Please Fire Me

The new CBS show about getting fired is on again tonight. I turned to it last week after a coworker told me how funny it was. I can't believe some of these people made it to 3:00. I would have canned them by noon (or sooner!)

I'm not one to spend a bunch of time on these shows, but it was kind of funny.


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  • It is pretty funny. When I watched the pilot, the thought that struck me was "who in the heck trained these managers?"
  • I've watched it and was struck by just how close to reality it is. How employers will tolerate all sorts of crap off an employee before they'll finally say "you're fired!"
  • I have caught bits and pieces of two different shows. It is pretty funny.

    Notice that the ERs are small shops, just a couple of staff around, so I am not surprised it takes so long to fire them.

    There must also be some constraints on the contestants that I have not heard - such as they cannot directly insult the manager, curse at them, or call them names. I am not sure what the limits are, but there is some hand-tying going on.

    I especially liked the lady a couple of weeks ago that was lying on the floor, singing "Booooorrrrrring." She would also stand at the copier (this was a copy store) saying "copy" each time a new copy was made. This was driving the other staff nuts.
  • I really like this show. I forgot about it last night! I think there must be rules also b/c if you have noticed, they really do give 'some' customer service. I figure that if they were rude or discrimatory to customers, that would do it immediately.
  • I saw this also, never a entire show but think the idea is to see which contestant can stay the longest that day before getting fired. The one that last the longest before term. wins the money. Otherwise the show wouldn't be five minutes if they could be fired immediately.
  • Actually the goal is which one can be fired closest to 3:00 pm without going over. That one wins $25,000.
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