. No similar experience here though.
  • We do Birthday PRANKS for milestone birthdays! x}> The owner of our company just celebrated his 80th B-day and we rounded up a picture of him that was taken 20 years ago and had it made into a poster size....put a funny saying on it and put it …
  • Since everyone seems to mention Peanut Butter...I love Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly sandwich with Nacho Cheese Dorito's on it....MMMMMMM yummy. Tuna fish with miracle whip and a grated apple on fresh white bread (with the crust!) Steak, mashed po…
  • I guess I would have to vote for "I wear my sunglasses at night" and "I want my MTV".
  • I'm in Louisiana. I live where Conoco, Texaco & Citgo Industries are located!!Most of our fuel supply is right here in town but our gas prices are climbing too. Monday it was 1.43/gal for Regular Unleaded and last night it was 1.59/gal and tha…
  • We don't have a policy but an Equipment Agreement. I am e-mailing it to you right now. Hope it helps.
  • I did an internet search of "Federal Record Retention Guidelines" and received this helpful link.... [url]www.consultcpa.com/record_retention_rules.htm[/url]
  • I know this is an "OLD POST", but I was wondering what type of filing system all of you use for your I-9's. We have approximately 175 employees and a 28% turnover rate. I like the 3-ring binder idea, but what about terminated employee's? Have an …
  • If it is a "standard" raise based on a good solid year's performance -- what about "time-on-job" increase...
  • Yes, you should run them through payroll. Access the search function at the top and look for this subject: "Federal and state tax rate for bonuses" in the Wage & Hour thread..........valuable information there!!! Good Luck!