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  • I too have been biting my tongue wondering if I had missed something. Don't understand why paying formites are so upset that others who are not paying are getting for free what we are paying for. If access WAS free, why was I paying for it? If it…
  • Do you think you could add egg/milk mixture (like quese(sp)) to this recipe and it would be ok or would it be better as Don suggested and cook the scrambled eggs separately?
  • Surely if the Astronauts thought it was a problem they wouldn't go. Or would they?
  • Oh forgot...I have an even better one than the guy with the neck problem... I was working in the school system when we were interviewing for an elementary school secretary. Female comes in wearing a t-shirt with cigs rolls up in the sleeve,flip flo…
  • The guy that asked me if he would have to turn his head alot to run a press because he has been watching alot of TV since not working and his neck hurts all the time because his TV is on the wall to the right of his chair so he has to turn his neck …
  • That is great!!!! Good for you.
  • What was her reaction to the bowl falling out and what did you say to her? Surely you didn't let her leave with the bowl?
  • I saw this also, never a entire show but think the idea is to see which contestant can stay the longest that day before getting fired. The one that last the longest before term. wins the money. Otherwise the show wouldn't be five minutes if they c…
  • Please let it be Bo! He is so awesome but either way each will end up with a recording contract and do very well. Remember Rubin and Clay? I have heard more about Clay (he lost, Rubin won) than Rubin. We will be seeing Carrie on CMT right away a…
    in Idol Comment by szemcumo May 2005
  • I got it!! That is from "SHANE" as in Shane come back, Shane! Good movie.
    in HEY GUYS! Comment by szemcumo May 2005
  • Any of youse want to go to Wal Marts?
    in Pet Peeves Comment by szemcumo May 2005
  • My take on this is that she clearly needs to be evaluated by the medical health community. If it is determined that she is rational and was so at the time of all of this then by all means proscecute and make restitution. If not then confining her …
  • I agree with Don. It is all up to you and how badly you want this. DISCIPLINE! My husband of 19 years died of lung cancer related directly to smoking. He had tried over the years to stop but never succeeded and like alot of cancer sufferers felt…
  • And once treated, fixed and released what then Lucy. They have to eat, where do they find the food, how long are the shots good for? I don't see how that fixes the problem of all of these cats running around without owners to take care of them. I…
  • I guess he didn't mind if the bunny bit you and you got rabies! Nice guy!!
  • Just my thoughts but I think the real tradegy is that Charles didn't stand up to the royal family in the 70's when he fell in love with Camilla and marry her then like his uncle did with Wallace and gave up the thone which in turn put Charles' Grand…
  • I though it was and good night from TEXACO
  • Yes but the choice should be yours and not pushed off on others to make. You are taking the easy way out and choosing to put your family through hell they don't deserve to be put through. You need to step up and make this decision for them. JMHO.
  • My late husband was a letter carrier for 25 years. I remember the homeowners stories about how they would leave windows open in the summer because they could hear him whistle as he walked down the street and knew their mail was here. Or the nice p…
  • Thanks, but I would wait before printing shirts, there are alot of creative people out there! Good luck!
  • "Just for the Health of It" Fair '05
  • Count me in as one not in the "know". And thanks to Cinderella for 5/04 message, Don D for 5/04 message and Safety for 9/04 message. Would never had known they were there!!!!!!
  • Too bad the shooter didn't hit a major organ or artery.
  • Congrats!!! She and her name are beautiful. Wish I could sleep like that!!!!
  • S MOLL I thought the same thing (we not us) anyway you would love the new knee high black leather boots I bought last night. A girl can never have enough boots!!!
  • I would have to say my dad was a great role model as he was an Iron Worker and I remember seeing him come home on very hot nights exhausted and looking tattered, but miss a day of work...not unless the weather, usually too cold or rainy dictated a d…
  • Hey Don, don't feel so bad, I am constantly slammed for being a vegetarian! I have decided that rather than try to defend it constantly to just say it is my choice and one that I am very happy with, thank you!
  • Zen please send us a photo when the barn is painted...sounds awesome. I too plan to meditate more, do more yoga and TAEBO, treadmill, and hopefully lose around 12-15 lbs over the course of the year. And just be extremely grateful for the love of m…
  • Going to a house party with my love, his guitar and alot of "seasoned hippies" also with guitar's, singing, enjoying good company and being thankful to see another new year unfold!
  • Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I often think pondly of the days where we got up early on summer mornings or Saturdays and every kid in the neighborhood took off to play ball, explore the woods, (lived in rural area at the time)ride bikes, bui…