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  • I am disappointed, but that is the way to play the game. And, it is a game and strategy is needed. I would have liked to see Rupert go further because I would like to see Christa and Sandra go further, but they have to know that they are going to be next.

    And who are we left with? Jon, wow, what an obnoxious person. Grinning when Rupert left, saying that promises mean nothing to him. He probably will be one of the last ones standing! Darrah has no life in her, Lill is pathetic, Tijuana I just didn't like from the start. If they succeed in getting rid of Sandra and Christa, I don't know who I would want to win.
  • The scarey thought is that Jon could carry Lil all the way to the final 2 with him. Then WHO would the jury vote for? As much as they hate Jon, they'll choose him because he was upfront about what he was doing. Lil will get no votes, for being a spineless wimpy girl. ugg, I cant stand it!
  • [font color="purple"][b]Well, the old Drake has just put the final nail in their coffin. Once Burton and John pick off Christa and Sandra, T and Darrah can convince Lil to start voting Burton and Jon. Actually I hope that the girls band together and vote off Burton, then Jon. Burton was the bigger threat than Rupert, why can't they see that? He has won more immunities than Rupert, he just gave Rupert one of them. I just can't believe these people are so gullible as to think, I can be final 3. If I'm there, I'm out to win, not be carried along and get a top 3. It's last year all over again and my husband and I are tempted not to watch since Rupert is gone, but I know we will still watch.

    Sad thing is a few weeks ago I had a dream that Jon would make it to final 3. Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick!
  • I would rather see Burton win that Jon, I can't stand him...and Lil, what a whiney wimp she is, saying she can't lie, didn't she watch the show before she signed up for this?

    I think the problem of chooseing between voting Rupert off over Burton now is that they had to do it when they had the numbers to make sure he'd go, or they would have to deal with his rage at getting a vote...he screamed at Jon when he voted for him, and thats when I started not to like him, he had no right to intimidate people to the point that they are afraid of his wrath...

  • I think I might agree about Burton. One of the reasons that he was voted off in the first place was because he was a strong player. He is getting a second chance and seems to be making the most of it. I would be very disappointed if Jon won.
  • I watched the Early Show this morning but Rupert wasn't on. Survivor producers wouldn't comment on why, just said he's unavailable. The host said the rumors are that he's on location filming for the next Suvivor, All-Star show. I wonder who else will be on that? It should be interesting.
  • wow, now THAT would be great: Rupert on the all star show!
    I definitely prefer Burton over Jon. Burton is the "come back Kid".. 2 weeks ago every one was saying they'd vote off the "castaways" first chance they got, and he's still standing.
    Lil is another story, she whines that she cant lie and then Lies bigger than anyone else. I'll be glad to see her go.
  • They're havin an all star show? Awesome! It'd be so great to see some of the old survivors back. Sorry to have seen Rupert go, but that Burton sure looks like he's gonna win. What was with the promos last week, "if you think you know who's leavin, think again"? I knew it was goin to happen from moment one, but kept tryin to tell myself that phrase. Oh well. Wouldn't be surprised if Darrah ended up winnin it all either. She's one of those who is flyin under the radar and could be a surprise survivor.

  • According to an article this week in USA Today, the "all-star" show is going to include 18 contestants from the first seven shows. They're not officially saying yet who'll be on the show, but rumor has it that Rupert is among them. The show will premiere following the Super Bowl on February 1.

    By the way, after last night, I hope the remaining survivors all starve - Jon first!
  • Okay I don't think those that were voted off should have been given a 2nd chance at all. I don't think it added anything to the game except maybe some additional frustration.

    I don't like Lil and I think Jon is a snake. Burton will probably take it all unless all the women come together and vote the two guys off.

    I agree with the other posts that having Rupert gone really takes alot of the excitement out of me for the rest of the game. While I will most likely watch it, I think it stunk!!!
  • I am with you Linda, having those voted off come back was not good. From now on, in future survivors people will always be wondering if this can happen. There has to be some level of expectations about the rules that really ARE rules.
    The girls never win challenges. With all his stiff competition gone, Burton will keep winning and he'll bring Jon with him as they pick off the girls. uggh.
  • That Jon makes me crazy with his smirk and his rhymes to vote people off. I really hope the girls band together and vote him off next. Then he'd be stuck living in juryland with an angry Rupert for the duration of the show. Take that, you weasel!

    I'm starting to hear about the AllStar Survivor too. It sounds like a great idea. I'd love to see some of the really strong players from the past who didn't win get to try again: Colby, Lex, Matthew, Michael (Australia, fell in the fire), Alicia. And maybe some who got voted off very early, but likely would have done well: Hunter, Kel. 8-| Oh dear, I am addicted!
  • Ok, there is some home for us survivor addicts. I have now missed three shows in a row for various and sundry reasons. The only updates I am getting is through this forum. The good news is, it gets easier to go without as time goes on. Of course, I am substituting with my forum fix.
  • Just a reminder for the truly addicted. .it's on tomorrow night instead of Thursday. The teasers this week have really been something 'stripped of immunity' and the 'greatest deception ever.' I even thought I saw a shot of Jon crying..
  • "I even thought I saw a shot of Jon crying.. "

    How about just seeing Jon shot?

  • Great response, Moneyman. I laughed out loud, causing numerous people walking past my door to wonder give that all-too-often quizzical look I seem to get around here.
  • I just knew that snake Jon lied. He admitted several times that he wasn't above lying to get what he wanted. I can't wait until the others find out that they spent a night going without, so that he could just chum it up with his friend.

