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  • Given the influx of questionable posts the last couple of days, all of the forum moderators have been called in to work so your multiple posts have probably been a direct result of Tony, Wendy, James, Christy, Anne .......and all the others I can't …
  • The section as it currently is has very little value. Most requests for forms or templates for policies are posted on one of the other sections anyway. If there would be some "enhancement" of a section to include some way to attach a form or polic…
  • Oh my gosh, that was the day that I didn't eat my spinach.
  • I had the same problems early this morning but after I rebooted everything is fine. Much faster than usual.
  • Wow James, posting at 11:10 PM. I'm sure that you will be awarded overtime or maybe comp time to cover your extra work.
  • I'm glad I could help. I'm sure that Mr. M Lee Smith would be grateful that I was making sure his employee's were staying busy. Please supply him with my address so he can send the check!!!!
  • Thanks for taking time to respond. I just wanted to make sure that nothing had happened to a fellow "Volunteer".
  • Thanks for clarifying. I knew it was one of those notification "thingys" that was non-reversable.
  • Scorpio - I think you have to check the "yes" box under Receive Daily Digest in your profile in order to receive them. I also think that James advised that once you check yes it cannot be reversed and you will continue to receive them for life
  • Pricehcs - Could you give us the condensed / non-consultant version of what your post says? Just kidding but it did spark my memory back a few years when I was involved with a consulting firm and some of their reports and findings read like feder…
  • Bill must be very proud that he qualifies under some of the "welfare" standards. His wife has a job and he gets a check from the government each month.
  • Yes I did!! I was going to recommend eating more spinach for digestive problems. Green ruffage always seems to help.
  • Acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome.....
  • I had the same problem today. All of my "briefcases" were blue dating back to 06/01/04. As Don said once I logged off and returned they have always been clear.
    in Icons Comment by POPEYE June 2004
  • I personally think your keys are sticking as you toggled back and forth between Lobby and Logout!!!
  • Is that Icon smiling or gritting it's teeth?????
    in ICQ??? Comment by POPEYE January 2004
  • Sorry I didn't put a "disclaimer" that I was only funnin. I too multi-task while I post on the forum, listen to my CD, watch TV, eat my lunch and complete my 2003 turnover reports. I'm just sorry that I don't have that ICQ because it would sure sa…
    in ICQ??? Comment by POPEYE January 2004
  • Let's see-- 5 minutes a day X 5 days = 25 minutes a week X 50 weeks (allowing for vacation) = 1250 minutes a year / 60 minutes per hr. = 20.8333333 hrs. X 12.00 per hr. = 249.9999999 dollars wasted.
    in ICQ??? Comment by POPEYE January 2004
  • I've not had any problems with this site but a few weeks ago with our on-line background service I experienced a similar problem and found out that we had recently had a server up-date and some of my preferences had to be changed. Don't know exactl…
  • Just as there is an OFF button on our TV sets for questionable viewing, it only takes one mouse click to exit a post. One of the best parts of this forum is to glean ideas and opinions from others who have been there and done that. Maybe some post…
  • Dandy Don, I live here in Middle TN and tried to call M Lee Smith in Brentwood today to ask some of the questions you posed. I could never get a "live" person on the phone. Every time I thought I was pushing the right button to get someone, I was …
  • James - forget the Al Gore stuff, you must be Dave Ramsey's long lost twin brother. Since you have ties to both, where was your rooting energy put last night when the Gamecocks played the Commodores?
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-28-03 AT 12:53PM (CST)[/font][p]Speaking of State names, I have just been trying to get caught up on my important reading, this forum, and have noticed several in the "replies" that the same person ha…
    in New Look Comment by POPEYE July 2003
  • Speaking of Christy, we have not had an update in quite some time. Just wondering how much sleep she is getting!!!
  • I think it has to do with the # of replies per post. If you will look at the ones you have to individually go to they will have a large # of replies. I'm not the expert but that is what I have DEDUCED.
    in Threads Comment by POPEYE March 2003
  • Nope! Beef (calf) stomach. The thymus gland (known as throat sweetbread) and the pancreas (stomach sweetbread), especially of the calf and lamb (although beef sweetbreads are sometimes eaten), are considered delicacies and are rich in mineral elem…
  • I thought it was the stomach lining.
  • Just had Chicken/Zucchini/Onion Stir Fry Tues. night at our neighbors and she had corn on the cob and a strawberry jello/cool whip/cottage cheese salad. Went together pretty good for me.
  • As Paul Harvey would say, "The rest of the story". There has to be some background for the name of this mouth watering delicacy. Please share!!!
  • Gene, Gene, Gene. I'm going to call your employer and let them know that you are planning meals and not once did you mention the product that you package. Shame on you!