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  • Ah, thanks!!! That will make it easier to see what posts are new. Thanks so much and hope you have a great weekend x:D
    in Threads Comment by Nicole January 2004
  • Marc - x:-8
  • Parabeagle - No, no single sister..... but I'm single x;-)(The SO was only significant at the time). Thank you for the compliment x:-8 No offense taken at all!
  • Thanks Leslie - That was at the beginning of the evening. The hair was still halfway decent and it was windy as all get out that evening and COLD as well. Yes it DOES get cold in Central Florida... well, cold for us!
  • Awww, Thanks Shirley. My S.O. took that at Christmas so I thought I would try to post it as it's the most current photo I have of me. At least one where my eyes aren't crossed and where I'm not having a hair day from h*ll!!
  • Hummm, pixie dust you say, Ray? I wonder if that would work on my desk? Get all this work that's piled up done? Hopefully the pixie dust sprinkling James will fix it for mine as well.
  • Well rats................ And I was so proud of myself for figuring it out!!! Hummmmmm :-? wonder what I did wrong? Funny thing is.. when I check my profile I can see it! James......... HELP!!!!
  • Goodness........... It's a slow day here for me to have time to go back and read some of these really old posts! But I did manage to get my picture in my profile (first try too!) Your directions were very easy to follow! Would have liked to crop t…
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan The owners of the company have sold the company to its employees.
  • I know I am coming into the post WAY late, but have been too busy to get on here. Can you say.. ESOP! Nuff said! I can barely see the monitor for the tears in my eyes over that one comment. You know the one! I have this visual in my head.... Cuttin…
  • I'm with you Dasher. Saw it; loved it! I saw a lot of positives in the story from the close relationship he had with his mother, to overcoming horrendous obstacles such as drug abuse, finally to coming to terms with, and letting go of all the guilt…
  • Nope. Not undecided here. In fact, I voted at lunch today!
  • This was "slap your Momma" funny! I did the flashlight thing with Charely and am still looking for a flashlight that takes "C" batteries. A LOT of C batteries! Thanks for the laughs. Prayers are going out to those now in Ivan's path. It's going…
  • Two blue bottles coming your way from Central Florida, Don. Enjoy!
  • >Scorpio: Your height is fine. All that's >required is that you be short/tall enough for a >man to set his beer can on top of your head when >you stand near him. You should be fine. xB-) If I wasn't laughing so hard I would be …
  • You'll need to add the .com after the web address. [url][/url]
  • OK. I give up. I've asked all the smart people I know if they get it. They don't get it either. Which makes me feel a whole lot better!
  • This is just too funny! And, oh so true. I personally would rather stick a pin in my eye than go bathing suit shopping - so I don't! This 40 something body has no business being in the sun anyway.
  • I have been following these guidelines and suggestions for ages now. Just can't figure out why I'm not losing weight. In fact, loathed to admit, I appear to be gaining!
  • I don't really care that she said or how she intended it. Fact of the matter is she DID say it. What she did wrong (initially) was to deny she said it when it was clearly captured on film and replayed over and over on the news. In my opinion a str…
    in SHOVE IT!! Comment by Nicole July 2004
  • The question begs to asked; a pinch of what?
  • You're in fine form this morning Don. And so early in the day too. You must have had an extra cup of coffee!
  • Thanks Marc, Yes, SHRM was mentioned specifically; it was the other one that wasn't. Going to go browse it now. Thanks again, Nicole
  • I wish I knew which site you are referring to in this post.
  • Corny or not these made me laugh. The last one still has me chuckling! Thanks Don.. Have a great weekend!
  • Yeah...... I'm going to march into my boss' office and ask for a raise!!!
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-21-04 AT 12:20PM (CST)[/font][br][br]Was kind of cool to see the "Venting" message I posted on this forum a month or so ago included in the "What Bugs You" column on page 7 of that publication. Can I…
  • I wonder if need to change my business cards now? What FUN!!!! Thanks! Buttercup BananaSniffer
  • Nope. Even did the math on my calculator - being mathematically challenged as I am.
  • Holy cow... I had better get a move on. I only have 5 more years to learn it all!