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  • What do you think of the possibility that Sandra and Jon have a secret alliance? I think Jon's hand was tipped a bit when he could have voted out Sandra - an obvious target for leadership - and instead went with Christa. Christa never had the type of leadership to continue to rally the troops the way Sandra does... Not to mention that Jon and Sandra have had plenty of opportunities to trash each other, make quick dramatic alliances & when it comes down to a vote, both are surprisingly protected. And, both Jon and Sandra have a knack at lying....

    I think, if Burton loses the next immunity, final four will be Jon, Sandra, Darrah and Lil. With Darrah going first and then Lil. If Burton wins immunity, final four is Jon, Sandra, Burton & Darrah - no way Lil - she could buddy-up to Burton. Final two, Jon and Sandra.

  • interesting theory and always a possibility. Sandra just always seems out of the loop. If she has been faking it, then she really deserves to win.
    I dont think Jon will ever vote against Burton, he is Jon's most likely jury vote. But he could manipulate it so that every one votes for Burton and he doesnt, so Burton is gone and he's not to "Blame"

  • I am so sick of that slimy weasel Jon. I swear, if he wins the million, I won't watch the next survivor! Oh, who am I kidding, I'm addicted. The whole "swear on my grandmother's grave' is killing me. He needs to go. Shame on Sandra and Christa for believing him, they should have gotten rid of Burton when they had the chance! He and Darrah are the ones to beat in immunities.

    Didn't someone say it before? It's all in the way they edit this show. Who was it from Australia that said I'm not really like that, brunette, curly hair, was it Jenna? She had a crush on Colby. She claimed that it was all in the way they edit all the footage.

    I tell you what, I can't wait until the final episode when they all realize they were duped by Jon! There ought to be a rule against using a 'dead relative' ruse. I can see it now, next survivor, someone in someone's family is really going to have passed and noone will believe that person.
  • Wow! This thread has 153 replies (154 with mine). That's gotta be a Forum record, unless I'm missing something.

    The next longest thread I could find was "Scuse me while I kiss this guy...." Remember that one from HS back in February and March? It got 147 replies. Here it is in case you're curious (slow page):

    James Sokolowski
  • [font color='purple'][b]So, James, does this mean I win a prize? ;;)

    Thanks for the reminder about that old thread, I had almost forgotten about it. I guess maybe sometimes I do have a finger on the pulse. Nice to know I'm not the only one addicted to Survivor!
  • [FONT color=green][b]No prize, just being put on a pedestal by your fellow forumites (pedestal not included).

    James Sokolowski[/font][/b]
  • [font color='burgundy'][b]There's always a catch! x:P
  • Finally! These girls did something right for a change. Now I hope that in the next 3 days they don't go all wishy washy and keep Jon around. That would be a big mistake. Unless they have no choice because he wins immunity.

    I just love the reaction by Christa, Rupert and Rhino when Burton got the boot. It was priceless. And the look on Johnny Rotten's face when he realised the tables had been turned. After last nights episode especially, Burton and Jon needed to go because of all the sexist comments they kept making. They got too cocky.

    I do hope that Sandra wins the next immunity and they give Jon the boot. Then out of the girls, I don't know who I'm rooting for more. Lil is getting too whiny and I'd like to see her go, but it would be a tough choice between Darrah and Sandra. Sandra might have the edge, only because of Christa and Rupert, but we shall see. Just as long as Jon boy goes first, I don't care who wins out of the girls!

    Sunday should be interesting, especially the reunion show and how people will react to the "big lie" that Jon told.
  • Hey, what a show. I like Burton's comments about not being blind sided. He had to know that with the first time heheard his name that he was out of there. And wasn't Jon funny about making comments about the girls not having one brain between them. Well, they finally showed him. If Jon doesn't win immunity, then he is gone and he knows it.

    There isn't one person there who will make an alliance with him, except perhaps Darrah. She really is the only one who hasn't promised something and not come through or offended anyone. Well, I guess she did just lie a bit this last time about not talking with Sandra. And now, she has shown herself strong in the challenges. Maybe that was the strategy, to sit back, be inoffensive and ride along. Now when it is getting down to it, she is showing her stuff.

    You are right, Lill is way to whiny and just getting irritating. I think I would like to see Sandra and Darrah, then see Darrh finish up because she is the only who really played it straight.

