The Format Is Horrible



  • I too have the HUGE blue bar at the left..very annoying. And the time it takes to load the information..ok, that just ruins my day, especially if I am going to the forum for a quick sec...And right now, there is a large chunk of the area I am writing in covered by the blue bar announcing seminars & audio and rude. I am sorry, but I have been trying not to complain, but this is just bad. Now I will try for the next 15 minutes to post this, lord knows it will take that long.
  • I am a VERY patient person and I am sure glad it’s late on Friday. I will spend the weekend saying small prayers for the forum fixers to fix the glitches.

    That blue and yellow bar at the top with the unpopular graphic is a un-royal pain in the patootee –
    - it takes forever to load,
    - it takes up too much space,
    - it encroaches on every page,
    - we have to scroll way down to make it disappear,
    - it is causing me enormous grief because I can't see where I am or where I'm going.

    I love this forum. It is the best of the best – but surely there is a way to give the forum a cleaner format and make it user friendly again. PLEASE, PLEASE make it go away or make it smaller, PLEASE.

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