    I am so surprised the T is gone. What could Sandra and Christa be thinking. I was sure that they wouldn't listen to Jon and still get Burton out. They know that they can't trust Jon. Tijuana and Darrah aren't much of threats. I think that they could have ganged up, the 4 of them, and tried to get the other three out. Well, it looks like it is going to be Sandra, Christa and Darrah against Jon, Burton and Lill.

  • I think it would be great if the producers had another challenge surrounding seeing your loved one,and they brought in Jon's grandma. That is my fantasy as to how this plays out. It seems clear that Jeff knows what Jon did, or at least suspects. I've got to believe that there is some mechanism in the game that allows for very important info from home (such as a death) to get relayed to players. Jeff knows this is a scam.

    anyway... I agree, I cannot fathom why Sandra (who repeatedly stated that Jon had already deceived her 3 times) would then stick with him. These folks dont deserve to win. If the women has stuck together then they could have had an all female (T, Christa, Sandra, Darrah) final four. That would have been awesome. This is exactly what happened last game: the sleeziest guy won.
    Moneyman: were you really posting at 4 am? You may "win" the prize for most intensely addicted.

  • I think that bringing Jon's grandmother would be a GREAT IDEA! Jeff certainly knows something by the way he was questioning. And who would believe Jon when he tried to show us a little guilt at the council by saying that he would have done anything a few days ago, but not now?

    p.s. Actually I am in EST so it was only 5:30! I seem to be the only one in this household who can hear a dog bark or whine in the early hours. I had to get up to put them out and just didn't go back to sleep. Had to get things started for the day anyway.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-05-03 AT 07:39AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Well, I am not surprised that they got rid of Christa, I really wish that she could have made it further. I still can't believe that Christa and Sandra went along with Jon last week to get rid of T, because with T, Darrah, Sandra and Christa, I think they could have made it to final four. Too bad Christa didn't get immunity, she was sooooo close, I was really rooting for her.

    Well, on to next week, I hope that Jon gets found out soon. But, what I wonder it that how can Jon even think that he can win because with a jury of 7 that has been lied to by him, they'll likely pick anyone over him. BUrton has it played right, let Jon do the dirty work and hate him. And Lill is having doubts about Burton, she should swing over to the women and bury Burton and Jon. I think Burton and Jon need to jo next and let the ladies fight it out!
  • hi moneyman, I agree wholeheartedly. How DUMB can Sandra be to look so surprised that she was lied to AGAIN, and for the past 3 weeks they have not voted the way they told her they would. It's too late for Sandra now, Darrah would be wiser to go with Jon and Burton as far as she can, she could beat either in a final vote. So could Lil. Lil and Darrah dont want to be against each other, they cant be sure who'd win. I think everyone of them wants to be against Jon in the final 2. That strategy could backfire, it did on the last survivor.
    According to an article in my newspaper, the contestants did NOT find out Jon was lying about grandma until they watched the actual episodes on TV just like us. So the jury had already cast their votes for winner when they found out about the big lie. Dont know ofcourse, if Jon was a jury member or a candidate....
  • But even without finding out about the grandmother lie (didn't you like how he sounded disgusted as he told someone that Christa made him swear on his grandmother's grave, and something like it was her last wish that he would win), don't you think that all of the others that got booted off because of mistaken alliances with Jon would surely not vote for him.

    Jon isn't that good of an actor, why don't they see through him. You can practically see him smirking every time he talks with someone. I think it is pretty hard for Jon to keeps this great secret to himself, he seems to be spilling over with self satisfaction that makes him ring false. But, we are enlightened by many other things that the other players do not get to see.
  • Someone also needs to tell Jon that 'naif' is actually NOT a word in the English language (when he described Lil), its French, and to describe a woman it is 'naive' anyway. He needs to get his %^&* genders correct! I really, really do not like that little weasel.
  • This is how I think it will play out.

    Sandra goes next week.
    Lill the week after that.
    Then the final three are Darrah, Jon and Burton.
    Jon and Burton are the final two.

    If Sandra wins immunity next week, they will take Lill out, then Sandra the next time. If she wins two, then it will be Lill and Darrah that get the boot.

    Either way, I think Jon and Burton end up, and I have the horrible thought that Jon might take it all. I mean he has outwitted, outplayed, etc compared to the rest of them, so it really would be kind of fair in a way.

  • This is why I've never liked this show. I watched the first one because my husband did, and I was disgusted that a person was rewarded for displaying the kind of traits we usually find reprehensible in people: dishonesty, disloyalty, etc. The current incarnation is the first one that I have watched at all since the first one, and nothing has changed. In fact, I think it's gotten worse. Richard was bad, but he never fictiously killed off a family member and then "swore" on their not departed soul to make others in the tribe believe his lies. What a slimy weasel.
  • It really will be a matter of who gets immunity. But I agree that, unfortunately, the final 2 will probably be Jon and Burton: a creep and someone voted off early. (unless Darrah can keep winning some immunities.. she IS tough). I've always liked this show, but if the producers stick with this kind of selection of contestant, real slime-balls, I will not continue to watch. I also feel that allowing the two voted off to return was a bad idea. There needs to be some level of rules in effect and to me, voted off is voted off. That could be one reason why Jon would win if got down to him and Lil or him and Burton.. the jury will remember that they voted off Burton and Lil a long time ago and not see them as "worthy"... the game has regressed from a fun exercise in human interaction to an examply of how creepy people can get...
  • unless Darrah keeps getting immunity -- remember that is how Tina got to the final two survivors ago
  • I hope she does, she is the only decent person left.
  • She seems to pull her own weight in the challenges and has not really been offensive to anyone. Maybe that will bring her to the end. The only thing that I don't like about her is that annoying accent.#-o
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