duplicate messages

Whenever I post, I check the box to be notified when someone responds to my message. However, I keep getting duplicate emails. Today, I've received 5 duplicate emails stating the same person has responded. No new post, but I keep getting the email. I also got 2 or three emails for every other response.


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  • Given the influx of questionable posts the last couple of days, all of the forum moderators have been called in to work so your multiple posts have probably been a direct result of Tony, Wendy, James, Christy, Anne .......and all the others I can't remember, sending you the notice when someone responded to your post.
  • as I just deleted another one....arrrghhhh...I thought about that. But the techies probably won't like that and give me some crappy PC to replace it.

    Funny Popeye responded as the duplicate message I get is that he has responded to my post....like 5 hrs ago, but they keep sending me that stupid email that "You have a new message on Employers Forum". This is the only other post I have today, and I got an email that you and Popeye responded twice. Something is definitely off.

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