Totally Tasteless

Someone just told me this "tasteless" statement, so, of course, I had to pass it on to you.

The first miracle that Pope John Paul II performed after his passing was to delay to wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla.

Do you think they will EVER get married? Or, is someone trying to tell them something?????


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  • I've always wondered why if you're going to shack up for umpteen 30 years, or however long its been for them and its been a lloonnggg time, why bother to get married now. And spare me the whole rhetoric about Queen Mother "demanding" they make it "honest". Puhleez! What a joke!
  • I heard his mother has opted to go to the horse races. I'm holding out hope that she'll get loose from her handlers and wander onto the track. x:-)
  • >I heard his mother has opted to go to the horse
    >races. I'm holding out hope that she'll get
    >loose from her handlers and wander onto the
    >track. x:-)

    Hey Don! She might win the race.

  • I kind of agree with dchr. I just hope those 2 can't/don't have any kids together, can you imagine//// th-down
  • >I kind of agree with dchr. I just hope those 2
    >can't/don't have any kids together, can you
    >imagine//// th-down

    I think Camilla is past that age now, thankfully.

  • I'd think the Queen's would be so tired of scandal. The boys can't have much respect for their father...surely none for their soon-to-be step-mum. What a shame that the family has turned into such a circus.
  • But, if you stop and think about it, any country that cultivates and perpetuates a literal 'kingdom' and has such things as kings and queens and knights and manors and castles and carriages and royalty has literally created and maintained a circus, for its own amusement.

    The family, Charles and the boys, have not turned into a circus. They have joined one, as was intended, as naturally as a cocoon turns into a butterfly. By this latest development, they are just leading a new elephant into the tent.
  • I'm still trying to figure out what is so tasteless about Rockie's statement. The royal family could use a little divine intervention.
  • Strange, but British rather enjoy all this interplay. It's like watching reality TV.
  • I knew it was meant to be when I went to the Humane Society in Colorado Springs, and they had a VERY loving, cuddly calico cat named Camilla.

    On my very favorite cartoon "Muppet Babies", Gonzo's stuffed chick was named Camilla. However, since this scandal has resurfaced, everytime I hear something about it, I sigh to myself and think "that b**** ruined the name!"

    The "meant to be" - of course it's me and the cat. As for Chaz and his floozie . . . WHATEVER. I'll resurface one of my favorite modified jokes - "Prince Charles walks into a bar. Bartender looks at him and says, `Why the long face?'" Oh, it gets me every time.
  • I am utterly appalled :~~ at the lack of respect for English history and tradition. For example, traditionally, not all the Kings and Queens were faithful to their spouses. Matter of fact, one king was so enamored with his love, that he created a new church so he could divorce his wife. And while he has not yet created a new church, Prince Charles seems to learned well the traditions that are unique to royal heritage. I think he should be respected for "thumbing his nose" at those who do not agree with the Royal Family values. :oo
  • I think they are all absolutely nuts, but having been born in England, I kind of like kings and queens and stuff.
  • I read somewhere that the first time Camilla met Charles she said something to the effect of "My great grandmother and your great grandfather had an affair. How about it?" Ah....true love!
  • You probably won't like it, but I'm going to say it anyway......

    If Charles had married Camilla first, had an affair with Diana, Camilla died in a tragic accident, then Charles "shacked up" with Diana and was finally going to marry her........

    would you all still be so "upset" about that wedding?
  • I fail to see any difference in the two scenarios. Except that you have the chronology totally screwed up. Is this a trick question?
  • I have always been an Anglophile. After visiting the country several times it has only increased. I love the country, the old buildings, the villages, the pubs, the people, even the weather. However, watching the Charles-Camilla debacle has been like watching the proverbial terrible accident--you're horrified, but can't help watching.
  • Ha! I agree. And, as you know, in the South, we often respond to this sort of thing by saying, "Hell man, I'll be watching for sure. I got to be this old and ain't never seen no train wreck like this!"
  • Just my thoughts but I think the real tradegy is that Charles didn't stand up to the royal family in the 70's when he fell in love with Camilla and marry her then like his uncle did with Wallace and gave up the thone which in turn put Charles' Grandfather in there. What good is it to anyone to marry the virgin or royal blood if you don't love her. At least two heirs to the throne were produced out of that marriage but that seems to be the high point. I think it is a true love story, a sad one that finally after all this time and tragedy that they are FINALLY going to be together and that their love has survived all the years and bad press.And why is it only Camilla that is called a home wrecker or tramp, Charles had just a much part in that. I wish them WELL. I hope their remaining years together are happy and long. They should have been together in the first place. Maybe it is just the romantic in me but how many marriages that you know of have lasted as long as they have been in love with each other.
  • Love affairs do seem to last longer than most marriages. If they'd gotten married 20-30 years ago they'd probably be miserable by now and one or the other would be having an affair with someone else or they'd be divorced. Personally I don't care what they do but I think if I lived there and was raised with all that royalty I'd be terribly embarrassed by the entire ordeal. It does seem to make a mockery of the 'kingdom'.
  • I'm not sure which one of them is coming out of which closet. The day after the wedding, she appears with pheasant feathers sticking out of her hair and he works the crowd in a blue and grey plaid skirt. Sheeesh Gillian3.
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