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  • Okay, what about tonight? I was surprised that Osten held out as long as he did on the immunity challenge. He really made a good effort this time. It was unfortunate that Morgan lost. I think they really could have won. However, I think he sunk his own boat on the reward challenge. I guess Lil was the best choice. I don't think that Darrah has really 'shined' at all, but personality wise the group does not work well with Lil so it was probably for the best.

  • I was wondering what Osten was doing away from the crowd in that boat. He is such a big cry baby. ... Can you believe how strong Rupert is? wow! I agree about Lil, she was always moping around, being negative, I don't think she smiled at all and that group needs all the smiles they can get! I also think losing that fish hook did her in, don't Boy Scouts know how to tie the best knots?
  • Yes, cutting Lil loose was a good idea, she wasnt a positive influence. What do you all think of the possibility of Drake "throwing" the immunity challenge next week just so that they can vote Jon off? Doesnt sound like a good move to me, it could end up dividing the tribe.. Plus it will give Morgan a boost to experience a win. Any ideas on when they might re-mix the tribes?
  • I think throwing the immunity is a bad idea. No respect for the streak. I know in baseball, players do the strangest things to honor the streak. Once it is gone (if it ever is), they will spend a lot of time looking at each other wandering what happened.

    Putting Osten in the front of the boat was not a great idea. He should have been in a more stable position - and then leaving the melee sure seemed like abandoning the other boat.

    Is there some rule against hiding your possessions from the other team? Another post suggested that earlier - I think it is a great idea.

    I still think Morgan's leadership is at issue - no responses or proaction shown as to addressing their issues. Noone else is stepping up to the plate in that tribe - it looks like they are doomed.
  • I just caught the last 20 minutes last night - I too question the leadership of Morgan. It seems like a popularity contest when it comes to their choices rather than thinking smart & strategic into the future merge. I would have kept Lil around because she's the least likely to 'betray' an alliance & then have offered her up as one of the people to go after the merge. I think throwing a game, if it's done for strategic purposes, is a good thing to do if it takes out a guy that seems to be annoying everyone. Can't wait to see what happens.
  • Very good point about keeping her because she wouldnt betray an alliance, I hadnt thought of that. You are right there doesnt seem to be any strategy in the tribe, they are constantly flying by the seat of their pants, which is how they went on their buying spree in the village and why it was less successful.
  • As much as I liked Lil because I thought she had some good ethics and knowledge to offer, she was such a negative Nellie and that really doesn't contribute to the group then. I felt like her personality drags the tribe down (not that they need a whole lot of help). Like Eeyore with a perpetual rain cloud overhead, she starts everything out one step behind and I think it takes more effort to overcome it than Darrah's "not bad but not good" efforts.
  • I agree with letting Lil go but I haven't seen Dara "shine" either. The whole Morgan tribe just can't seem to get it together. If things continue the way they have been the past 3 weeks, there won't be much of a "merge".

    As far as Drake "throwing" a challenge, from what I saw there is no way Reupert will agree to that so I don't see it happening.
  • This show is great this year! Think it's good that Morgan finally won, regardles of if it was 'thrown' or not. I'm glad they got to take Rupert, things should be good tonight.
  • Ok, I'll bite.

    I really think Drake blew it throwing the challenge. Morgan was on the ropes and about to throw in the towel. It would have been all over for Morgan but the shouting if Drake would have won and taken Andrew. Just put up with some of the issues in their tribe for a few more days until the tribes merge and then they could still take care of the business they wanted to take care of. Now that they threw the challenge, the consequences could be significant if Rupert can turn Morgan around a bit. And the producers may still have a few tricks up their sleeves to balance the contest. Should be a fun watch.
  • yes, should be good tonight. I suspect the producers DO have a few tricks:
    Let Rupert decide for himself whether to go back or stay? Let the Morgans trade away some one to keep Rupert? will be interesting....
    talk to you all tomorrow..

  • I don't think that Drake has really lost momentum or given MOrgan too much by throwing that challenge last week. It is true that they have not won the last few, but last night, Sandra really did try (I don't think I could have done it).

    I didn't really like how all Drake worried about during the 3 days that Rupert was gone was that he would tell too much. Did they think that he would just sit and tell them everything that Drake has been doing? It was a good move on Rupert's part to go back to Drake without the shower. It showed Drake where his loyalties lay. I think that they would have been even more worried/suspicious if he decided to take the reward and then join them.

    Andrew showed some class by taking just what they needed when he came to loot. He had the right to take the container of rice but only took a small bag. I think he is right that when it comes time to take another player, Drake would be likely to take him.

  • yes, great moves on both Rupert's part and Andrew's. Dont quite get why they voted off Michelle. There isnt a human being on the planet more annoying or a tribe member more usless than Jon (he couldnt steer the boat, didnt his team notice this?) yet they keep him around.
  • Maybe they like his witty sense of humor?

    You just know that it wouldn't be survivor without a little "mix it up" stuff going on. It gets too one sided, almost like this is all scripted. Makes you wonder. I wished they would vote off Tijuana, now she is annoying!

    Go Morgan for the comeback trail!
  • I think they have a list of 'twist' ideas and they pick the one to use based on the situation that has evolved with the tribes. So often the twist used has been brilliant in either evening up the tribes or shaking up people. The 3 member swap in Africa was great, as was the 'fake merge'. Rupert was all class. It will be fun to see how he plays it out.
  • John is by far the most annoying person to ever be on Survivor. Does he seriously think that he is fun and cool? I can't believe he took it upon himself to tell Jeff they threw the challange, that should have been a group decision. But he's so cocky...
  • I think Michelle really screwed up when she didn't play up that she hated to drink that gross stuff. I agree with you that Jon is so annoying. I can't stand him and yet he stays.

