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  • I am eager for tonight's episode: It will be so different to have Lil and Burton back and no Andrew. Does anyone think Rupert is really on the chopping block? I'd hate to see him go. Let's get rid of John before he bamboozles his way to finals.
  • I can't wait for tonight either Leslie.

    Why don't we retire this thread, it is pushing 100 and start a new one with tonight's show?
  • great idea, "talk" to you in the morning, we'll start a new thread then. Enjoy the show!
  • Great idea. In the meantime, lets all put the hex on Jon and hope that the strong winds in Boston don't knock my electricity out.
  • As much as I dislike Jon, I bet Rupert goes first..which of the two would you rather be up against at the end? Of course this strategy can backfire. .On Big Brother, the two most disliked players ended up in the finals. No one wanted to vote for either one of them.
  • great point. And on the last Survivor in the end the jury voted for the guy they disliked the most because they felt at least he'd been up front in his sleaziness. I'd really hate to see that happen again.
  • I too am eager for tonights episode, I do hope they won't vote out Rupert, but I guess it's the smart thing to do since he'll dominate most physical challenges.

    Why start a new thread, this one has some great posts and I'd hate to refer back to another one!

  • WooHoo! I am able to post from home.

    It was really great of Rupert (and strategic) to give up his breakfast to Burton. It might have just saved his behind.

    Unbelievable! After everyone saying they want to vote off Rupert, but then in the challenge, noone put a coconut in his tray? What was up with that? (Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see Rupert stay.)

    Say by to Rhino! Maybe next week they can get rid of Jon. I just hate the editing on Survivor, lead you to believe one thing, then do something else altogether. Never know who or what to believe anymore. I personally would like to see Rupert make it all the way.


  • Shoot, just realized we have folks on the west coast...hope I didn't ruin it for y'all. Or does it air at 5:00?

    Sorry if I ruined it for anyone, was a great show either way, next week should be interesting as usual. Always seems to be a new surprise.


  • I don't know about anyone else but I was a little disappointed that no one had the nerve to put a coconut in Rupert's whatever it was... I'm thinking I don't like him as much as I thought I did, he got so mad when he did get a coconut, I think he's starting to feel entitled. I'm also wondering about the smacks on the arm he gave Sandra and Lil... I understand why no one wanted to be so blatantly against him, he'd definitely fly into a rage and I don't think thats right. He's got to be able to accept what he so easily dishes out. So now I don't know who I'd like to see win, although I always did like Sandra, I love her attitude.
  • I watched it last night for the first time because of this thread. I don't get it. It seems so contrived and kinda silly. I think I took it too seriously. That's probably why I won't play board games, I always lose!
  • It is difficult to get into the game at this point, alot of what you saw last night didnt make sense if you didnt know the history between the people.
    As for the whole immunity challenge: I think a lot has to do with the editing -- they showed us a lot of anti-Rupert discussion but each player seems to really want to keep Rupert and have an alliance with him. Otherwise they'd have slowly but surely put coconuts in his bin. I'm tired of Lil and Burton already... time to send them back off. Has Jon mellowed out (or am I just getting used to him?).
    Moneyman: It looks like folks want to keep this thread going...

  • I used to really like Rupert too, but I didn't like how Rupert got mad earlier in confronting John. He was so mad and threatening harm. He got so mad that someone would vote against him, isn't that the point, get rid of your And this guy is a troubled teen counselor?

    I think I have switched my favorite to Christa. She seems to just really hang in there without offending anyone. I loved her in that weight endurance challege.

    We will see. I don't think that Burton and Lill will make it very far together. Burton is too strong and Lill too weak.

    We will see.
  • I like Christa, too, she is tougher than people there give her credit for. Sandra, too. The Morgans dont seem to be getting it: that the Drakes are picking them off one by one.. There only 3 original Morgans left, and they are voting themselves off. Very unwise.
  • Yea, what was up with that? Everyone voted for Ryan O, even his former teammates! I am seriously beginning to think that all the girls are going to gang up on the guys and vote 'em all out! Talk about 'girl' power.

  • But the girls are worried about food. Have they even trying fishing or are they just letting Rupert do it all? I know he got mad in the beginning because someone lost the spearhead, but has he then taken total possession of it?

    Come on girls! Go get some fish!
  • I'm still rooting for Rupert, even though I'm convinced he won't win. They will eventually gang up on him and vote him out because he is too much of a threat. Unless he wins every immunity, his days are numbered. I like Christa too, she's strong and she's a local girl from the town next to ours.

    This is by far the best season ever and I've seen them all.

