Front-line Supervisor Training

I'm looking for a good resource for providing front-line supervisor training.  something that will cover leadership and coaching.  Right now I'm looking at bringing a seminar program on site - like Fred Pryor or National.  Has anyone utilize this option before?  I'd like some feedback on how effective you thought it was.  Also, any other ideas on this type training would be welcome.


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  • Since I have a subscription to this web site, I use alot of the Powerpoint training programs. They have quite a few for front-line supervisors. Depending on the needs of the managers, you might also consider sending them to a training (especially those who might be particularly challenged). Sometimes being outside of their own work environment, they can talk more freely and will actually learn more.
  • I agree with BKate about the power point presentations on  The one thing to consider about outside seminar programs is that they tend to be very vague and cover a lot of material in a little bit of time and so really don't cover any one area all that extensively.  If you do some training in house and combine some of the presentations on this website with other material you have seen about the subject then you can customize it to include things relevant to your business.  I would start there and then if you are not seeing any changes then you could go to an outside firm.
  • We have used Fran Battisti who will come on site and spend a day or two with your employees.  He was amazingly effective, although not inexpensive, worth looking into.  Here is the web address.

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