    Rupert should win the entire thing - he's awesome!

    This is my first Survivor series and I love it. Now I wish I would have watched the others.
  • It's addicting isn't it? but fun entertainment.
    yes, her team mates seemed to place a big emphasis on Michelle faking the other team out, and she didnt go along with it.. always a big mistake.
  • Hey Ruby, miy first Survivor too and I can't believe how much I "need" to be home on thursdays to watch it. It is a lot of fun.

    Jon is obnoxious sober and 10 times worse drunk. He doesn't seem to be anything great in the challenges (the boat thing was ridiculous, what was he doing). But, I can see that another female needed to go from Drake. So many of these challenges involve strength. It was a hard decision I think. It seems that everyone on Drake was pulling their weight and making their best efforts on the challenges. I think I would have still gotten rid of annoying Jon. He is going to cause problems with the whole tribe.
  • Ruperts three days with Morgan highlighted the leadership vacuum on that tribe. They are also lazy, not wanting to move the shelter when the tides first started lapping at their doorstep is an example. Look at that beach and the jungle right behind it. I wonder why the prolific growth doesn't grow further down to the shore? Could it be that the sea frequently covers that part of the island making growth problematic?

    Rupert displayed his value very well. I am already looking forward to the next episode.
  • I LOVE Rupert, he is sincere, unselfish, smart, and valuable to his team. Sadly, that also makes him a threat and will also soon make him a target. I would love to see him make it all the way... but looking back on other Survivors, that doesnt seem likely.
  • I cannot believe that Drake almost voted off their best member Rupert! I guess next time they lose it will be whiney John's turn to go home.

    Go Morgan! Keep up the good work!

  • Last week Leslie mentioned that that could be the plan. I understand the reasoning behind it, first it is a survival of the tribe but as the show goes on, it become more survival of the individual. Rupert is a big threat right now. He was seen both tribes and is probably the most well-rounded survivor. But, I still think that it was too early for the tribe to be thinking about individuals. I don't blame Trish, she was trying a strategy and it just didn't work.

    Now that Jon, I think he doomed Drake by the comment he made to Morgan about throwing the challenge. I think that is was kept Andrew standing on that endurance challenge. Andrew just kept thinking about what a jerk Jon was to mention it and it gave him the edge to keep going. Now Osten, what a wimp for such a big guy. I knew he would be the first to drop.

    Go Survivors!

  • yes, definetly too soon to be thinking individually rather than as a team. They NEED Rupert! Watching some of these folks makes you wonder, did they EVER watch Survivor before? Every team that gets rid of their strong players early is doomed. And Trish looked so surprised that her plan backfired.
    Andrew was great, love that guy.. great mental and physical endurance. You're 100% right, he wasnt about to let Jon's team win after Jon's shinanigans.

  • You are both so right about Andrew! What a cutie btw. Jon was stupid to say they "threw" the challenge, it gave Andrew all the determination he needed to stand up to all that weight. Osten is a wimp, should have booted him ages ago, oh well. Next week should prove to be interesting with this teams at even keel now. (did I just make a pun? hey, I can be funny!)

  • I am so glad to see this season turning out so well after "surviving" the last couple of seasons.

    There have been some great twists and turns. Jeff Probst is getting more involved every season. His questions are alot more pointed now than they used to be. In some ways, he is a part of the game now. When he asked Trish what she thought about Rupert being voted out, I thought Trish was going to die!

    I like how strong the personalities are this year too. Like em or hate em, they are interesting.

    There are several good subplots going on:
    1. Rupert - he is survivor's all time most popular castaway. Can he keep it together to the end. Will he go power mad and do a Col. Kurtz?
    2. Andrew - his leadership is finally coming together.
    3. Ryan - very low radar but a strong contender.
    4. Sean - total weasel but could he make a comeback?
    5. Jon - will the "PuppetMaster" have the last laugh?
    6. Osten - physically strong, emotionally weak. He's a time bomb...
    7. Christa - suprisingly tough in the immunity challenge. Watch out for her.

    Paul in Cannon Beach
  • I didn't like Christa in the beginning, but I think she has really been hanging tough and who knows how far she will go. She seems to be very straight forward and puts forth a great effort. What a performance in the endurance test! I look forward to seeing her continue.
  • I agree, she has turned out to be one tough cookie. The poor thing must be miserable with those bites all over her face, yet she just smiled when Jeff pointed it out... and in the challenge: unbelievable. Osten should be totally shamed. I would love to see her, Andrew and Rupert make it the finals.

  • I didn't really care for Rupert at the beginning, because I worried that he was all talk and no action - it appears now that he backs up what he says and has quickly become my all time favorite survivor. I liked Andrew even from the beginning - he has definite 'eye-candy' appeal, however I've been disappointed in his leadership skills - even now. I am hoping that Jon will go next & can't wait for the show in which he does - he kind of freaks me out as I keep thinking he's hyped up on drugs every time he gets in front of the cameras.
  • Christa is quite tough, but hate her whiney nasally voice! Jon and his "stupid dance" when going to vote is just so annoying, I'm actually glad that their team is on a downturn. But you just had to know it was coming, I've yet to see a survivor be so one sided.

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