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All Star Survivor is winding down with only 6 Survivors left and our original post is over 160 messages long! It'll surely DOUBLE by the time it's all over . . . and it's slowing down. Let's continue here . . .


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  • Thanks, mcmel. I was starting to think I might be wasting valuable work time reading the Survivor thread. x;-)

    I was rooting for ShiiAnn in the immunity challenge, even though I don't much care for her personality. It didn't bug me when she celebrated her win because they had been pretty nasty to her. However, she did annoy me with her comments during the reward dinner. "Give the chinese girl a bowl of rice" was a sad guilt ploy and her comments about Rupert's dinner were childish. She probably only made him happier with his decision.

    I'm not surprized Alicia went. ShiiAnn must have been in on that decision, since she voted the same. Maybe that's what she meant at tribal council when she said there are secrets in the tribe. Or maybe she was trying to plant a kernal of doubt in Rupert, Tom, and Jenna to stir things up for the next vote. How can they not see they must get rid of Rob?
  • i was also trying to understand her comment about secrets in the tribe. was she maybe trying to get them to think she wasnt the only one to vote for Rupert?
    thanks for starting the new thread mcmel, we needed it !!
  • I think Alicia was the sole vote for Rupert. I think that's why she was so stunned - the Rob alliance told her it was Rupert and then took her out instead. Maybe it was coincidence that ShiiAnn voted with the rest, but maybe someone told her Alicia was the real target. That would be ironic, after Alicia's comments that ShiiAnn shouldn't be cocky and still has to live with them.
  • I still can't believe they didn't sieze the opportunity to take out Boston Rob. They might not get another chance.
  • People are still trying to fly under Rob's radar. If they openly try to recruit others, they are uncertain if it will backfire on them just like it did Colby several episodes ago. So they did not trust one another enough to pull the trigger on Rob. It will take a four person alliance to bring Rob down. If he wins the next immunity, they should target Amber and break up the pact. Otherwise they just play to Rob's plan to slowly eliminate all but he and Amber.

    It's getting interesting again.
  • Good point marc, logical reason why nobody is boycotting Rob yet. In that case, I don't see it happening. I won't be surprised if he goes all the way.

    He's playing the game the best right now, that's for sure.
  • Checking out the previews at [url]www.cbs.com/survivor[/url] and it says that this week for Reward Challenge, family members of the survivors compete. Sounds like a great one!

    I know already I'll be needing my Kleenex.
  • I definitely needed my Kleenex when the relatives came to the show. I wanted Rupert to win so badly.

    Once again I can't believe that Rob is still in it and I've given up hope for the group. They're doomed with him there.

    Get ready for the three final episodes. Believe it or not, the finale is already NEXT weekend. x:(
  • I was reaching for the Kleenex too. Gee, watching Rupert I was totally teary-eyed. CANT believe everyone of those fools voted to keep Rob and Amber... If Rupert, Tom and Jenna dont split off NOW,they are doomed..
  • Rupert and Tom are my favorites . . . I would love to see each of them in the top two. There's still hope.
  • I liked Tom more before last night. I totally didnt get him inviting Rob and really believing that Rob would bring him farther than he'll bring Amber... plus.. he was so nasty about Rupert loving his wife.. and.. I really didnt like his comment about wanting to see either his wife or his neighbor's sister... yechhh.. sorry, I just didnt like him last night.
  • I agree LeslieC I sort of liked Tom before but after last night it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I think if Shi Ann didn't stew the Sh_ _ last night she may have still been there and Jenna out but she did go out with a BANG. I liked her she had alot of spunk.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-06-04 AT 01:58PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Does everybody remember Susan? It sounds like she's going to be on Extreme Makeover tonight . . . she's had lots of work done. IF you miss her on Extreme Makeover, you'll get to see the new Susan on the Survivor Finale on Sunday!
  • NO KIDDING? amazing, cant believe it, that WILL be something to see. She sure has cashed in on her 2 stints on survivor.
  • Anyone think Rupert will not win the second million and how the heck can I watch this and the ending of Frazier at the same time?xx(
  • This morning one of the talk radio shows said they heard that Rupert had 8 million votes out of a total of 36 million votes that had been counted. Lookin' good for Rupert.

    Going to major channel switching between 8:54 and 9 pm in my house tonight.

  • Get TiVo! Or tape it at the least!

    I also believe that Rupert will win. Another person I would like to see win it would be Rudy. x;)

    Our family voted twice for Rudy and twice for Rupert.
  • Way to go, Rupert!!!!!

    Now comes the tough part - Survivor Withdrawal until the next season starts!
  • hip hip hoooray for Rupert.
    yes, withdrawl will be tough, but I do believe a BIG BROTHER is coming this summer, not nearly as good, but its something ...
    see y'all in the fall for Survivor in the South Pacific !!!
  • I heard on the TV Guide channel that Amazing Race starts in July. Can't wait to watch that one....I love it!!
  • Another great show that I miss is The Mole. The regulars shows were great, but the recent "Celebrity Mole"s were pretty lame.
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