    This is the first Survivor series that I have watched and I have been hooked with it. But, how does the last show work? It said finale on Sunday, 2 hours, but there are 4 people left now. Will they do one show and get rid of one, then the 2nd hour get rid of another, then let the jury vote on the final 2?

    I can't wait until Sunday. (I know, I need to get a life).
  • moneyman,

    They do a normal immunity challenge to vote off one and get to a final 3. Then another day they do a second immunity challenge and the person who wins immunity is the only one who votes. They decide who goes to the final 2. Then the final two have a chance to make statements, the jury each has a chance to ask a question, or make a statement to each of the two. The jury members now vote for who they think is the ultimate survivor. A person wants to see their name on the card. Then when Jeff says I'll go tally the votes, he comes back and says he'll see them at the final show. The final show is the reunion where he reads the votes. In the beginning he reads off the votes, there is fanfare for the winner, then it's an all out question and answer period with all 16 survivors. It's a 3 hour extravaganza that I cannot wait for!

    Did I miss anything anyone? Can you say, Survivor junkie? I didn't watch much of the first season, but ended up watching the second because it was in Australia. Since then, hooked!
  • I loved the shocked look on Jon's face when he realized Burton was going. I can't believe Burton's comments to Lil about being disloyal, he wrote her name down! So Sunday night should be interesting, too bad we can't have a big huge Forum Survivor party!
  • If I was one of the four left, I would want to go up against either Jon or Sandra for the final vote. It will be interesting to see how these 4 try to play each other to arrange that. Jon might make it in just because he is not likely to win. That final immunity challenge will be interesting.

    If Jon and Sandra are smart, they will now form an alliance to vote of Lil and/or Darrah. Then if either of them wins immunity, it could be Jon and Sandra. Then the Jury will have an interesting choice.
  • I bet that Jon will try for Sandra. He knows that he can't trust her now because she flat out lied to him. But, he also know that she will do anything to advance herself, just like he will. I don't think I would like to see Sandra and Jon face off at the end because I can just see everyone NOT voting for Jon because they don't like him. I would rather see the jury have a harder time in deciding because it was down to really good people.

    And yes, wasn't that Burton a rat trying to talk about Lill about breaking alliances "I hope you can live with it" attitude. He voted her off, he has been scheming behind her back always in the interest of advancing him only. I hope HE can live with it, the double embarassment of being voted off TWICE! Love that reaction from the jury!
  • I made it through my first Survivor series and I can't wait for the All-Stars in Feb.

    I am glad that Sandra won over whiny Lill. And, even though I did not like Jon, I think I have to admit that he played the game well. I never would have thought he would have made it to the end, but he did extremely well with his lying and obnoxious behavior. I like the Reunion show, it was nice to hear comments after everyone was able to view the shows and the private comments made.

    Lill said that she was thinking with her heart instead of her head, and she was probably right. She would have stood a better chance winning against Jon, but even that was close. I think Lill kind of did herself in with her opening comments. She pretty much said how much she was disappointed in a few people and their actions and that was no way to sway the jury.

    I am sure that we will be seing Rupert back for the All-Stars. I don't know any of the other people from prior shows, what was the deal with the jokes about Richard Hatch?
  • I, too, am eager for the "allstars" survivor. I have a feeling that Jon is on it. Did you catch his comment "Maybe I'll have my grandfather die on the all stars show" ? Jeff was clearly surprised and didnt say a thing... I think because no one is supposed to know who's on the allstars until it airs.
    The "Richard Hatch" comments had to do with Richard winning the first Survivor. He was the guy everyone "loved to hate." He was obnoxious and rude and manipulative. But he won! (and , by the way, apparently then used his winnings to start a program for abused/troubled kids - gotta love that!).
    My big disappointment last night was that there wasn't more "Savage - time" I reallly wanted to hear (and See ;) more of Andrew.
    oh welll.... maybe HE will be on the allstars.

