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  • Thanks. Well keep the request in mind and if it can ever be implemented it would save time.
  • Below is what I am referring to: Rather than the totally new postings appearing at the top of the list, there are the RE:'s (responses to old posts)mixed in thus making the members scroll the entire length of each forum to see the new posts. (TAK…
  • James - Thanks for your response. I guess I didn't make myself clear. When i asked if the new posts could be at the top I was requesting them to be at the top of the list when we open each forum rather than the specific forum. For instance, all o…
  • I don't feel we can maintain confidential issues if employees are permitted to view the postings. Perhaps another forum for employees could be opened? I know that I post things that if one of our employees read, they would be able to deduct who I …
  • I too was under the wrong impression and thought one needed to buy a product. Previous to this, I felt a certain level of comfort blurting out my concerns. Now I'm not so sure. I think I would feel most comfortable with Option #One.
  • This site has proven to be very valuable to me in my position in HR! It is how I begin my day also and I have learned much from participating in it. Many thanks to those hard-working folks behind the scene.
  • Try pineapple stuffing to go along with your ham. Unfortunately i don't know the receipe but maybe someone else has one. I had it at a dinner once and it was delicious.
  • i had looked on the website too and couldn't find the darn kickoff time!
    in time? Comment by njjel January 2008
  • Good! Someone told me it was airing at 9 PM!!!
    in time? Comment by njjel January 2008
  • I was definitely surprised! I sure thought she would win (even tho I wanted Jordin to win). I guess all the teeny boppers voted for Blake. Hopefully enough of us will vote for Jordin next week!
  • I believe Melinda will win however I feel Jordin is more "Idol" material overall. Both will get recording contracts for certain.
  • So who is going to the final two? I SO hope one of them isn't BLake! I'm sorry folks but I don't think his voice can hold a candle to Melinda or Jordin.
  • I'm pulling for Jordin. She is young and will go FAr with or without taking it all! Melinda just doesn't strike me as "Idol" material. Blake can't hold a candle to the others.
  • The public has a right to hear the truth, but I agree that it doesn't need to be broadcast over and over and over again! The media's over attention to these issues make it all the worse.
  • Personally, I can't stand Radio Talk Show hosts! Most of them make inconsiderate, belittling and hurtful comments about all types of minorities as well as fat people, skinny people, etc. It is demoralizing. They should all be reined in.
    in Don Imus Comment by njjel April 2007
  • Ray - they said that the contestants last week were not called to stand in any particular order so don't go by last week. I say that Chris will go but am undecided on the second person. I'd like to see Phil go I think.
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel May 2007
  • Have to respond because the guys are SO below the bar when comparing them to the 3 women! After all there were THOUSANDS of people who auditioned.........and they were the best they could find????? Good Lord!
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel May 2007
  • Phil did really well last night for the first time (in my opinion). Chris was just so so and Jordin I thought did well, but Simon thought she was horrible!!! Who knows what affect that comment will have on the votes. I sure hope she doesn't get d…
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel May 2007
  • In fact, i don't see how ANY of the guys even got to go to Hollywood! They simply are not THAT good! I can't believe that out of all of the thousands of people who auditioned that these guys were the best.
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel May 2007
  • Depends on how good/poorly they sing tonight. If Latesha (SP?) doesn't do better it could be her and one of the guys. In my humble opinion none of the guys are very good.
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel May 2007
  • Scott Joplin??? I thought this thread was about Sanjaya! :-)
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel April 2007
  • I don't believe that Blake is that good a singer/performer AND besides that he looks wierd! (Who said that?) :-)
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel April 2007
  • I think it will come down to Jordin and Melinda in the end. Both of them will get records offers as will the other one - Lakisha.
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel April 2007
  • HOORAY!!! My faith in the American public has been restored! :-)
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel April 2007
  • I'm thinking that at the age of 17, he wouldn't be the mastermind behind a plot such as that but someone else could be. This a.m. on TV they were showing how some computer programs can dial a number hundreds of time and that people in India could b…
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel April 2007
  • What I'd like to know is how in the world Sanjaya ever got to Hollywood in the first place??? The 3 judges put him there themselves, that's how! If they think he's so horrible, why was he put through???? I believe it's all a gimmick! And it's ve…
    in Sanjaya Comment by njjel April 2007
  • What a disaster last night was! How could they let Sayjay or whatever his name is continue to the final 12?????? Someone must be out of their mind! Same way with the girls. Letting Haley continue over the good gal was just as nuts!
  • Well in my opinion the guy with the goutee (Sundance?) needs to shave it off! However, one of the ladies will win!
  • I wish you all the best and am jealous that I can't join the retirement ranks yet myself. Enjoy it to the max!
    in Goodbye Comment by njjel February 2007
  • There's so much you can do it will make your head spin. Go online and check out San Francisco and you will find much to do. Fisherman's Wharf is but one! Enjoy. I LOVe CA