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  • Our company is in the process of this as well.  I would recommend consulting your employment/immigration attorney on this.  It can be an extremely complicated process.
    in H1B Visa Comment by 6353755 June 2011
  • I would be interested in receiving the FMLA tracking sheet as well. My email address is sheila_rives@dowkokam.com   Thanks so much!
  • We use "thank you for your interest in xyz"  - I have a question below (Underlined) We understand that with unemployment so high, there have been a few incidents where applicants are filing complaints against companies for not being considered for j…
  • Thank you.  That's what we relayed, while on working time we require attendance at the meeting.  Our employee argued this was illegal, but we explained that it was information purposes only. 
  • We currently use ADP (friend of the CFO)....do not go there.  They do file taxes, but as mentioned previously, only if they have a full year of data which they did not mention when signing up with them.  Multiple errors, you can never reach the same…