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  • Another package to look at is Abra. It's works with several packages although I don't remember if Solomon was one of them. Email me if you would like more information about my experience with this package. [email]dbrockmeyer@ofallon.org[/email]
    in HR Software Comment by DB October 2001
  • I'm signed up for the newsletter now, but how do I get the issue with the exit interview issue? Thanks Donna
  • I have also heard that a separate memo must be attached to each incorrect I9 to explain what the error was and how it was corrected. I had about 100 incorrect ones and was really dreading the whole process. An employment lawyer from Peoria, IL has…
    in I-9 form changes Comment by DB June 2001
  • In IL there is a 3 day waiting period which employees have to use sick time to cover. However the waiting period only applies if they are off for less than 14 days. As of Day 14, the WC wages go back to Day 1. Depending on how the pay period fall…
  • You are private sector, correct? Just want to make sure because there are some special rules that public sector employers can use for certain job titles.
    in OT >40 Comment by DB February 2006
  • We don't have a dedicated IT person either. Right now the Billing Supervisor (who also is learning IT as she goes) oversees any day-to-day problems and supervises any IT consultants in addition to her regular duties. She is paid one rate for all w…
  • That's the problem I'm having - the way the new regulations have been presented to me the police captains and lieutentants could be a "first responder" because, depending on the magnitude of the problem, they could be performing the duties listed un…
  • Our conditional offer letter defines the position offered by title, duties and FLSA status and the applicant must sign the letter to continue the process Exempt vs non-exempt is defined in general terms in the Personnel Code which all new employees…
  • Actually 2005 still has 26 payperiods as does 2003. Since the IRS looks at when the money is paid, the $52,000 employee will earn $54,000 in 2004.
  • Let's go back to the exempts. For reasons I can't change, the exempt makes 52,000 a year and is paid 80 hours every two weeks for a total of 2080 hours. But in 2004, they will be paid for 2160 hours. This should at least have a budgeting impact. …
  • I thought comp time in lieu of overtime could only be offered by public agencies (governmental units)with limits on the maximum accurals of comp time? Is there some other exception?
  • Why would an engineer who meets all requirements of a professional exemption still get OT? Is that just a company decision or is it some kind of federal or state requirement?
  • Thank you for the great info and please keep it coming! Two specific questions 1) how do you structure the fair time (one day, multiple days, how many hours at a time)? 2) how do you structure employee attendance?
  • So if a husband and wife have different open enrollment periods, how do they ever move from one plan to the other?
  • We still have separate sick, vacation, holiday and personal time. Sick can be use for employee or immediate family member (which is informally defined as spouse, parent or child).
  • I used ABRA about 10 years ago at a 400-person gov't office and loved it. We did not use the payroll or recruitment portions. Our HR dept did not have an IT person so after the software was installed we were on our own. The ABRA support staff was…
  • I'm reviving this message because I'm in the same boat at this time. I think I understand what to do with health and pension. What about the Flexible Spending Account, company paid life insurance and EAP?
  • Thank you to everyone for your replies. I put the information to great use. I love the forum! Makes me look smart even on the days when there seems to be no hope.
  • Thank you for the great resources. This story gets more interesting. I took the EEOC decision to our insurance agent (who is supposed to be on our side) and asked "What do we need to do about this?" Apparently, when our policies were updated on M…
  • I work for city government and we run FMLA and WC concurrently. Employees can continue WC after the 12 weeks if needed.
    in W/C and FMLA Comment by DB July 2006
  • 1.37 Help!
  • We have a light duty policy and are rethinking it due to the following case: A police officer was injuried on the job, was off work for 19 weeks, came back light duty for 30 weeks, and has been off ever since due to the original injury. Per IL law, …
  • I was told to use the OSHA 200 log and rules for year 2001 and the 300 log and new rules start with cases reported after 1/1/02. Is this correct?
  • Can WC and FMLA also run together in Illinois? Illinois is different about a few other things, I never get a straight answer from the attorney and I don't know where else to go. I don't have the option to contact another attorney. Would calling t…
    in FMLA/WC Comment by DB April 2003
  • But if the employee has 15 days to turn in the dr's certification, can I send her the certified letter now or do I have to wait until the 15 days are up?
  • Ok, I've now become concerned since the time that I started this post. I sent the FMLA paperwork on 4/8 and left the sister a message that I was sending it to the employee's home. I called the sister on 4/15 and left a message asking if the paperw…
  • I know this sounds stupid - but - what are the benefits to the employee if they have enough sick time to cover the absence? The job protection benefit isn't necessary since they have adequate time so what should I focus on when talking to them?
  • I downloaded a form from the Dept of Labor called "Employer Response to Employee Request for Family or Medical Leave". (OMB No: 1215-0181, Form WH-381) I can't find the site back right now. Search the DOL website or call your local Wage and Hour o…
  • In the FMLA quiz in HRhero.com, there is a question about infertility treatments that indicates infertility "probably" limits a major life function (having kids) so it is probably covered. I don't intend for this to be an answer to your question, b…
  • Employees in IL have rights set by state law. The link below will take you to the law (if I did it right). [url]http://www.state.il.us/agency/idol/laws/Law40.htm[/url]