Employee Responsibility for Lost/damaged property

Do any of you have a policy that speaks to an employee's responsibility for replacing property they have lost or damaged? We have had several staff lose or damage agency property such as cell phones, laptop computers, and PDS's and expect the agency to replace them.I was wondering what the "norm" is out there.


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  • We don't have a employer policy. We handle it on an individual basis. We counsel the employee when the damage is accidental. The next loss is on them. When the damage is deliberate, the employee is expected to pay.
  • We don't have a policy but an Equipment Agreement. I am e-mailing it to you right now. Hope it helps.
  • We are updating our "Return of Company Property" agreement. Would you share your Equipment Agreement you mentioned. Thanks in advance.
  • Our outside sales force is expected to pay for damage to, or loss of, computer laptops. Many of them have added it to their homeowners insurance plan because of the liability.

    In house damage (employee driving pallet jack into shelving unit, etc.) is usually covered by the company with the employee being disciplined for carelessness. (Counseling, notice in file, or termination, depending on situation.) However, I have seen cases where an employee repeatedly lost equipment, such as their 2-wheeler for making deliveries, and after the 2nd loss have been told that they must personally pay to replace any future losses.

    It seems to me that a policy should be soft enough to allow for 'normal' wear, tear, loss, etc., but hard enough to encourage some personal responsibility.
  • Be mindful of what your State says about this. Many states have statutes that permit employer action for "willful destruction", or "malicious intent" but simple carelessness and being 2 fries short of a happy meal will not enable you to recover the loss......... I know a number of states simply view this problem as a cost of doing business and an employer training issue!!! check out your state reg's.
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