• So good to hear from grouchy ole Don. Whew, was I worried.

    Like everyone else I just want to help. With each story heard and picture seen, the blessings of being alive, healthy, sound mind, and not in the path of that storm is felt.

    Americans have a way -- and we will recover - as we assist each other, sometimes one person at a time and sometimes in groups. Certainly there are things more important to be concerned about than someone(s) without nothing who has just lived through devastation of this magnatude taking a pair of shoes, or something to eat from a store.

    This morning I actually heard someone say that all looters should be shot on sight. Unbelievable. In reading Don's post I was struck with the thoughts that those chips, dips, and stuff won't last through the recovery anyway. So why guard them. Use them for a public that needs them now. Certainly order must be maintained, don't get me wrong, but a little common sense can be in view as well.

    There are those who had precious little before, and now have absolutely nothing. They were not even able to leave -- whether they wanted to or not.
  • Like everyone else, I'm was glad to hear that Don is safe. I have been very touched by what I have seen on television. I have been heartened by all the people (both civilian and military)who have shown up to help. While I can't understand looting for the sake of looting (i.e. televisions), I can understand the desperation of someone taking food for their children. Finally, I am appalled (this not a strong enough word) at the people who would shoot at or attack the rescuers. However, I will not allow these few animals to change my belief in the goodness of
    the vast majority of Americans.
  • I live in Lake Charles, LA which is on I-10, about 30 miles East of the Texas Border and 30 Miles North of the Gulf. (150 miles west of N.O.)

    We have had the most calm and sunny weather all weekend and through today....Fortunately, we were completely spared of Katrina except for maximum 15-20 MPH winds on Sunday Evening.

    Work, school and life in general has not been disrupted. Just phone and internet problems since Monday. We cannot make long distance calls from land lines (recording says all circuits are busy), cell phones aren't working properly and internet is working intermittently. Material things we can learn to live without compared to the tragic loss accross the Gulf coast.

    Our civic center has become home to 2000+ evacuees (refugees) with more and more arriving daily. The school district started enrolling displaced children for school today and local news stations are running ads for companies willing/wanting to hire displaced adults who have lost everything.

    The people in our community as well as surrounding states (and all of you) have been extremely generous in a time of need and desperation. Remember, it's not just today our families, friends and neighbors need your support - - but for many days, weeks and months still to come.

    God Bless the USA and New Orleans!

  • I was just reviewing another thread and realized Diane (dianec) had not posted since the storm, and she lives pretty damn close to New Oleans. Anyone heard from her privately?
  • Amen Cheryl. Can you believe some of the media who ask if this event is a "city killer?" Holy cow, that's so far from the American character it's beyond belief. We ALWAYS rebuild. Who wants to meet me at the Acme Oyster House on December 31, 2006 for some New Year's oysters to bring in 2007?
  • Well, if they have alternatives on their menu, I may join you. (I don't do seafood) But I agree with you that we can't look at this as the death of New Orleans but a temporary severe illness that has it in ICU.

    I wish someone would answer me with a local address there where we can send needed supplies. I understand there's a list of zip codes that UPS won't or can't deliver to right now. Gene, how did you send your care package?
  • As I mentioned this morning, we are currently housing 2000+ evacuees at our civic center and there are more people staying at churches, hotels, camp grounds and of course the animal shelters are full as well.

    Our local tv station [url]www.kplctv.com[/url] has a Hurricane Katrina Resource link on their home page. Click on that link and then choose "How to Help/How to Get Help"....They have phone numbers and addresses for our local area that is in need....It's a good start anyway.

    Thanks and God Bless
  • I'm glad to read all the responses here and of those who are surviving. My sincere sympathies to those who have lost loved ones or who are still waiting to find out. Here we argue about the causes and coverage and the apparent delays in getting supplies to the areas that need them most, but that stands in shock against the photos in the newspapers and on television. I cannot comprehend what they are going through. Our linemen crews are currently working in Mississipi and Alabama to restore power and fix gas lines and the company is raising and matching donations for the American Red Cross. I'm not going to try to send supplies myself, but I am donating money and will be working on a benefit in another week or so. My very best hopes and prayers for all those tyring to cope and stay alive.
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