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  • Don, from your words: "...all of them have the blue briefcase to the left, except Workers Comp..." That to me sounded like all but the Workers Comp briefcase was on the left.
    in Blue Briefcases Comment by HS April 2004
  • Mine is on the left like all the rest, and it happens to be blue.
    in Blue Briefcases Comment by HS April 2004
  • This coming from Pinky BubbleHiney!
  • Thanks for making the change, although it took me a second to find where you put the lobby button. Oh and Don, how are you with the gas and brake pedals? x:P
  • Was wondering when someone would chime in with that. x:P I am just fine with those as I am with the lobby and logout buttons. Was just an observation.
  • Thank you Brad!
  • > >Yell if you have any questions. > >James Sokolowski >HRhero.com Now James, wouldn't yelling be a direct violation of the forum police? x:D Are you trying to get Margaret in trouble? (Just kidding!)
  • James, You and the staff there are doing a great job. It is hard to determine sometimes what is or isn't going to be offensive. Others are clear cut. Sometimes even we HR professionals need a little reminder on how to behave. I do agree with th…
  • [font color='blue']Talking to yourself again Don? Isn't that a sign of something? I daren't say what...x:D
    in Inbox Comment by HS December 2003
  • x:D James, you are too funny!
  • Mine hasn't changed and it's strange that it's just the one page. Anyway, per Brad on the 'seeing things' thread, see below. Hope this helps. "No, I don't think we did. However, you can do it on your own: In Internet Explorer, go to the View pu…
  • The thread was: "Just Curious", Pattie in NH
  • They did? Where?
  • Thanks James...I did think maybe I should get some glasses! Glad to know my eyesight is still working.
    in New Look Comment by HS July 2003
  • You know, I keep meaning to do that, but haven't gotten around to it. Better remedy that!
  • >And don't trust any of these women any further than you can throw them. This >is just between us guys, 'ya hear? So Don, the truth comes out! You don't trust us, eh?
  • >I'm not against this idea, but just curious. . I wonder how many of >our regulars would be excluded? Anyway to tell Christy? You are stuck >with me, but would hate to lose others who have bosses or budgets that >prohibit membersh…
  • >I wonder how you would reply had you been the HR person in the "Sticky >Situation" post. We still do not know how that one ended. Rita and Fran...I was just offering an opinion to fran's earlier comment: >"I must admit I like the …
  • Christy, A thought just crossed my mind... If people are that concerned with their 'information' being out there, they can just disable their profile. It's their choice to make the profile visible or not, thus 'inviting' others to look at it. I …
  • I vote for option #3. I'd love to say either of the other two options, but since I'm not a decision maker on what products to invest in, I'd be at a loss for all the great advice I've found on this site. Unfortunately we are not a subscriber and i…
  • Don, Some people may want to see that!
  • Homemade is always best, but if you aren't that good of a cook, or don't have the time, there is a great one from Friday's (a restaurant). It's artichoke and spinach dip and is now available at wholesale stores (like BJ's) and supermarkets near me.…
  • Even simpler... Mike's Hard Lemonade, cranberry flavor especially Or, Smirnoff Ice Put in refrigerator, drink ice cold and enjoy!
    in New Summer Drink Comment by HS July 2003
  • There's a restaurant called TGI Friday's that has a really great spinach/artichoke dip. They sell it in stores for consumers, though I don't know if it's nationwide. (I have gotten it at BJ's Wholesale) Heat in a microwave and stir. I've served …
  • I didn't criticize per se, just made a comment that the Ghiradelli brand just happens to be better than homemade. Brownies and Cookies are very different things. Cookies tend to taste better homemade, brownies on the other hand... It is as always…
  • Definitely simple, yes. But homemade cookies taste sooo much better! All the cookie recipe's I have are fairly simple or 'idiot proof'. Even my husband can't mess them up! x:D
  • I find that if you take them out of the oven and put the kiss on right away, the kiss is softened immediately from the heat of the cookie. If it were to melt anymore, it'd be running all over the cookie!
  • Why make this when you can make the Ghiradelli double choclate brownies? Right from the box, add just eggs and water (I think) and away you go! Now those are the best brownies ever! x:9
  • Will this recipe work without the coffee and Khalua? Do you need to add something in it's place? I'm looking for a good choclate cheescake recipe, but don't like Khalua or coffee flavor.
  • I know, I know!! I keep forgetting to bring the recipes to work. I'll try to remember next week.