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  • Has anyone checked out the Survivor website? You know you are really hooked when you have to join their 'live chat' on Friday to talk to the person who was just voted off. Go to [url][/url] and hit the Survivor link. You can review the 'last words' of the people voted off, there are polls to vote on, and of course don't forget the the Survivor Store where you can get your own bandana of buff (or even a complete collection of all of the previous Survivors buffs).

    I just discovered the website a few weeks ago and have been checking in each Friday. I've been enjoying my time off from work (well as much as you can enjoy being laid off) but my husband told me that this is going to far, that I really need to get a job and SOON.

  • hey, Moneyman, enjoy the time off. (I was laid off twice (yikes) this year, and as tough as it was, having time to do stuff was wonderful, even if the stuff was looking on survivor websites ! :).. anyway.. Has anyone seen the coming attractions for next week? They are bringing back all the people who have been voted off so far! what a twist !!! gosh I hope they dont have sour grapes and end up getting rid of the guys who have really worked to last this long...
  • Leslie, I missed those coming attractions, are they really bringing back all the "cast-offs"? x:o Oh my, this should be interesting indeed! Come on Thursday night...
  • Yes, that is what they said in a commercial I saw over the weekend. Ofcourse, they were very vague.. they just said that those who were voted off "would be back" and then panned in on the survivors and voiced "will you be voted off?".. who knows what they are up to...
  • For those of you that don't see the commercials, you can also access those from the internet! [url][/url]

  • Update: according to my local paper, tonight those voted off are returning as a third tribe. It doesnt say how long they may or may not stay. It does inidicate tonight is a "2-parter" and there not be a trible council.
  • Thanks for the warning on the 2 part-er. Nothing I hate more than to find that out at the end of the show. Should be interesting.
  • ok all, what'd you all think of last night? I dont get why they voted off Sean over Jon. Is there something they're not showing us? Good riddance to Osten, he was a waste.... first survivor to ever "lay down the torch"...
    Any guesses on who'll be voted back on? I wish Andrew wasnt so negative about getting an old tribe member back.. if they get someone determined that could help the team. Next week will be VERY interesting...
  • I am with you, I do not understand why they keep Jon, he is one of the most annoying people I have ever seen on TV in my life! I can't even stand it when they show him because he is always smirking and does that "V" thing with his fingers - aagghh!!

    It should be interesting next week, I can't wait!
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-31-03 AT 11:32AM (CST)[/font][p]No clue why they kept whinny Jon, but finally, the whinny Osten went home. Boy was Jeff pissed, did you see him throw down the torch instead of putting it back with the others? Then the line, "and you can be sure they want to be in this game". I don't think I've ever seen him so riled up before.

    I think it might be Burton and the troop lady that will come back (Lil, that's it. TY Moneyman). I guess it depends on how it's decided, by vote or what? It sure stirs up this game, especially knowing they are immune from the next tribal council. But still, they will get voted out again unless they can form new alliances. I think it was an unfair advantage, even tho Jeff said they were living on rations. To not be on the island, struggling day after day, to have that feeling of I want revenge coursing thru ya, sure gives one incentive.

    Well, next week sure will be interesting, wonder if they people who come back go back to their original tribe? It's about time survivor kicked things up a notch.

  • I think Jon may be whinny and obnoxious, but he really does seem to try and puts forth an effort. It seemed like Shawn always argued about whatever they decided to do. He grudgingly seemed to do activities at camp, at least from what they showed us.

    For Drake, I am betting that Burton will get the chance, since they threw the challenge just to get him off, it seems like he would be the one most likely to get back on.

    For Morgan, any one of the people is really going to bad for Morgan. Nicole was a trouble maker from the start, not a team player. Ryan just didn't perform. And Lil, I don't know why they didn't like her so much, she really seemed to put forth a good effort and didn't cause waves, but they just didn't like her.

    Well, we have to wait another whole week! (I can't believe that I am soo hooked on this).

  • I haven't had time to keep up on the Forum lately, so I missed the heads-up about the two-part episode - I was really bummed out last night that I have to wait a week for the other shoe to drop!

    I, too, was really surprised that Shawn was voted out instead of Jon - Jon is way too cocky and self-centered to be a true team player. I'm very glad Osten is out - I wasn't aware of the rule that a player could disqualify him/herself by throwing down their torch. And, you're right - Jeff really did appear aggitated by that move.

    I'll have to try the Survivor web site from home - our internet access is restricted and I can't get to anything classified as "entertainment" from my office.
  • Interesting twist! I don't really like any of the "outcasts" so I won't be cheering for them but it does tweak the dynamics of the game a bit.

    I think the reasoning behind keeping Jon and dumping Sean was the possibility of a Sean/Burton regrouping. Also, Jon is very annoying and he would be an excellent person to take with you to the final two if you were trying to win.

    It was funny to see Nicole again - still wearing that blue tube top dress. I think she has to have the world's record for consecutive days wearing a blue tube top dress.

    Jeff Probst was as ticked as I have ever seen him. Did you notice that Osten's final words were not shown. They aren't even shown on the website. The only thing you saw at the end was his torch laying down on the ground.

    Rupert went a bit overboard at the beginning of the episode. It was funny to see Jon cowering as Rupert blew a fuse but at the same time, what does Rupert expect? Is he IMMUNE from being voted out? Its a game. Get over it.

