A new Reeder



  • WOW, Christy what a beautiful guy! Lots of luck to you and yours.
  • Christy - What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to the whole Reeder family.
  • Adorable is the correct adjective for this little one. Does he look more like mom or dad?
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-04-03 AT 03:51AM (CST)[/font][p]Daddy gets all the credit. He has my eyes (shape, anyway), but everything else is a spitting image of his daddy. It's an amazing experience to be staring down at Cole and look up at my husband when he comes in the room. The resemblance is uncanny ... and wonderful.

    An interesting story I heard the other day of a pilot program in Phoenix, AZ, where mothers took their babies to work with them until the babies were 6 months old. I met one of the ladies who did so and she said it worked well for her job (I think she works with an organization that helps underprivileged mothers get assistance). Baby rode around with her in a carrier and she stopped to feed him as needed. She started leaving him home with dad at 6 months not because baby was distracting her from work but because everyone in the office kept interrupting her work to coo at baby.

    An interesting concept. Obviously, this scenario wouldn't work for everyone ... like telecommuting, it would depend on the job and the employee. Is it something any of you have offered or would consider offering in your workplace?

  • It would never fly here. . too innovative. I must admit it would cause problems for me. .I would be your co-worker who rather play with the baby than work..especially Cole..he is VERY cute!
  • Christy,
    If you can come back into the office this afternoon and help answer the phones for the Don-a-Thon (see Margaret's new posting in this Har-de-HR-HR section), we'll change Cole's diapers. tk
  • I worked for a small non-profit community education program when my children were born (14 & 17 years ago - seems like yesterday) and I was able to take them to work with me for about the first 6 months. It worked great for me, and for the organization. Sometimes I worked longer hours to actually get the job done (I was on salary) but with the baby there with me, I could focus on work easier. You might think that the baby was a distraction, but think about everything we do at home while holding a baby. Work was just the same, and I did not have to think about how they baby was doing somewhere else.

    I realize that this is not an option for some workplaces, but it should be considered if at all possible.

    Congratulations Christy, and Best Wishes!
  • Thought I'd pop in to give an update on little Cole. He's growing fast! 6 weeks old today. I now understand the comment I heard dozens of times while pregnant - "A baby will change your life forever." How come someone didn't just say "banish all thoughts of sleeping or getting a shower every day"? Well, that's the down side, but the up side is when you are talking to him and his face just lights up and he breaks into a big toothless grin and starts "talking" to you. Ah, what a reward. Who needs sleep, anyway?



    Hope all is well in HR-Land,

    (typing one-handed with Cole sleeping in other arm)
  • Well; I'll say his father must be a mighty handsome man!
    When I looked at the index and saw this one on top, posted by Brad, my first thought was, My God, she's had another one! Then I realized this was a holdover thread from when you first had Cole. Hope this gives you a laugh.
  • Delayed delivery of a twin? What about it Christy?
  • He is a sweetheart. Sleep will come soon enough, but they grow up so fast...
  • He's a real cutie-pie, all right. And Christy, you shouldn't complain - you get to sleep like a baby (wake up every two hours and cry). xI-)

    James Sokolowski
  • I'm impressed that James is a George Jones fan.
  • Christy:
    He is a beauty - and how nice to see these adorable pictures at the end of a long and horrifying work week. Hope your family prospers and grows - don't worry you'll get used to being sleep-deprived and learn to love it.

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