    I can't stand Jon, and no he hasn't toned it down, they just didn't show us anything last night. He had on his shirt at council that said "Fair Play" on it. He said himself that he is the most untrustworthy person there- that's fair play?
    Unfortunately, he'll be one of the last ones standing, because he's weak, so he's not a threat, and he's a jerk so people will want to be sitting next to him in the end. I hope I'm wrong.
  • I hope you are wrong too. I almost lost faith in the show when Brian won last time, I could not believe those two jacka**es made it to the final two. If Jon wins that would be so terrible. He wouldn't last a day without other people doing things for him.
  • I missed last nights episode because of an award dinner so I am totally mystified by the comments. Sounds like Rupert is getting some negative pub out of the deal. Do I understand right, that Ryan was eliminated? That would make sense if the Drakes want to continue to pick off the biggest Morgan threats in the immunity challenges. It will be interesting to see if the Drake alliance continues until all of the Morgan remnants are gone.
  • yes, Marc, you've got it right. Before the immunity challenge we saw each person talk about ousting Rupert, but when they had the chance to make him lose the immunity challenge, they all backed down. Interesting dynamic.
    HRSage: I think they will eliminste all the Morgans and then turn it inward, with Lil first to go since she's not really a Drake, and they dont really respect her for turning her back on her own tribe. I agree, they're all carrying Jon along with the hopes of going to the final 2 with him. Bad strategy, it has never worked before.

  • For the first time since Survivor first aired I missed an episode! The VCR was set wrong and recorded Friends!! None of my back up friends who love survivor taped it either.

    I have seen every episode of every season to this point. Ok, baby steps... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    I can live through this! I will be strong.

    I guess Rhyno got voted out and there was something with coconuts?

    Paul in Cannon Beach
  • Paul! I can relate! We are serious Survivor junkies at our house, but there were Parent Teacher Conferences at school and we FORGOT to hit record. x:(

    I'm trying to pull as much as possible out of these posts.
  • hi guys: here is a synopsis (as best I can remember early on Monday morning): The reward challenge was for a gourmet breakfast off the island. Rupert won, and he had the option to give it away. He did -- to Burton. Burton had the option to bring anyone with him but Rupert, so he brought Lil. They spent the whole time plotting, and saying they had to get Rupert off.
    Before the immunity challenge, we saw all different subgroups plotting, and each was saying it was time to get rid of Rupert. Then the immunity challenge came, and it was one of those where when you answer a question right you get to put a coconut infront of another survivor. Once there are 5 coconuts infront of a player he is out. Well, despite everyone saying they were against Rupert, NO ONE was putting any coconuts in front of him, so he won immunity.
    It was a unanimous vote at council to vote of Ryan O -- ... very interesting.
    Obviously, Drake is "picking off" Morgan one by one, and the Morgans aren't getting it.
    hope this helps! you can also check out the website on, that gives a decent summary of events. Have a good week, talk to y'all Friday morning!

  • On a hunch, I called a couple from my church and they had taped the episode. So, my streak is still alive!! Every episode of every season! Woooo! Ok, I need some counseling. Fortunately we have an EAP here so I will refer myself to it.

    Im sorry that Rhyno is gone. He had a shot. Did you notice that Tijuana and Darrah voted against him? So much for loyalty.

  • That is what is so amazing. The Morgans are voting each other off! As my kids would say "DUHH"....
    Glad you didnt break your record...not sure if Survivor-mania is covered in the EAP plan.
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-17-03 AT 12:59PM (CST)[/font][br][br]You need counseling? My husband thinks I do too. He saw a sign at the Wing House (hot chicken wings, scantily clad waitresses) that said "New Survivor Series watch here". He laughed at me and told me to join up with all of the other junkies and form my own discussion group. Well, I told him to look at the sign again, it said WWE SURVIVOR SERIES, and I can tell you that I certainly don't want to go to the bar/restaurant to join others watching wrestling! 8-}
  • I just finally had a chance to catch up on reading this popular post. It is good to see that I am not the only HR person addicted to this show, and like Paul, I have not missed one since the 2nd year. (The first year I didn't watch much of it, thought it was a bit much. But along comes Australia, and Colby, and I was hooked!)

    I am glad to see that Morgan didn't do well, I never liked anyone on that side. I agree that they should get rid of Jon, but I know it won't happen now for strategic reasons. Tomorrow they are hinting that something will "happen" to one of the Survivors.

    Paul is right, we all need counseling!
  • For a couple years, we hosted "Survivor Parties" at our home. We invited about 10-12 of our younger staff and had them over for snacks and Survivor. We always taped the show so we could pause it if anyone needed to make a comment or go to the bathroom.

    For the final episode, we would have a barbecue and contests.

    When Jerri was voted off the island during Survivor Australia we all cheered and high fived.

    People make fun of me for loving the show but it brought a lot of us together for some really great times.

    This season is shaping up to be a good one. I really hope someone worthy wins.

  • how depressed can I be? Rupert off and Jon still on !?! And Lil... do you just want to ring her neck?? Iv'e never said this about the other seasons but I am tempted to just STOP watching this time. Those who are left range from uninteresting to creepy. And it is just NOT FAIR that 2 who got voted off so early are now this far. A "twist" I do not like.
    Do I need therapy? Yes, indeed. Maybe some ECT to boost me out of this funk.
    well, this venting helped, thanks for being there forum-friends.
  • So, Rupert is gone. I am actually pleased, I think he was getting way too cocky. And his little episode with the coconut kind of freaked me out. I rolled my eyes at his little "poor me" speech at the end, he did himself in by being so bold. He had to know that would put him on the chopping block...
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