    Here is a scary thought. What if EVERY PERSON YOU EVER FIRED came back to haunt you? Boooo!!!

  • >Here is a scary thought. What if EVERY PERSON YOU EVER FIRED came
    >back to haunt you? Boooo!!!

    Great Paul, you just gave me nightmares now. Just the thought of some of those we've fired (and what they were fired for) coming back. Chills!

    Yes, Rupert went a bit over the top, but for some reason, I'd like to see him win it all. Some teen mentor tho, talkin about killin some guy over writing his name down on a card. Talk about a scary thought.


  • Well, the merge was a bit unexpected, but Burton and Lil returning wasn't. Sad to see Andrew go, but I guess I understand the logic. That Jon last night was so annoying, I sure hope they get rid of him next week! Survivor has definitly gotten better this year as far as shaking things up.

  • Someone enlighten me. . why would they get rid of Andrew over Jon?
  • It's the whole "tribal boundries" at play. As far as Drake members they are now ahead. And as the strongest member of the Morgan tribe, Andrew had to go. So sad, I'll miss him. x:'(

    (okay, maybe I'll just miss oogling at him =P~ )

  • But what they didn't realize is that they now have John on the jury instead of Andrew. I would not want John deciding my fate but I think Andrew would be more honest. And lets face it, Andrew is way easier on the eyes than John...8-}
  • Andrew was certainly much better to look at, however, he did carry a lot of weight with the former Morgan tribe. Those 4 remaining before the merge had a very close knit group and getting rid of the leader was probably a good idea. They all now know that Lill had to have "gone over" to the other side and voted Andrew out. I think she was right to do that, they certainly would have tried to get her off if she didn't have automatic immunity.

    It is interesting now that all challenges are individual from now on. A good move for Burton to give up the immunity to Rupert. It will be hard for Rupert to do anything to harm Burton now. It was a good act of faith and act of cementing an alliance with one of the most strongest players.

  • I agree, I would have been real mad at Burton if he didn't hand that sword over to Rupert. It broke my heart when Rupert thought he won and raised his arms in victory, only to realize that Burton made it first. But maybe that will bring him down a notch too and he won't think he's so invincible. I like him but he is kind of cocky and sure of his place in the tribe.
  • I am in mourning. No more Andrew. I just hope both tribes turn on Lil quickly and she is OFF for good. I think Drake voted Andrew off because they perceived him as the strongest player on Morgan.. plus Lil was bad mouthing him to the Drakes. I liked the interaction between Burton and Rupert, they could help each other out from now on in.
  • Although, the scenes from next week show weasly Jon talking to Burton about getting rid of Rupert since he is the strongest. Um, who else was in the final four in the challenge besides Burton and Rupert? You guessed it, Jon, and oh, that Rhino (Ryan O) guy. I personally think Andrew threw the challenge because he didn't want to be perceived as a strong player in individual immunity.

    Okay, okay, maybe I still will just miss looking at him ;;) !

  • nah, I dont think Andrew threw the challenge, doesnt go with his personality. Plus I think he knew there was a good chance his head was on the chopping block.
    But I am with you... I will miss that cutie in his suit jacket and boxers.
  • Do you guys think Burton will keep his promise of letting Lil know about anything that is talked about by the other players and keep an alliance between the two of them since they are from the outcast, or was that just his way of getting voted back into the game?
  • gee, I hope he doesnt stick with Lil, He has potential to go far, she's got too many people annoyed at her - I think it would be the kiss of death for him to stick with her. I'd love to see Burton make it, I want Lil OUT.

  • Hey, but if he does stick with her, keep her confidence and allegiance, then, when it gets down to it, he will have a better chance of beating her than over most of the others. She not a strong player and her attitude stinks. She acts like the dog that every kicks as they walk by and no matter how much she says her heart and effort is into the game, it makes her a weak link.
  • I watch the show also....I'm a reality TV junkie!!! Say I saw the show last night but did not see them take clothes off. When did that happen?
  • Cheryl, the only time I saw anyone take their clothes off was the first episode when I think Osten lost his shorts so Andrew and Rhino (I think) took theirs off in sympathy. It was at the challenge. The only time after that, was when Morgan won the shower, but they didn't show anything as usual.

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-07-03 AT 11:23AM (CST)[/font][p]OOPS!!! This was my first time, I didn't notice the date on the top #-o Thanks for the reply!
  • Good episode! I have to admit that the whole "Outcast" thing really made for an interesting twist. Burton was welcomed back to the tribe and hatchet was buried. Lil slunk back like a wet cat, still bitter that Andrew never got back to her. Do you think Andrew will think of Lil everytime he says "I'll get back to you!"

    I liked Andrew. He gave 100 percent and he played the game in a fun, spirited manner. He was a big target though after displaying alot of strength and intensity.

    Interestingly, both Rupert and Andrew suffered slight popularity losses after last nights episode. (Go to [url][/url] and click on survivor).

    Now that the tribes have merged, its anybody's game really. I can't see John or Lill winning but almost anybody else might at this point. Ryan has played a good game. He seems very personable and makes no enemies.

    Rupert's admission that inside he feels like the chubby kid everyone teased was pretty moving actually. Made me like him more. I liked that he took Burton aside and squared things with him.

    Jon seems driven to be the most annoying Survivor of all time! I dont think the tribal alliances will hold for long.

    Paul in CB
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