cant cook cookies

Once again I am giving you an ultra simple recipe for those of you who have difficulty making anything but mush out of recipes. Even if you are a good cook you might like this one too.


One roll of chocolate chip cookie dough.
One bag of Hershey's chocolate Kisses.
(You will need a mini-muffin pan)

Preheat your over per the instructions on the cookie dough. Continue to follow the instructions and slice the dough about 1/2 inch thick and then quarter each slice. Instead of putting the cut-up pieces on a cookie sheet, put them in the individual cups of the mini-muffin pan. Open the Kisses and place one unwrapped Kiss on each lump of dough. Do NOT push in; just place them on top. Bake the cookies per the dough instructions.

Yummy! I made 2 dozen of these Sunday for Father's Day and they were all gone within a few hours.

Good luck!


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