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  • The position I am hiring for will back-up our payroll clerk, place ads, answer phones, run reports, benefit processing, applicant tracking etc..
  • yes, we gross up at a rate of about 30%.
  • I have recently gone throught a similar scenario.  The employee I am speaking of was sent to anger management as part of a corrective action as his actions were a cause for concern but nothing that flagged termination.  After one session of anger ma…
  • We offer 8 Elective Days in addition to our holidays and vacation.  The Electives days are the same no matter what your length of service.  But we do not classify as "Sick" days...personal & sick combined.
  • My company offers: 1 year  - 5 Days 2 to 4 years - 10 Days 5 to 9 Years - 15 Days 10 to 13 Years - 20 14 Years plus - 22 Days
  • We have used Fran Battisti who will come on site and spend a day or two with your employees.  He was amazingly effective, although not inexpensive, worth looking into.  Here is the web address.  http://www.battistinetworks.com/
  • www.jjkeller.com
  • I received my PHR several years ago.  I had experience generalist experience and recruitment experience.  Up to that point I had a hard time breaking through to a management position.  Shortly after recieving the designation I applied an HR Director…
  • It matters what position they are applying for.  For example if I were hiring for a Housekeeper, and someone had a DWI  and they were honest and disclosed it in the application I would not consider this in my decision making on the position, as this…
  • Parking Space for a month and name, statement from manager, photo (with permission).  I welcome any ideas.  
  • I am in healthcare and we do offer flu shots and pay for them in full.  Approx. 70% recieve the shot.
  • If you don't mind sharing the information...I am curious as to the cost per employee to partner with Blue Cross.  That is who our company has for a carrier, but I have not yet looked into this option?  Was your experience favorable with Blue Cross?
  • In the day to day office functions I find employees get so involved in their own positions & duties they forget to value other employees and their contributions to the company.  Recently, we have done several team building projects/events that b…
  • Our company recently adopted a new policy regarding weekend shift for this reason.  Basically, if you are scheduled for a weekend shift and you call in for any reason it needs to be made up within 1 month.  I am an HR Director in the healthcare indu…
  • The new EEO-1 deadline approaching quickly...however, there are no monetary fines associated with not complying with the submission of information but they can Subpoena you through the court system.  Not a path I would recommend taking.  If you are …
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  • I often ask questions dealing with handling stress or conflict...asking them to recall a time and how did they deal / solve the problem.
  • My company a couple years back provided drinks at our Christmas Party.  We also had an employee, well several, but on that comes to mind who had too much to drink and made a scene, taking away from the party.  Enlight of this event and the struggle …
  • I always used AJB, since the closing I use www.americasjobexchange.com Basically, the same site with a new name.   
  • I am currently in the same situation with one of my employees.  In our Handbook we have a section that specifically addresses this.  If an employee is not yet eligeable or has exhausted the FMLA that employee can apply for a Personal Leave for up to…
  • We have a water coolers that are provided at no charge.  Recently, we purchased a coffee & hot chocolate machine, also at no charge to our employees.  Additionally, we have vending machines that they can purchase water & soda for a reasonabl…