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  • [QUOTE=KSR6450;716948]Hmm. Went to Orlando for a high school graduation (spent time with family - which is no vacation). Went to sister's beach house in Perdido Key. Unfortunately, sister, her family and friends were there also. I got to sleep on…
  • Let's not assume please. Did they delete it or not? I would also like to know how I could delete an entire post. That should ONLY be forum moderator option. Please explain.
  • LMAO
  • Ok that was simple. I heard the song on the radio this AM. Here's a harder one. No googling allowed. Ten fingers we have each Nine planets around the sun repeat Eight ball is the last if you triumphant be Seven oceans pummel the shores of the se…
  • "We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. Running over the same old ground without a sound. With the same old fears....." Beagle cannot answer.
  • Good again! Although they had success with Back in Black after Bonn died, they were never really the same... The Jack, If You Want Blood, Let There Be Rock, Problem Child, Dirty Deeds. You just can't match those songs' poetic flow.
    in Name That Tune Comment by SMace May 2006
  • Very good Leo. Now for the bonus question. Who was the member of the band that sang that song?
    in Name That Tune Comment by SMace May 2006
  • I thought it was illegal to fax one dollar bills.
    in Name That Tune Comment by SMace May 2006
  • It is about Rosie. Not the name of the song, though. I still need a band also.
    in Name That Tune Comment by SMace May 2006
  • Wan' tell you a story, 'bout a woman I know. When it comes to lovin', She steals the show. She aint exactly pretty, she aint exactly small. 42-39-56, you could say she's got it all. Anyone?
    in Name That Tune Comment by SMace May 2006
  • BINGO!!!!! Your darn tootin' it's a gray area. That's why it is absolutley ridiculous to try to regulate this stuff. It's so gray it gets people talking in circles. But if you must, spend hours and hours pouring over this minutia. I just want…
  • Is someone else motivating you to >contact others on the forum to solicit them, So if someone asks me to tell someone else about another website, I can't do it, right? or >do you simply want to tell a buddy about a >website that yo…
  • How can your response help? I asked a question and you responded with more questions. What I tried to ask was, "Is it OK to tell a website buddy about a helpful website?" I've referred poeple to and So, here is my yes or no …
  • Christy, could you ask James to clarify his post. When I first read his post, I took it to mean we are not allowed to privately email people about I followed that rule. Now I hear you saying that it is OK to tell someone about…
  • That kind of behavior goes against >what forums like this are all about. Here's where I got it.
  • These forums are for the people that post. You seem to be the authority on what this and other forums should be. Why is that your job? This forum can be what I want. If the owners don't like it, they can kick me off. If the posters don't like i…
  • I will opine if I may. I think he was trying to get HR folks to look at HR a different way. Most of the posts were overblown there is no doubt, but the core was real. There are so many HR paper pushers that drain the life out of an organization. …
  • When I was the new HR guy visiting all our plants, I learned very quickly that the people who run up to you to tell you how great and nice and accomodating to everyone they are should be watched very, very closely. Right beagle?
    in moderators Comment by SMace May 2005
  • All this rib talk got me in the spirit this weekend. I love to drink beer, so I thought I could do something productive along with it. I did the rub with salt, pepper, rosmary and garlic salt. I boiled the ribs for about 15 minutes. While they w…
    in Ribs ?? Comment by SMace August 2005
  • Thanks for the recipe. I haven't been able to try it yet. I got a late start and the motor on the ice cream maker burnt out. So we sat around the tub drinking beer and spinning the churner with a wratchet. The party was over by the time it was d…
  • The only way I know to freeze something is to put it in the freezer. x;-) Mine is Cincinnati chili. My mom would send me back to college with pounds of it after a break.
  • I think she is in Nebraska. I know the Patriots are popualr, but they aren't going to create a state for them.
  • I've got a recipe for getting rid of kids. My mom started cooking it on my seventeenth bithday and didn't stop until I finally left. I'll post it when I find it. x:D
  • I love soup in the winter. Unfortunately I did not read this last year and didn't save up my ingredients. I'm starting tonight. Thanks for the recipe.
  • ESPN the Magazine
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-17-08 AT 01:54PM (CST)[/font][br][br]The market went down and then it went back up. You don't measure performance on a day. I was enjoying the eclipse. I look forward to the wane. edit: went down…
  • Thank goodness Obama is free from that. Do people really believe that either one of them are going to "fix this and fix that?" Both candidates said they are going to fix our healthcare system. Anyone want to take bets? About the officer- I'm u…
  • My understanding from the people reporting on the tournaments is Tiger is all business on the golf course. He's working and really doesn't acknowledge anyone. In fact he has walked right by Jack Nicklaus (currently the greatest to ever play the ga…
    in Tiger Woods Comment by SMace June 2008
  • I read ESPN the magazine last night. My great uncle will be so proud! Can't wait for summer.
  • thread
    in IV for 6 Comment by SMace January 2008