Background Investigationa

We perform background checks, and I wanted to know what others consider "Acceptable" and "Unacceptable" for hiring purposes; for example, is a DUI on a record ok if it was more than say, seven years ago, but not if it was more recent?  Felonies no, misdemeanors yes?


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  • That will depend on the type of industry you are. My Co is in Transportation and we cannot hire anyone who is going to be driving one of our vehicles if they had DUI or DWI in the last 10 yrs. Why? Insurance purposes.

    Every Co. makes the decision on what standards will be considered as acceptable or unacceptable. The most important part of it, is to be consistent when applying that criteria.. That will protect you from liabilities.

  • It matters what position they are applying for.  For example if I were hiring for a Housekeeper, and someone had a DWI  and they were honest and disclosed it in the application I would not consider this in my decision making on the position, as this position in my company does not require driving a company vehicle.  If it is not a job requirement then it should not be considered.  Unless of course the job required has state regualtions against hiring those with criminal backgrounds.

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