It's almost over...who will it be?






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  • I want Bo to win... which means Carrie will win.

    But if we are going with diversity, they have not had a white male win yet, so it is quite possible that it will be Bo.
  • Please let it be Bo! He is so awesome but either way each will end up with a recording contract and do very well. Remember Rubin and Clay? I have heard more about Clay (he lost, Rubin won) than Rubin. We will be seeing Carrie on CMT right away and Bo is going to Rock On!!!!

    Still want him to win though!
  • I really like Carrie. Her singing is alright too, kinda. Bo should stick to Blood, Sweat and Tears. Ryan Seacrest is the reason I hate the show. Randy says "Dog" too much. Paula is like a dessert that's too sweet. Simon is the only truly likeable person on the show. He should be a member of the forum.

    I'll probably watch the show until Ryan Seacrest comes out, then I'll switch to Sanford and Son on TVLand. Let me know who wins. (yawn)
  • I saw the last 30 minutes of that last night, all I could take of it. Was not impressed with the female at all, the guy was better but not someone I'd pay to hear either. The whole show strikes me as a "dessert that is too sweet" and makes me gag. Guess I'll stick to watching decorating and gardening shows on HGTV>
  • Bo is so cool. He can sing and is a showman and I want him to win. I voted for him twice last night. I agree that they needed some diversity and this season was great! Actually, my favorite (Nadia) got eliminated early. I was going for Nadia, Bo, the cute blond guy who was number 4 (he could really sing)and then I thought Kerry and Vernell (?) were both good, so a tie.

    Anyhow, I like the show most of the time.
    Simon is the only judge who consistently tells the truth though. Poor Paula wants to be liked so she likes everybody -- gimme a break.

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