My trip to NY!

I just returned from a short vacation to NY. It was a blast, but I have to say I am little broke now. We went to a dance club one night, it was $25 to get in and $12 for each drink. That is crazy to me but the place was packed. However while I was there I met a few celebrities, Jack Black and a guy named Brian who is the host of american idol. Have any of you had a similar experience?


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  • Don, you said that so eloquently.
  • I was a computer programmer earlier in my life. When we moved to Maryland, I took a job as a truck stop waitress while I sent my resume around. I waited on a guy named Billy "Crash" Craddock. All the other waitresses put me up to waiting on him and asking him his name. I was the only one who didn't know who he was. BTW, he's a country singer who recorded "Rub it in."


  • The host of American Idol is RYAN. The club must have been loud and you misunderstood his name!!! Sounds like alotta fun. No similar experience here though.
  • I am originally from NY and thankfully escaped when I was 19. I did meet Jimmy Smits at the snack bar on top of the world trade center when taking my beautiful fiance around NY some 16+ years ago. I said, that is the guy from LA Law, she said I was wrong....I could remember he played Victor Sifuentes, but not his real name, he was having a snack with his family. Once he was done I went up and asked him if he was in fact the actor who played Victor S. He said yes we chatted briefly, he was pretty friendly, my fiance, I think was drooling just a little.
    As we got on the elevator to go.........we heard an ear piercing scream as a woman recognized him.......I felt sorry for him as the doors closed.
    The only other brush with celebrity that I have had was serving drinks to the head of a crime family at his grandson's baptism...........good tipper, 4 drinks, $20.00. :-)
    My $0.02 worth.
    DJ The Balloonman
  • Billy Craddock! OMG...... I sing that song with my granddaughter after tub time when we apply baby lotion............ rub it in.............
  • About 20 yrs ago I had brunch at a small, trendy San Francisco restaurant with Bett Midler. Of course, she was two tables away and all I could see was the back of her head, but I ate brunch with her.
  • We're a regional airport in NE Tennessee and our "famous" passengers have included Chubby Checker, BIG Tom from the Survivor series (his farm is right up the road) famous late baseball great Willie Horton (his family is here and his nephew was our shoeshine man. Miss American came through, and the sponsoring civic organization wanted no hoopla - at least not until she got here and we found they had notified all the media - so much for our security plan.

    Miami Dolphins owner has his jet here quite often and has some great football players with him at various times. He apparently has a home in nearby North Carolina.

    BUT, when I was in NYC just recently, I personally touched 5 million travelers in the subway station - I was going the wrong way at 5:00 pm. Does that count?

  • I forgot the BIG one! Bristol is host of the famous half-mile track for NASCAR and we are at capacity twice a year when all the drivers show up. Just watching air traffic is exciting - let alone the racing!!!

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