  • I am definitely glad Sandra won over Lil, she was my favorite early on anyway, I like her attitude. I'm glad Lil chose Sandra, if she didn't that meant that Jon would have won atleast 100,000 and he does not deserve a penny. And it was too risky that he could have taken it all, when Jeff polled the jury, 4 out of 7 said they'd have voted for Lil but you never know, it could have gone the other way and that slime ball would have taken it all...
  • I agree whole-heartedly... it was too much of a risk for Jon to make it to the final 2 -- in past games the jury has voted for the slime just because they felt that the "slime" was honest about being "slimey"... ugggh...
    I liked Sandra too. I thought she did a great job on the first episode helping her team get supplies in the village.. they never really gave her due credit for that..
  • Congrats to Sandra! I had hoped she'd win. Good for Lil for "thinking with her heart, instead of her head." I was worried that she would bring Jon and everyone would decide he played the game better. Just like last season and the used car salesman who won. Lil was right, he didn't deserve any of the money. I was surprised that it was a 6 to 1 though. I thought it would be more like 4 to 3. But she certainly buried herself a few times when answering questions. Rhino brought up a good point, that she, as a member of the outcasts, didn't spend the full time on the island. She was away for 8 days, albeit living on rations.

    I thought it was funny when Jeff was talking to Jon's grandma! And I did catch his comment about the All Star show and his Grandpa. I'm wondering if they will make a last minute replacement since he "spilled the beans". I would not want to see him again. He was arrogant, obnoxious and extremely sexist. He brought out a very bad reaction in me that made me want to strangle him every time I saw him. I didn't "love to hate him", I just hated his attitude.

    Guess we'll have to wait for the announcement about the All Stars Show. I can't wait for it either. Shouldn't they have started the filming already if it's airing in February? The way I figure, they could bring back at least two people from each season, with two extra. I sure hope they bring back Colby, he, like Lil, brought the 'non-safe' person to the final two and lost to Tina.

    Is there a program I can enter for this addiction? It could be SA, Survivors Anonymous. Or SJ, Survivor Junkies. Somebody help me!
  • I think they've already completed taping of the all stars... now it seems like such a long long wait until Feb. 1.. Yes, I am fearing withdrawl before I've faced it.. a true sign of addiction. Maybe the cbs website will keep posting new information on a regular basis from now until Feb. to give us little "mini-fixes" to hold us over..
  • I've wondered about the taping scheduled, it they have already taped, how in the world do they keep it secret? There are too many people involved in a production that I can not believe that things do not leak before they get aired.

    Well, I'm hooked and waiting for the next series!
  • It is unbelievable that they keep everything under wraps, but somehow they do. They are all sworn to secrecy and somehow they all come back well before the final episode is aired and no-one ever squeals. Apparently, the contestants all learned about Jon's grandma lie by watching it on TV the same time as us ! unbelievable.

  • They have started taping, usually the person voted off is on Good Morning America the next day and a few times they didn't have the person, they had them phone in...that must have been when they were taping. According to CBS, the all-star series is going to start right after the Superbowl. I will be real bummed if Jon is on it, he really brought out the worst in me.
  • One more comment about Jon. Yes he was a snake, but you have to give him some props for his gamemanship. When it looked like he would be the next one out, he planted a couple of seeds in fertile soil and helped them grow. I think he believed the whole time that Lil was vulnerable in the Jury's eyes, and he almost pulled it off. A 4-3 informal poll of Jon vs Lill shows just how close it was, and who knows what he may have done in the end.

    What a weasel, but he played very well. I wanted him out very early in the whole process, but he made it to #3.

    I would have never guessed Lill would finally win an immunity. Put Jon up against Sandra, and she still wins in my book, but I think Dara would have beat any of the last 3.

    Whew, it's over, now I am only addicted to the forum, oh yes, and the resurgent Denver Broncos who have a teeny tiny chance of making it into the playoffs. Hope Portis' leg is OK.
  • I heard on the radio this morning that Surivor/CBS got the top spot (surprise) in the ratings on Sunday. Apparently there are around 26 million members of SJ (Survivor Junkies)!
  • That's news! I can tell my husband that I am not so weird after all. He just can't understand it. Of course, he really didn't think it was necessary for me to wake him up to tell him who was the winner Sunday night :)
  • Survivor is like red licorice, you either love it and want a constant supply or you have no interest whatsoever.
  • My spouse and I were traveling on Sunday evening, and had planned to be at our hotel by 7:00 that night for Survivor. Unfortunately, we got on the road late, so it was about 7:45 when we got to the hotel. Naturally, I'd been counting down the mile markers since 7:00, worried that I'd be missing the whole first hour of the show.

    For once in my life, I can say I'm grateful that a football game went late and postponed the start of my favorite show!
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