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  • [i]"Discuss forms, policies, and other documents, or ask if anyone will share theirs with you."[/i] I think that the original intent was that "911" would be an area for forum members to share forms and policies; but when the occassion to "share" ar…
  • WOW!! Isn't that cute!
  • I visit this website because I believe it to be is a human resources website with the intent of addressing HR’s everyday challenges. To me it is not a political, religious, or sexual forum … it is a place to test the waters of HR policies and practi…
  • I do not have alot of extra time for posting to the Forum, but I am being forced to add my opinion to the recent changes in the format... [b]GET RID OF THE TOP BANNER!![/b] The yellow bar with the target and the frazzled woman are annoying. All …
  • Padded ....but, not necessarily sound proof!
  • I see that there are still some strong concerns about the forum participant’s anonymity. Here’s an idea … make the profiles accessible only to Employment Law Center subscriber’s. Registered forum users would be able to see the participant’s state …
  • I think that a “very restrictive” format would greatly reduce the number of participants and the forum would become stale. I think our diversity contributes a lot to the credibility of information we get from each other. The “somewhat restrictive” s…
  • Oh I can sympathize with morning sickness... try dill pickles! Congrats and may it be healthy(I'm partial to girls.)
  • With a pound of real butter, I know these have to be melt in your mouth good. Are dark cookie sheets like a seasoned iron skillet?
  • I love baked beans cooked this way! I use a little less brown sugar and always use Campbell's. Sometimes, if I'm feeling adventurous I will add 1 Tbs of French's mustard.
  • NG we could be in for a loooong year!!
  • NG-- the bride is 23, daughter is 18
    in Parrothead Comment by bsa October 2004
  • ZZZZing ... batta bing!!
  • rita how'd ya do that? The thread went from "Post Turtle" to a "Q". I like it! That's the best hijacking yet.
    in Post Turtle Comment by bsa August 2004
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-22-04 AT 12:08PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Full moon was last Wednesday. Sorry, make that Thursday!
  • If you have to eat a toad, don't stare at it too long!
    in WORDS TO LIVE BY Comment by bsa May 2004
  • Congrats. Sounds like you have on the fast track now. Best of luck!
    in It's a boy!!!! Comment by bsa April 2004
  • Theresa Gegen popped in the other day and responded to a post. Margaret has been absent for a long time too. Do you suppose this is a change in the corporate mission at MLSP.
  • After reading the diet update thread, I was wondering if the HR Hero lady needs to try the low carb diet.
  • I am a VERY patient person and I am sure glad it’s late on Friday. I will spend the weekend saying small prayers for the forum fixers to fix the glitches. That blue and yellow bar at the top with the unpopular graphic is a un-royal pain in the pat…
  • Somebody shake the bottle tree!!!
    in Don-a-thon Comment by bsa April 2003
  • Tortilla chips and homemade salsa with a big glass of iced tea. Comfort food is all of the mexican variety.
  • WOW, Christy what a beautiful guy! Lots of luck to you and yours.
    in A new Reeder Comment by bsa April 2003
  • I know that Trigger got stuffed, but what happened to Down-The-Middle?
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-05-03 AT 01:52PM (CST)[/font][p]Oops someone stole my line. I'd say, all in all, I work about 20 minutes .... a week. Office Space
  • I'll do my part to get closer to the fire. I really count on the forum for continued education and DonD is one of the tenured professors!
  • Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Felicidad
  • Texas has something of all the other 49. There are mountains, deserts, forests, beaches, farms and lakes. We get blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, droughts and floods. We can party with the best of them and thump a bible better than some.
  • When we got a note from a family doctor for a reported dental absence we called. The doctor had no problem verifying that the note was not created by his office. (It had a 2-year old address and phone number!!) When the employee was called into the…
  • Executives who don't think before making an employment decision AND they don't ask for help!